The Healing Crisis

All natural health treatments. whether they involve dietary changes. vitamin or herbal supplementation. detoxification therapies. or bodywork. focus on removing the disease causing agents using the body's own power of healing..

365 Tiny Paper Airplanes

Go ahead. launch 'em over your cubicle--and bring out your mischievous inner child. From paper airplane world record holder Ken Blackburn and engineer Jeff Lammers..

When the Rain Stops Falling

A heartrending drama about family. betrayal and forgiveness. spanning four generations and two hemispheres. From the writer of the award-winning film "Lantana."It interweaves a series of connected stories as seven people confront the mysteries of their past in order to understand their future..

The Awakening

The AwakeningAndSelected Short StoriesBy Kate ChopinTop 100 Classic Short Stories The Awakening. originally titled A Solitary Soul. is a novel by Kate Chopin. first published in 1899. Set in New Orleans and on the Louisiana Gulf coast at the end of the 19th century..

50 Best Modern Classics Bookmark

Magnetic and matt-laminated bookmark. printed on both sides with pictorial listings of arguably the most popular modern classic novels to read of all time. Can you tick them all of your list..

Dust Girl

On the day in 1935 when her mother vanishes during the worst dust storm ever recorded in Kansas. Callie learns that she is not actually a human being..

5SOS Annual

To the very raucous 5SOSfam - wanna find out what the band's been up to over the last year. Jam packed with their own photos. anecdotes of life on- and off- the road. and much more..

A Shadow in Summer

The first novel of an epic fantasy series by one of the fields hottest new talents. "[A] thoroughly engrossing debut novel from a major new fantasist. A poignant human tale of power..

What's Your Purple Goldfish?

What's Your Purple Goldfish (WYPG) is about differentiation via added value. Marketing to your existing customers via G.L.U.E (giving little unexpected extras). The end result is increased sales..