Little Monsters Good Behaviour Pack

Rewarding good behaviour is called positive reinforcement and it works. Benefits include: Actively involving the child Creating healthy relationships Encouraging good self-esteem and increased confidence Using positive reinforcement..

MongoDB and Python

"MongoDB and Python" is a cookbook-style text to help Python programmers work with MongoDB. It is full of useful. practical recipes for solving real-world problems ranging from how to do fast geo queries for location-based apps to efficiently indexing your user documents for social-graph lookups to how best to integrate MongoDB with the Pyramid Web framework..

Contacting Your Spirit Guide

Contacting Your Spirit Guide is divided into two parts. In the first section. Sylvia Browne helps you find your spirit guides - the entities who are designated by you and God to assist you with life and give you guidance..

A Theology for Christian Education

What is "Christian" about Christian education- how is it different from on-Christian education. "A Theology for Christian Education "examines this question in depth and argues that the doctrines of systematic theology should drive the content..

Cheetahs Fascinating Big Cats

Fascination Cheetah. one of the most beautiful big cats of our planet earth. an animal full of elegance and grace. unfortunately takes her inventory steadily. It is estimated that 10..

Playing for Pizza

#1 "NEW YORK TIMES "BESTSELLER Rick Dockery is the third-string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. In the AFC Championship game. to the surprise and dismay of virtually everyone. Rick actually gets into the game..

Now or Neverland

A Jungian psychological overview of the eternal boy archetype. from its ancient roots in characters such as Pan. Dionysius. Icarus and Hermes. up to the present day..

Project x: Alien Adventures

The micro-friends shrink down to explore a log in the park when they find an odd-looking bug. What can it be. Find out in An Odd Bug. Max's room is a mess. He tries to tidy up but the vacuum won't work..

Healing Walks for Hard Times

Sometimes life's hurdles literally stop us in our tracks. sapping vitality and preventing us from participating fully in our own lives and the lives of those we love..

War Dog

In the winter of 1939 in the cold snow of no-man's-land. two loners met and began an extraordinary journey together. one that would bind them for the rest of their lives. One was an orphaned puppy..