Hungry for France

Every food lover's ultimate dream is to tour the countryside of France. stopping off at luxurious inns with world-class restaurants and sampling fresh produce from local markets. Imagine having as your guide a bubbly bon vivant..

Mary Sheridan's from Birth to Five Years

From Birth to Five Years. based on the pioneering work of Mary Sheridan. is widely regarded as the go-to reference for health. education and social care professionals. or anyone concerned with the developmental progress of pre-school children..

The Power of foursquare

Connect with Your Customers. Anytime. Anywhere.

One million new users per month. Twenty-three check-ins per second. Millions of people-in every city. in every country. on every continent. and even from the Space Station-are vying to become mayors of their favorite shopping locations..

LEGO Superheroes Darkseid Invasion 76028

Darkseid is causing mayhem in the city with his Hover Destroyer. Join forces with the Justice League to disarm this dangerous invader before he demolishes Metropolis..

The Lost Constellations

Casual stargazers are familiar with many classical figures and asterisms composed of bright stars (e.g.. Orion and the Plough). but this book reveals not just the constellations of today but those of yesteryear..

Go Fun! Brainsnack Draw with Numbers

Drawing with numbers is a unique approach to teach anyone how to draw simply by using the figures from 0 to 9. With step-by-step instructions. it will take you only a few minutes to draw funny faces..

Franklin Is Lost

In this Franklin Classic Storybook. Franklin's mother tells him never to go into the woods. But one day Franklin is playing hide-and-seek with his friends and forgets what his mother has told him..

The Law of Copyright

Excerpt from The Law of Copyright Page 5. Line 9: a card-index system for the purposes of the National Insurance Acts. consisting of a box containing cards of different colours and with different headings (Libraco..

Vera (Classic Reprint)

Excerpt from Vera When the doctor had gone. and the two women from the village he had been waiting for were upstairs shut in with her dead father. Lucy went out into the garden and stood leaning on the gate staring at the sea..

Dr. Z's Menagerie #2

"If you have some unique feature Regardless of the type of creature And it's causing you all sorts of trouble Call Dr. Z. and on the double." In the second of the Dr. Z's Menagerie books. Dr..

Biography of Deacon James Allen

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important. and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact..


The last time that Maureen O'Donnell saw Ann Harris she was nursing a couple of broken ribs and reeking of alcohol at the women's shelter. Now Ann has turned up dead hundreds of miles away..

The Retreat

This is the thrilling history of the turning point of the Second World War. when Hitler's armies were halted on the Eastern Front. At the moment of crisis in 1941 on the Eastern front. with the forces of Hitler massing on the outskirts of Moscow..

Intermediate Dutch

Intermediate Dutch is designed for learners who have achieved a basic proficiency and wish to refine their knowledge of grammatical structures. This Workbook..

Sinner's Creed

First in a new series welcome to the Sinner s Creed Motorcycle Club. where hard bodies and hot leather are made for each other. and love gone wrong is the most irresistible of all..

Early Childhood and Compulsory Education

What should be the relationship between early childhood and compulsory education. What can they learn from one another and by working together. The rapid expansion of early childhood education and care means that most children in affluent countries now have several years at pre-school before compulsory education..

Ghost in the Wires

Kevin Mitnick. the world's most wanted computer hacker. managed to hack into some of the country's most powerful--and seemingly impenetrable--agencies and companies..

Killing Kennedy : The End of Camelot

A riveting historical narrative of the shocking events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. and the follow-up to mega-bestselling author Bill O'Reilly's "Killing Lincoln"

More than a million readers have thrilled to Bill O'Reilly's "Killing Lincoln..

CIO and Corporate Strategic Management

The CIO position and importance depend on information technology maturity in the organization. value configuration. strategic IT resources. e-business approach. and IT governance structure..

Reading Women's Lives

Reading Women's Lives is an on-demand database publishing program consisting of a wide variety of material on women's studies. The articles and readings included in this database were selected by the Department of Women's Studies at The Ohio State University..

Scaredy-Cat, Splat!

The fourth hilarious story about Splat the Cat. the irresistible character from Rob Scotton. bestselling creator of Russell the Sheep It's Halloween and Splat is determined to be the scariest cat in the class..

The Chicken Keeper's Problem Solver

While keeping chickens certainly isn't rocket science. doing it properly does involve decent levels of understanding. commitment. and attention to detail. Getting the basics right is essential..

Sea Clutter

Sea Clutter: Scattering. the K Distribution and Radar Performance. 2nd Edition gives an authoritative account of our current understanding of radar sea clutter..

How Computers Work

The Evolution of Technology Having sold more than 2 million copies over its lifetime. How Computers Work is the definitive illustrated guide to the world of PCs and technology. In this new edition..

The Carnival of Death

Book Audio Literature Guide = Comprehension The Carnival of Death - Mystery In the movie "The Big Sleep. "Bogart as Philip Marlowe follows a trail of decadence and murder on the dark side of L..

Through the Eyes of a Poet

Too often. you feel that you're not worthy because of your primitive past. fearful failures. harmful hurts and prideful pain. In Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV). God said. "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you..

Shoe Dog : A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

In this candid and riveting memoir. for the first time ever. Nike founder and CEO Phil Knight shares the inside story of the company s early days as an intrepid start-up and its evolution into one of the world s most iconic..

Compresses and Other Therapeutic Applications

Compresses and poultices are extremely versatile and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. This practical handbook was written for nurses and practitioners at the Ita Wegman Clinic in Arlesheim..

Adult Onset

'Ann-Marie MacDonald captures the dark hilarity of parenthood like nobody else. I gulped down Adult Onset in a single day.' Emma Donoghue. author of Room Mary Rose McKinnon has two children with her partner Hilary and a fractured relationship with her mother Dolly- she also has issues with anger management and lives in fear of hurting the children..

The Sugary Secrets Behind Candy

Learn the sugar. spice. and science behind your favorite candies in this fact-tastic nonfiction Level 3 Ready-to-Read. part of a series about the science of fun stuff. Did you know there is a lot of science behind making candy..

Global Political Economy

After a period in which the global economy appeared prosperous and stable. the economic crisis exposed the fragile foundations of the international financial system and has reshaped the landscape of global political economy..

A Stranger in Olondria

Jevick. the pepper merchant's son. has been raised on stories of Olondria. a distant land where books are as common as they are rare in his home. When his father dies and Jevick takes his place on the yearly selling trip to Olondria..

Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s

Capturing the perfect wave. Tapping into the archives of America's most important surf photographer of the '60s and '70s. At a time when surfing is more popular than ever. it's fitting to look back at the years that brought the sport into the mainstream..

Marion Mahony Reconsidered

Marion Mahony Griffin (1871-1961) was an American architect and artist. one of the first licensed female architects in the world. designer for Frank Lloyd Wright's Chicago studio..

The Book of Revelation

'The Book of Revelation'. the last of the books of the 'New Testament'. is visionary and spiritual. This book brings together the text with many of the artworks it has inspired- from exquisite medieval illuminated manuscripts and the graphic woodcuts of Albrecht Durer..

Treating Couples

Published in the year. 1989 Treating Couples is a valuable contribution to the field of Family Therapy..

Seven Days in Cape Town

Seven days in Cape Town - a bestselling guidebook on the Mother City - has been given a new cover and fully revised to include the very latest information. The body of the book contains seven day-tours in and around Cape Town..

Super-Scary Mochimochi

This title has the sophisticated wit. variety of style and compelling designs. synonymous with the Mochimochi brand. It is suitable for knitters at all skill levels looking for fun. humorous and sweetly sinister patterns requiring a minimum of time and yarn to knit for themselves or as gifts for kids and adults..

Just Add Color

Who says coloring is just for kids. No longer relegated to kindergarten classrooms. coloring has grown up and taken its place alongside painting or drawing as a legitimate form of artistic expression and a meditative way to relax..

The Dragon Tattoo Book

Kids love tattoos. and this book is packed with terrific temporary tattoos. Fearsome dragon tattoos come with illustrated descriptions of each dragon's origin in folklore. fable. or magic tale. Here are forest dragons..

The Great Santini

Step into the powerhouse life of Bull Meecham. He s all Marine fighter pilot. king of the clouds. and absolute ruler of his family. Lillian is his wife beautiful..

Augustine and World Religions

Augustine and World Religions examines Augustine's thought for how it can inform modern inter-religious dialogue. Despite Augustine's reputation as the father of Christian intolerance..

Vagina: A New Biography

An astonishing new work that radically changes how we think about. talk about and understand the vagina - and consequently how we think about women and sexuality - from Naomi Wolf. one of our most respected cultural critics and author of the modern classic..


Peggy Jean Deitrich smells of heat and roses. volunteers in the local library. and hides her bruises well. Once Billy Bob Holland made love to her in the woods above the river..

My Friend Has Dyslexia

My friend Darius has a disability called dyslexia. But that doesnt matter to us. We make our own comics. help each other with our homework. and volunteer at a nearby animal shelter. Im glad Marius is my friend..

The Big Splash Collection

Join Bindi as she gets lost in Kakadu National Park. uncovers a wildlife smuggler in Madagascar. helps an elephant conservation group in Cambodia and takes on climate change in Finland..

Alice in Wonderland

A brand new Alice for children today to enjoy. beautifully retold and illustrated by multi-award-winning author Emma Chichester Clark. which captures the original tale faithfully and loyally but with makes it accessible for a whole new generation..

Human Anatomy

For one-semester courses in human anatomy. Helps readers visualize human anatomy The #1 best-selling book for the human anatomy course. Human Anatomy. Eighth Edition is widely regarded as the most readable and visually accessible book on the market..

RTI Success

This is a practical and comprehensive guide to Response to Intervention for anyone involved in education. Response to Intervention (RTI) is an innovative instructional method that enables educators to assess and meet the needs of struggling students before they have fallen too far behind..

Michael: The Curse (Airel)

Michael did the unthinkable to save Airel from death. but now must live with the choices he has made. good and evil. Tortured by his past and haunted by his future. Michael seeks redemption..

Star Wars: the New Jedi Order

Read by Anthony Heald2 cassettes / 3 hours With the exciting new arrival of "The New Jedi Order" series. the next era of Star Wars history is about to begin. Here. fantasy and science fiction's most acclaimed authors propel the legendary epic into the next millennium..

The Walking Dead Hardcover Ruled Journal -- Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes was a small town sheriff s deputy who was wounded in the line of duty and woke to find himself in a walker apocalypse. An everyman. Rick leads his desperate band of survivors while clinging to his moral code in the face of increasingly dire circumstances..

The Nature of Order

Book Four presents a new cosmology that arises from the careful study of architecture and art. and above all from the practice of the arts. It is a cosmology which places the I. our experience of self..

Postconventional Moral Thinking

Although Lawrence Kohlberg provided major ideas for psychological research in morality for decades. today some critics regard his work as outmoded. beyond repair and too faulty for anybody to take seriously..

Easy German Step-by-Step

A proven grammar-based approach that gives you the quickest and easiest path to learning German Easy German Step-by-Step is based on the idea that the quickest route to learning German is through a solid grounding in grammar basics and mastery of high-frequency vocabulary..

How Risky Is It, Really?

Overcome fears and make better choices by understanding risk. More people die of the common flu than they would if they contracted the swine flu. But more people fear swine flu because they think it's more dangerous..

The Woodsman

Drama / 4m. 3f Walter is a quiet man who must lead a quiet life. As a convicted sex offender fresh out of state prison. he sees no choice. He works in a warehouse. He lives alone. He sees a therapist named Rosen..

Veterans on Trial

This title explains how PTSD was handled in prior wars and why it is so prevalent among veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. It reveals the insidious connections between combat. PTSD..

The Greatest Albums You'll Never Hear

The Greatest Albums You'll Never Hear untangles the twists of fate. the fights and the sheer bad luck that prevented these sonic gems from being pressed. A Pink Floyd album with no instruments..

The Planner's Guide to Natural Resource Conservation:

Much of the country's recent population growth is situated in exurban areas. By many accounts exurbanization has become the dominant pattern of land development in the country and there is no indication it will slow in the foreseeable future (Theobald 2005- Brown et al..

Briar Queen

The dark. moody. and mystical fantasy begun in "Thorn Jack." the first novel in the Night and Nothing series. continues in this bewitching follow up an intriguing blend of "Twilight." "Buffy the Vampire Slayer..

Baby Makes Three

Alice Mitchell has seen better days. But that was before the heartbreak of infertility. divorce and losing her trendy New York restaurant.Then. after five long years. her ex-husband reappears in her life..

The Nutcracker

E T A HOFFMANN's The Nutcracker and the Mouse King may be familiar to many. having served as the inspiration for Tchaikovsky's famous ballet. However. the ballet was based on a French retelling of the story and Hoffmann's German original is rarely translated in its entirety..

The Smartest Portfolio You'll Ever Own

Bestselling author and financial blogger. Dan Solin. provides real do-it-yourself investors the means to create a dynamic-and safe- portfolio that mimics those constructed for some of the major institutional and trust investors in the country..

The Healing Power of God

The purpose of this Book is to present some important principles of healing which may help you as you step out in faith and begin laying hands on the sick. The information in this Book might be different than what you have always been taught..

Einstein S Dreams

A modern classic. "Einstein s Dreams" is a fictional collage of stories dreamed by Albert Einstein in 1905. when he worked in a patent office in Switzerland. As the defiant but sensitive young genius is creating his theory of relativity..

Food Fabulous Food

This is a book for those who love to eat. love to cook. and are inspired to experiment with healthier cooking. Contains modified favorite recipes that have substituted healthier ingredients and cooking techniques while never sacrificing flavor..

Falling Woman

Noted Australian author Susan Hawthorne creates a desert odyssey as she interweaves the emotional and physical journeys of her central characters. In doing so she has written a powerful exploration of myth and place..

The Profilist: A Novel

There were likely to be deserts enough for Goliath to feel quite at home. he said. But that gave rise to a puzzle as to why we would want to go exploring there. Never mind. My task was to record what we saw..

With John Brown in Kansas, the Battle of Osawatomie

Excerpt from With John Brown in Kansas. the Battle of Osawatomie An acquaintance formed in the Bible class of the Pilgrim church Sunday-school. Madison. Wisconsin. led to the publication of this booklet..

The Ten Commandments of Quality Management

Based on twenty years of management research. observations. practices. and experiences. "The Ten Commandments of Quality Management" will create the next generation of great leaders..

Surveillance Studies

The study of surveillance is more relevant than ever before. The fast growth of the field of surveillance studies reflects both the urgency of civil liberties and privacy questions in the war on terror era and the classical social science debates over the power of watching and classification..

Colloquial Vietnamese

Designed to serve as a textbook for second-year intermediate-level students. this new edition provides further exposure to both the spoken and written languages of Vietnam..

Tales Out of the School Library

"Tales Out of the School Library: Dispositions in Action" is a book that empowers anyone working in the school library to redefine their practice to meet the needs of young learners today..

How to Make an IMPACT

Clear information shows clear thinking. and clear thinking informs. influences and impresses. How often do you stare at uninviting and confusing presentations. notes. reports and information packs and get nothing out of them..

The Gift Book Series Display - 4 X 12 Incl Free Display, 48 Books

A series of 12 inspirational little books with either encouraging Bible verses or quotes of wisdom and insight from around the world. The books come in a gift bag with a card - a perfect reminder for a special someone to see circumstances from a higher perspective..

The Norton Anthology of World Literature

Read by millions of students since its first publication. The Norton Anthology of World Literature remains the most-trusted anthology of world literature available. Guided by the advice of more than 500 teachers of world literature and a panel of regional specialists..

The G.O.D. Experiments

"DOES GOD EXIST ONLY IN OUR HEARTS. According to highly esteemed scientist Gary E. Schwartz. Ph.D.. there is compelling scientific evidence that we no longer have to accept God on faith alone. Through a multidisciplinary approach..

Modern Drama

The story of modern drama is a tale of extremes. testing both audiences and actors to their limits through hostility and contrarianism. Spanning 1880 to the present. Kirsten E. Shepherd-Barr shows how truly international a phenomenon modern drama has become..

The Book of Marvels

In a series of playful and startling prose meditations. celebrated writer Lorna Crozier brings her rapt attention to the small matter of household objects: everything from doorknobs..

Edinburgh New Town

Edinburgh's New Town. built between 1767 and 1850. is one of Europe's finest neoclassical neighbourhoods. a triumph of town planning. with UNESCO World Heritage status..

Healing Grief

Healing Grief: A Story of Survivorship is a memoir of a young woman who first loses her body. and then her mind. With the help of her gifted therapist. family. and friends. she is able to tell her story..

Melissa Parkington's Beautiful, Beautiful Hair

Melissa wants to accomplish something speical. but what could it be. "Spectacular." "Gorgeous." "Fabulous." Those are some of the words people use to describe Melissa Parkington's hair..

Dog Songs

A beautiful deluxe edition of the "New York Times "bestselling "Dog Songs." now housed in an elegant box along with a special poster--containing a new poem from Mary Oliver..

Computer Training

Teach yourself how to navigate and use the most unified version of Windows in Microsoft's history. whether it's on your phone. tablet or desktop computer. With plenty of screen prints..

Waging Heavy Peace.

This beautiful limited edition will be signed by Neil Young and repackaged in a slip case and linen cover. Only 1.500 copies will be printed. making it an essential addition to every music lover s collection..

Mobility at Large

Mobility at Large explores a unique trajectory of travel writing. Instead of focussing on best-selling travel texts by Paul Theroux. Bill Bryson. Michael Palin. Alain de Botton and others..

Major Benjy (Mapp

This welcome addition to E.F. Benson's hugely popular Mapp and Lucia series finds Major Flint in need of a new servant. Miss Mapp in need of a summer tenant. and Quaint Irene in need of a pint of bitter..

The Burden of Freedom

The Burden Of Freedom explains that too many people use past oppression to remain mired in hatred and irresponsibility today. The spirit of oppression has specific telltale effects on individuals..