The Wonder of Charlie Anne

In a 1930s Massachusetts farm town torn by the Depression. racial tension. and other hardships. Charlie Anne and her black next-door neighbor Phoebe form a friendship that begins to transform their community..

The Crooked Mirror

A lyrical literary memoir that explores the exhilarating. discomforting. and ultimately healing process of Polish-Jewish reconciliation taking place in Poland today ""I'd grown up with the phrase 'Never forget' imprinted on my psyche..

Harry Potter Boxed Set Trade Paper

JK Rowling's seven bestselling Harry Potter books in a paperback boxed set. This is the ultimate Harry Potter collection for Potter fans.

Set includes:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Working Fictions

Working Fictions takes as its point of departure the common and painful truth that the vast majority of human beings toil for a wage and rarely for their own enjoyment or satisfaction..

Empires of the Silk Road

The first complete history of Central Eurasia from ancient times to the present day. Empires of the Silk Road represents a fundamental rethinking of the origins. history. and significance of this major world region..

Brenda Monk is Funny

Brenda Monk is a true stand-up. by her very nature - it is under her skin- itching and bubbling. She is addicted to the feeling of being on stage. looking out at expectant..


"It will get better when it stops raining." said Leon. When Leon Ulbricht lands a contract to write a gangster's memoirs and moves into his dream home in an East German village with his beautiful wife Martina..

South Africa

The Genocide and Persecution series offers readers a multitude of perspectives. allowing for a more nuanced understanding of these complex and horrific periods in world history- each volume is an anthology of previously published materials on acts of geno- This title explores genocide and persecution in South Africa including an overview of apartheid in South Africa- controversies surrounding apartheid in South Africa including: reaction of arpartheid as a policy of self-preservation..

Mortal Combat (Mort)

What's the worst idea you've ever had. When 10.000-year-old boy Mortimer DeVere and his crew of accidental time travellers find themselves slap-bang in the middle of World War Two. things start to look pretty dicey..

Missions to Mars

Many science fiction stories in books. movies. and comics take place on the planet Mars. In real life. though. no person has ever traveled to the red planet. Instead. humanity has explored Mars with orbiters..

Sleigh Rides, Jingle Bells, and Silent Nights

"Santa Claus. singing cowboys. love. hymns. satire. snow. Bing and Dean and Frank. fictional reindeer and warbling chipmunks: American Christmas music. Ronald Lankford has the rare ability to reconcile the sacred and the profane in an easy narrative that manages both to cherish and illuminate the vast contradictions that adhere to December 25th in the U..

Genocide, State Crime, and the Law

Gen Genocide. State Crime and the Law critically explores the use and the role of law in the perpetration. redress and prevention of mass harm by the state. In this broad ranging book. Jennifer Balint charts the place of law in the perpetration of genocide and other crimes of the state together with its role in refress and in the process of reconstruction and reconcilliation..

Spike Lee

Since the release of Do the Right Thing in 1989. Spike Lee has established himself as a cinematic icon. Lee's mostly independent films garner popular audiences while at the same time engaging in substantial political and social commentary..

Coloring DC : Batman-Hush, Volume 1

DC Comics joins the Adult Coloring Book craze with all of its most popular characters in DC COMICS COLORING BOOK: BATMAN HUSH DC Comics presents classic adventures in a whole new way: in black and white..

Secrets and Lies

By the author of "Walking on Eggshells." a compellingly readable journey into the realm of family secrets. offering lessons and insights for those who are hiding the truth and those who discover what has long been hidden..

Composing for the Red Screen

Sound film captivated Sergey Prokofiev during the final two decades of his life: he considered composing for nearly two dozen pictures. eventually undertaking eight of them..


Steven Raichlen. a national barbecue treasure and author of The Barbecue. Bible. How to Grill. and other books in the Barbecue. Bible series. embarks on a quest to find the soul of American barbecue..

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

This extensively updated and expanded second edition reflects new research. advances in clinical care. and the growing recognition that diabetes mellitus is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease..

Marxism and Feminism

Global events. from economic crisis to social unrest and militarization. disproportionately affect women. Yet around the world it is also women who are leading the struggle against oppression and exploitation..

Mr Moonlight (Aussie Bites)

Tom hears a strange noise under the house one night. What is it. Possums. But there are lots of possums on the farm where he lives. and he knows what they sound like. This is a mystery he is determined to solve..

The Narrated Bible

The "Narrated Bible". unique in concept and design. combines chronological accuracy. typographic innovation. and an easy-to-read format featuring the widely acclaimed "NIV" text..

Knitted Noah's Ark

This title features 20 clearly presented. easy-to-follow knitting patterns catering for a wide range of abilities. The projects are full of personality and will appeal to adults and children alike..

Pelvic Inflammation in Women

Excerpt from Pelvic Inflammation in Women: Gynecological and Obstetrical Monographs This monograph is presented to the medical profession in the hope that it may serve a purpose. i..

The Second Rule of Ten

Take a ride through the city of Angels' darkest streets and brightest heights with Tenzing Norbu in The Second Rule of Ten. Tenzing Norbu - Ten for short - is hoping for a simple case when he sets out to find the missing daughter of Hollywood mogul Marv Rudolph..

From an Existential Vacuum to a Tragic Optimism

From an Existential Vacuum to a Tragic Optimism: The Search for Meaning and the Presence of God in Modern Literature employs a new theoretical approach to critical analysis: Victor Frankl's logotherapy (from the Greek "logos" for word or reason and often related to divine wisdom)..

Evolution and the Social Mind

This book seeks to combine the study of human social cognition - the way we think. decide. plan and analyze social situations - with an evolutionary framework that considers these activities in light of evolutionary adaptations for solving problems of survival faced by our ancestors over thousands of generations..

Bubbles to Bucks

Would you like to make money selling soap. If so. this is the book for you. In Bubbles to Bucks. veteran soap maker and author Elin Criswell carefully explores what it takes to become a business soap maker..

Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Certification Review

"[This book] is an important reference for nurses seeking to take the certification exam to validate their own practice. The practice of nursing over the next decades will demand age-specific knowledge for people across the life span..

Loulou's Choice

Loulou's friends told her that horror movies are cool to watch and a great way to prove that you are not a baby anymore. Loulou picks up the remote while her sister Annie is in her bedroom..

Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care: Patient Assessment and Care Plan Development is included in the 2015 edition of the essential collection of Doody's Core Titles. For all students and clinicians assessing or caring for patients with cardiopulmonary disorders..

Kisses of Love

""Two souls with but a single thought. Two hearts that beat as one."" Von Munch Bellinghausen This book is from me to you -- a special kiss to say that you are my true love. I am so glad that we are together..

Be Near Me

Longlisted for the 2006 Man Booker Prize. The eagerly anticipated third novel from Andrew O'Hagan. one of Granta's Best of Young British Novelists 2003 and author of the Booker-shortlisted Our Fathers and Personality..

Planetary Modernisms

Drawing on a vast archive of world history. anthropology. geography. cultural theory. postcolonial studies. gender studies. literature. and art. Susan Stanford Friedman recasts modernity as a networked..

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The bestselling breakout hit is now available in paperback. Sharing a pair of worn. dirty. and speckled-with-bleach jeans. four friends have the most memorable summer of their lives.


Red Fox (Samurai Kids)

En route to India. the Sea Dragon is shipwrecked. Niya is washed up on a deserted beach. fearing that his friends may all be dead. He is reunited with Chen. but the other Little Cockroaches are nowhere to be found..

The Country Book of Herbs and Spices

Collection of delicious recipes and beautiful decorations that evoke the spirit of the countryside. A description of over 40 different herbs and spices is also given with their culinary uses..

World's Greatest Small Arms

Small arms have developed hugely since the introduction of the machine gun in the 1870s. Magazine-fed rifles. submachine guns. automatic pistols and. later. assault rifles and personal defence weapons have changed the face of infantry warfare..

Fishing the Florida Keys

Few people connect Endicott House. the famous conference center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. with fishing in Florida. but actually the handsome mansion that has been the site of so many notable meetings is a bricks-and-mortar memorial to one of America's most enthusiastic sports fishermen..

I Heart Coloring

"I Heart Coloring" is a playful adult coloring book. perfect for on-the-go fun. This small. chunky book is light enough to slip in a handbag or coat pocket. but includes enough art for hours and hours of coloring..

The Adversary (Sundering)

In the 3rd book of the multi-author SUNDERING series kicked off by New York Times bestselling author R.A. Salvatore. the award-winning Erin M. Evans throws her signature character Farideh into a maelstrom of devilish politics and magical intrigue..

Write Your Business Plan

A comprehensive companion to Entrepreneur's long-time bestseller Start Your Own Business. this essential guide leads you through the most critical startup step next to committing to your business vision--defining how to achieve it..

Mixed-Up House Design Set

Mudpuppy Mixed-up House Magnetic Design Sets provide hours of portable fun. A hinged tin holds 4 illustrated background scenes on 2 double-sided cards plus 3 sheets of interchangeable magnets..

White Barcelona iPhone 6 Case

The 3-piece Case Set allows you to pair an Aquamarine or Green Apple Inner Wrap (colors inspired by New York fashion week) with the Barcelona Outer Shell to keep your iPhone looking as hip as you know you are..

Get Started in Greek

This product is most effective when used in conjunction with the corresponding audio support. - You can purchase the book and audio support as a pack (ISBN: 9781444101621) - The audio support is also sold separately (ISBN: 9781444101546) (copy and paste the ISBN number into the search bar to find these products) Are you looking for a course in Greek written for the absolute beginner who has no experience of learning a foreign language..

Unbounded Wholeness

Dzogchen. meaning "great perfection" in Tibetan. is an advanced practice associated particularly with Bon. the native religion of Tibet. and the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism..

Lampshades - How To Make Them

LAMPSHADES HOW TO MAKE THEM by OLIVE EAKLE WITH ILLUSTRATIONS. Originally published in 1921. FOREWORD: The purpose of this book Is to make the art of shading lamps and candles a little less of a problem to the amateur craftsman and it is hoped..

I Wish You More

A New York Times bestseller

Some books are about a single wish. Some books are about three wishes. The infallible team of Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld have combined their extraordinary talents to create this exuberant book of endless good wishes..

Legacy of Kings

Royalty. Magic. Love. Betrayal.

It's in Their Blood.

Alexander. Macedon's sixteen-year-old heir. is on the brink of discovering his fated role in conquering the known world.

Katerina must navigate the dark secrets of court life while keeping hidden her own mission: kill the queen..

Conversations with Major Dick Winters

On the hellish battlefields of World War II Europe. Major Dick Winters led his Easy Company--the now-legendary Band of Brothers--from the confusion and chaos of the D-Day invasion to the final capture of Hitler's Eagle's Nest..

His Family - Scholar's Choice Edition

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important. and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact..

Truth or Die

The truth will set you free-if it doesn't kill you first.

After a serious professional stumble. attorney Trevor Mann may have finally hit his stride. He's found happiness with his girlfriend Claire Parker..

Kirkham's Find

Mary Eliza Bakewell Gaunt (1861-1942). was an Australian novelist. she was educated at Grenville College. Ballarat. where her facility in writing was noted. Mary Gaunt believed that a woman had the right to follow her own career and be financially independent..

Rosyth Through Time

Rosyth Through Time is a unique insight into the illustrious history of this part of Scotland. Reproduced in full colour. this is an exciting examination of the well-known streets and famous faces. and what they meant to the people of this area throughout the 19th and into the 20th Century..

Golden Retriever Handbook

"Barron's Pet Handbooks" are filled with reliable information and helpful advice on animal care. Written by breeders. veterinarians. and other pet experts. these photo-illustrated books instruct on housing..

Toot! Learns to Fly

It's time for Toot to learn to fly. to try and zoom across the sky. First there's take-off - watch it - steady - whoops. bump. - he's not quite ready. Come on Toot - all owls can fly - you'll do it soon..

Eleven Seasons

'Some guys are good at school and telling jokes or they have the latest stuff. Others are cricketers and basketball players: they can do things with the ball that make their classmates talk about them when they're not around..


The legend of Mulan and her bravery is captured in this beautifully illustrated Chinese children's book. Mulan is a folk story from China's Northern Dynasty (439u589) about the unusual tale of an ordinary girl named Fa Mulan..

The Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Rider-Waite Deck. the Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative set will be cherished by all tarot collectors and art lovers. The deluxe set includes the Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck and two books- The Artwork and Times of Pamela Colman Smith..

How Plants Grow

Excerpt from How Plants Grow Now this considering of plants inquiringly and intelligently is the study of Botany. It is an easy study. when pursued in the right way and with diligent attention. There is no difficulty in understanding how plants grow..

Public Anthropology in a Borderless World

Anthropologists have acted as experts and educators on the nature and life ways of people worldwide. working to understand the human condition in broad comparative perspectives. As a discipline. anthropology has been advocate - and even defender - of cultural integrity..

Shadowland: The Immortals

The third book in Nol's Immortals series. Ever and Damen have traveled through countless past lives so they could be together forever. But just as their long-awaited destiny is in reach..

Shakespeare and the Countess

This book is shortlisted for the Tony Lothian Prize. It is one of Telegraph's 'Best Books of 2014'. It is one of Observer's 'Books of the Year 2014'. In November 1596 a woman signed a document which would nearly destroy the career of William Shakespeare..

World's Healthiest Foods, 2nd Edition

The World's Healthiest Foods Second Edition is Bigger and Better.If you own the first edition. you need the new World's Healthiest Foods Second Edition. Here are 8 reasons why: - The World's Healthiest Foods..

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Inside Out

Conquer SharePoint 2013-from the inside out. You're beyond the basics. so dive right into SharePoint 2013-and really put your business collaboration platform to work. This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions..

Miles to Go

Evans delivers the second installment in an inspiring new series about an executive who loses everything and embarks on a walk that takes him across America..


"It began with the best of intentions. Worried about the effects of alcohol on American families. mothers and civic leaders started a movement to outlaw drinking in public places..

The Boy That Never Was

'The boy turned and looked at me. and everything slowed right down...In that moment. there was nothing but me and our boy. our eyes holding each other's. Dillon..

Ngubani Oyinkosi? [ZUL]

All kinds of animals feature in these ten sparkling stories from all over Africa. by an award-winning author and illustrator. Find out what happens to Lion when he challenges Elephant and discovers who is the real king of the savannah- laugh along with Tortoise as he bewitches the animals in Tiger's work-pastry with his irresistible music- find out why Hippo has no hair..

The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings

This book presents the indispensable foundations for the understanding of the variations of the chess openings. It has been said that ideas are weapons. That is certainly as true in chess as in any other field..

Magnetic Bookmark - Travel

Designed as a collection of book-themed genres. each glossy bookmark has two diddly little magnets which grip onto the page to keep your important information tagged. Perfect gift for any jetsetter..

Pocket Tales Year 2 the Sea Monster

Pocket Tales is part of Pocket Reads. a superb collection of quality books that really capture children's imaginations. Pocket Reads have fantastic breadth and variety of genre. with Pocket Sci-Fi. Pocket Facts and Pocket Chillers making up the rest of the collection of independent readers..

Registration of Aliens

Excerpt from Registration of Aliens: Hearings Before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization. House of Representatives. Sixty-Fourth Congress. Second Session on H..

A Companion to Cognitive Science

Unmatched in the quality of its world-renowned contributors. this multidisciplinary Companion serves as both a course text and a reference book across the broad spectrum of issues of concern to cognitive science..

Photonics: Scientific Foundations, Technology and Applications

Covers modern photonics accessibly and discusses the basic physical principles underlying all the applications and technology of photonics. This volume covers the basic physical principles underlying the technology and all applications of photonics from statistical optics to quantum optics..

Hearse of a Different Color

One of the most charming and offbeat amateur detectives to come around in years. Hitchcock Sewell does for the undertaking profession what Marilyn Monroe did for the ukulele--gives it a touch of class..


Superfoods comprise a specific set of edible. incredibly nutritious plants that cannot be entirely classified as foods or medicines. because they combine positive aspects of both..

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry. famous for his ceramic vases decorated with shocking and unconventional imagery. is one of a generation of contemporary British artists to have emerged on the international stage in the last two decades..

Embracing Mathematics

This alternative textbook for courses on teaching mathematics asks teachers and prospective teachers to reflect on their relationships with mathematics and how these relationships influence their teaching and the experiences of their students..

Systematic Psychiatric Evaluation

"The Perspectives" approach to psychiatry focuses on four aspects of psychiatric practice and research: disease. dimensional. behavior. and lifestory. In "Systematic Psychiatric Evaluation"..

The Six Secrets of Successful Weight Loss

Have you ever. unsuccessfully. tried low-calorie dieting. There are very good reasons why it doesn't work. but somehow they remain a secret...After more than 35 years of clinical practice and helping many thousands of patients to live at their ideal weight..

The Art of Bone

"Bone" is an international publishing sensation with hundreds of thousands of loyal readers and no end in sight to its growing popularity. Now. for the first time anywhere. see the homemade comics..

Real Property Title Update NSW 2003

In this publication company and old system titles including transferring ownership under each system and practical guidelines for prepartion of documents are examined. The effects of development concents on titles and Council's special relationships with title to roads and conveyancing procedures for Crown Lands are also discussed..

Don't Call Me Marda

Sixth-grader Marsha is an only child. She's thrilled about her parents' plan to adopt a little sister. but when Wendy arrives. Marsha's life is turned upside down..

Strip Cultures

On the Las Vegas Strip. blockbuster casinos burst out of the desert. billboards promise "hot babes." actual hot babes proffer complimentary drinks. and a million happy slot machines ring day and night..

The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic

The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic is a sparkling romantic adventure. When Nora Fischer stumbles. quite literally. into a magical world where everyone is glamorous and life is one long party..

Topless Cellist

The Juilliard-trained cellist Charlotte Moorman sat nude behind a cello of carved ice. performed while dangling from helium-filled balloons. and deployed an array of instruments on The Mike Douglas Show that included her cello..

Interior Desecrations

"Sweet smoking Jesus. what was the matter with these people."
Who knows. But we do need to accept the fact that otherwise sensible American housewives who would never grind a quaalude into their morning coffee or sleep with their tennis instructor nevertheless went daft during the 1970s and performed heinous acts of design on unsuspecting homes..

Qualitative Health Research

Qualitative research methods are growing in importance and in use amongst nurses and other health researchers. "Qualitative Health Research" showcases the cutting-edge developments and seminal studies in research practice and research theory in this field..

Flat Track Fashion

Roller derby is now the fastest growing sport in the world. The revival of this fast-paced female-dominated sport has seen over 1.000 leagues established internationally since it began in 2001..

Paws Off, Cheddarface!

For use in schools and libraries only. Holey cheese. it was strange. All across New Mouse City. rodents kept telling me I'd done things I had no memory of..

Protective Relaying

For many years. Protective Relaying: Principles and Applications has been the go-to text for gaining proficiency in the technological fundamentals of power system protection..