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The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine free pdf This Third Edition of the 9th Babushka egg concept book raises many science concepts to a higher level. It postulates that magnetic Gravity linked to UREE could fuel airplanes, even Concord jets with "free" electricity. But has gone further and answered the question, "Where does the energy come from?" That required a new Donut Atom theory to be postulated explained for the layman, as atoms smashed by CERN lost their identity will never reveal where the ENERGY originally comes from. Even my little grandkid wants to know how free electricity crystallizes from the cosmos. Can it be extracted from Gravity-Water-Air and the embedded magnetisms converted on the atom level by applying low technology to yield totally "free electrical ENERGY"? Nicola Tesla, who originally invented ELECTRICITY 100 years ago, proved it possible and was followed by other inventors demonstrating many patent applications. This technology should be suppressed no longer by dirty OIL money interests. I hope it will replace the root-cause of an unscientific evolution theory and wake up universities from sleep being liberated from a powerful criminal oil-nuclear cartel and once more pursuing true science. They have the global influence to slow down the horrendous worldwide destruction depleting our resources by not suppressing but accepting this free energy. This energy warning comes at the eve of depleted global energy resources and was inspired from ELOHIM sending once more a Jonah FISH to get the attention of science matching prophecy. Watch a 52 km asteroid already in an 825-day orbit ending again a Civilization [17 September 2015?] like Noah's apocalypse 5 February 2287 BC. After 100 years, these new revolutionary energy concepts are exposed. You may be astonished to learn about the censored history focused on the great scientist Nicola Tesla who rediscovered electricity known before Noah's time. Tesla and many others were reawakened to a cosmic energy source now further expanded in this Third Edition to better unify some aspects where really energy originated revealed in the Bible. Now watching on YouTube movie clips of many entrepreneurs experimenting with forgotten generator-motor science greatly surprised me by proving free electricity existed all along. But rationally thinking, energy must come from somewhere, and only metaphysics one notch higher has the answer forbidden by the establishment. They did it to Sir Isaac Newton by suppressing 50% of his writings, but now his powerful voice is reemerging from the grave to defeat an illogical, unscientific, evolution religion controlled by a powerful atheistic priesthood-elite. Investigate the evidence of wireless electrical transmission still puzzled why were 700 Nicola Tesla inventions suppressed permitting a criminal Oil-Nuclear Cartel to have so much muscle causing globally unending energy conflicts that led to killing millions in the last century when free electricity was around? Why it is still censored and covered up in our advanced technical culture? If you like to know the electric motor secrets not allowed in universities, listen to a recent 2-hour lecture on YouTube by Peter Lindeman explaining forgotten science principles buried in patent libraries. But his expanded technology needed someone to unify it into a whole 360-degree horizon concept by adding the metaphysical perspective even Newton postulated. These pages explain how and why magnetic gravity can be linked to generate enough electricity to drive a car or fly jets without fossil fuel. Do not be fooled and discouraged by disinformation (Pearl #218) from the oil-nuclear cartel inserting fake science on YouTube to keep you ignorant and confused. Either way, start being entertained with the many fun video clips, or if you are serious, read this Babushkas egg concept book first to delineate what is counterfeit. One way or another, your mind-horizon will be widened one notch higher - guaranteed!

About Herbert R Stollorz

A series of Babushka egg concept books by Herbert R. Stollorz investigate science cross-linked to the Bible to uncover the extraordinary information that theologians routinely miss. Most of his professional life was spent working in advanced technology as a one of the early Silicon Valley technology pioneers. His many inventions include the original 5.25-inch mini-disk drive in a PC. Author Stollorz has broken new ground researching scientifically aspects of time and eternity that escape instrument detection. His new Donut Atom theory reveals that the universe is structured on infinite light as mentioned in the first verse of the Bible. He confronts theologians with a unique approach to the Bible and brings to light a revolutionary way of looking at the universe. Thought provoking and profound, the author's scientific research is carefully cross-referenced with biblical principles full of predictions about our future, including a detailed report on the coming Apocalypse. For believers and nonbelievers alike, these books provide an inspirational and startlingly different approach to life not preached in church. His books lead scientists on a journey into new perspectives about the nature of time, light and energy as related to his new model for atomic nuclear structure, to give mankind free electricity powerful enough to fly a Concord jet without fossil fuel. Herbert R. Stollorz is a well-rounded philosopher who digs deeper into nature. Born in Germany during Hitler's reign, he was educated as an instrument maker, alter fleeing from the communist side of Germany and eventually immigrating to Canada. As an inventor of many consumer oriented products, Stollorz in time owned and for 20 years managed as its president, a high tech company located in Silicon Valley California. He retired on a vineyard growing grapes in Northern California and spends his time researching new discoveries in science reflecting metaphysics.

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Author : Herbert R Stollorz
Publisher : Booksurge Publishing
Data Published : 17 April 2013
ISBN : 1439241171
EAN : 9781439241172
Format Book : PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
Number of Pages : 316 pages
Age + : 15 years
Language : English
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