What are You Like?

The inspiration behind this title is the Victorian game of describing oneself with images of your favorite things- like a cryptic visual essay. a self-portrait. Forty leadingcreative figuresillustrators..



David L. Golemon

In 1887. the British Empire contracted brilliant American professor Lawrence Ambrose to create a mutant gene and turn an ordinary man into an aggressive fighting machine..

Conceptual Art

This book marks a new. original and authoritative re-examination of a major turning point in late twentieth-century art. Since the mid 1960s Conceptual art -- an art that consists of ideas..

Taschen 365, Day-By-Day. Surfing

TASCHEN's perpetual calendars For those of you whose datebooks have been replaced by smartphones. TASCHEN has created the new 365 Day-By-Day series so that you can still enjoy the warm analog feeling of marking every day with the turn of a page..

Half a King (Shattered Sea)

A classic coming-of-age tale set in a vivid and richly-imagined world from Sunday Times bestselling author Joe Abercrombie. 'Joe Abercrombie is doing some terrific work' GEORGE R..

More Working Wooden Locks

This guide to creating fully functional locks from wood includes step-by-step instructions. color photos. measured drawings. and advice on wood selection. tools. and finishing. Techniques for creating five different locks..

Mama Dearest

Diva supreme Yancey Harrington Braxton is working her way back to Broadway and beyond--and stirring up drama in and out of the spotlight--in the acclaimed "New York Times "bestseller from E. Lynn Harris..

Catechetical Notes and Class Questions

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important. and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact..

A Companion to the History of the Book

From the early Sumerian clay tablet through to the emergence of the electronic text. this companion provides a continuous and coherent account of the history of the book..

Lippincott's Review for Medical-surgical Nursing Certification

Lippincott's Review for Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification. Fifth Edition provides the information nurses need to achieve certification in the specialty of medical-surgical nursing. This helpful reference covers the broad range of content found on the actual examinations..

Social and Legal Norms

In an era where new areas of life and new problems call for normative solutions while the plurality of values in society challenge the very basis for normative solutions. this book looks at a growing field of research on the relations between social and legal norms..

Lamp Black, Wolf Grey

Artist Laura Matthews finds her new home in the Welsh mountains to be a place so charged with tales and legends that she is able to reach through the gossamer-fine veil that separates her own world from that of myth and fable..

Special Interest Politics

This title is about the mechanisms by which special interest groups affect policy in modern democracies. Defining a special interest group as any organization that takes action on behalf of an identifiable group of voters..

Pruning for Flowers and Fruit

Pruning for Flowers and Fruit shows you techniques from the most basic to the most advanced of espaliers and topiary. The book covers a wide range of ornamental plants. vegetables. fruit trees and bushes with special emphasis on popular plants such as roses..

Horrors : Scary Home Companion

Fear and loathing in Lake Wobegon. You betcha.

Garrison Keillor's "Horrors " is a grab bag of treats from Halloween broadcasts of "A Prairie Home Companion..

The Chinese Birthday Book

In The Chinese Birthday Book. Takashi Yoshikawa explains the exact nature of ki energy and the principals of ki-ology.He describes what these principles mean to us both as individuals and in our relationships to others and identifies the nine types of ki and their ruling elements and attributes..

The Emperor of All Maladies

"The Emperor of All Maladies "is a magnificent. profoundly humane "biography" of cancer--from its first documented appearances thousands of years ago through the epic battles in the twentieth century to cure..


Buddha and his teachings are combined with a rich review of Buddhist art through the ages..

Rapid Maths

Rapid Maths offers personalised learning support and repeated practise through books and software to help low-attaining children catch up in maths. Founded on proven teaching strategies and written by expert author Rose Griffiths..

How Big? How Heavy? How Dense?

This informative title uses accessible text and concrete examples to explain matter--a key science concept in grades K-2..

Wallpaper* City Guide Copenhagen

Wallpaper* City Guides are a ruthlessly-researched. design-conscious guide. for the discerning traveller who wants to come away with a true taste of the best a city has to offer..

The Book of Oberon

A fascinating addition to the magical literature of the Elizabethan era. this unique grimoire is a must-have for magic aficionados and historians. Dating from the time of Shakespeare (c. 1580)..

The Red Garden

The Red Garden introduces us to the luminous and haunting world of Blackwell. Massachusetts. capturing the unexpected turns in its history and in our own lives..

What If All the Kids Are White?

Bringing this bestselling guide completely up-to-date. the authors address the current state of racism and anti-racism in the United States (including the election of the first African-American president)- review recent child development research- discuss state standards and NCLB pressures on early childhood teaching- and more..


In England. where he spent ten seasons leading his storied club Manchester United and his nation to soccer glory. he is so wildly popular that his countrymen voted him the face they'd most want to see imprinted on their money..

War, Revolution, and Peace in Russia

Frank Golder's writings from Russia. published here for the first time. detail the dramatic events he observed from the twilight of imperial rule to the dawn of Stalinsim..

New Spanish for the Caribbean

Chevere. Teacher Guide 4 is a brand-new 4-level Spanish Course which has been written specifically for Caribbean secondary schools. to provide students with all they need to succeed in Spanish. Major features of the course include: * Coverage of all the requirements of the curriculum..

Mommy Hugs [Board book]

What could be sweeter than adorable baby animals snuggling with their mommies. This simple board book with warm illustrations feature a variety of animals and celebrate the affection between mothers and children..

The Walking Dead. La Caida del Gobernador

En The Walking Dead: El Gobernador conocimos los humildes origenes del autoproclamado lider de Woodbury y su viaje al oscuro corazon del apocalipsis zombi. En Woodbury..

Computational Complexity

Complex systems are systems that comprise many interacting parts with the ability to generate a new quality of collective behavior through self-organization. e.g. the spontaneous formation of temporal..

The Dodge Brothers

At the start of the Ford Motor Company in 1903. the Dodge Brothers supplied nearly every car part needed by the up-and-coming auto giant. After fifteen years of operating a successful automotive supplier company..

All the Right Angles

"A visual reference to the mathematics of sports."

Any definition of sport begins with the term "physical." Motion. power. energy and momentum are the driving forces of physics. and numbers govern all sports..

African Textile Patterns

This stunning collection of African textile prints has been carefully selected from a range of traditional and contemporary patterns. From exuberant and colourful patterns to elegant. flowing designs. this book celebrates the vibrancy and variation of African textile prints..

How to Cure Candida

You can cure Candida naturally. There are many books written about Candida. though most of the authors haven't been where I was or where you are now. They simply gather information..

Burp! (Dirty Bertie)

Meet Dirty Bertie - a boy with nose-pickingly disgusting habits. He's full to bursting with madcap plans and crazy ideas. and if it's trouble you're after. look no further - Bertie's sure to be up to his neck in it..

God Loves You

Kathryn Maris borrows rhythms. vocabulary and themes from the Bible in her new Seren collection of poems. God Loves You. The result is more than artful parody. although a sly wit is in evidence..

Short Story

In the follow-up to her bestselling "Hattitude" and "Cowl Girls". knitwear designer Cathy Carron offers fashion-forward knitters 35 designs for boleros. shrugs. cropped cardis and short wraps..

Oxford Reading Tree Story Sparks

Julia. the daughter of Julius Caesar. must foil a plot to trick her father and save Rome. Using only her lucky marble and her quick-wits. it's up to Julia to save the day..

Gold Standard GAMSAT Preparation with Online Card

New features to this edition: Online Access Card included in the book and Section 1 has been revised. This edition also takes into consideration the fact that the GAMSAT no longer permits calculators and so the steps of all calculations are shown..

Ready for Writing

This is a fantastic new title with wipe-clean pages and a special pen. loaded with special activities to help children learn their first numbers. It includes each activity that is specially designed to help children learn to count..

Evolution and the Emergent Self

Evolution and the Emergent Self is an eloquent and evocative new synthesis that explores how the human species emerged from the cosmic dust. Lucidly presenting ideas about the rise of complexity in our genetic..

Etiquette and Espionage

It's one thing to learn to curtsy properly. It's quite another to learn to curtsy and throw a knife at the same time. Welcome to finishing school. Sophronia is a great trial to her poor mother. Sophronia is more interested in dismantling clocks and climbing trees than proper manners-and the family can only hope that company never sees her atrocious curtsy..

Blown Apart

The underlying theme of this story is the attraction of violence. The attraction to violence by young men who feel disconnected or under threat in their society and the particular attraction such men can have for women..

Time Out Shortlist Rome

Which. Recommended Provider: Time Out Guides kicks off 2014 by being rated top guidebook brand by Which Survey. for level of detail. photography. quality of maps. ease of finding information and value for money..

A Lion Among Men (Wicked Years

"Hardly more than a kitten . . . I had thought to call it Prrr. but it shivers more often than it purrs. so I call it Brrr instead."--From WickedSince Wicked was first published in 1995..

J. F. Lyotard

The association between Lyotard and postmodernism is so strong that it threatens to eclipse his seminal contributions to aesthetics. politics. education. religion and phenomenology..

Step Up

Written by teachers for Queensland students in Years 8 to 10. this text covers the three core strands of Health. Physical Activity and Personal Development..

Secret New York

On other books in the Secret Series: 'This jewel of a book [Secret Toronto] with amazing photos by Linda Rutenberg. aims to lead the inquisitive astray' -- NOW Magazine 'Secret Toronto guides locals and visitors to the unusual..

(Not Quite) Perfect Boyfriend

'I did meet a boy.' Midge smaps. 'I met him at the Library. We had romantic picnics by the river and we kissed. A lot.' But soon Midge's white lie turns into a web of deciet - until..


Both critic and writer. Stendhal has now become established as one of realism's founding fathers. Dr Pearson's book maps out. for the first time. the critical reception of Stendhal's two most widely read novels..

Run Over

A moving memoir in the tradition of "A Leg to Stand On" and "Intoxicated by My Illness" --intimate. fearless. funny. shocking. painful and. in little mortal flashes. very wise. "Run Over" is about being hit by a truck at fourteen..

The Zucchini Spiralizer Cookbook

The Zucchini Spiralizer Cookbook - The must-have cookbook of the BEST ZUCCHINI RECIPES for your spiralizer. Do you want to turn your vegetables into pasta-like ribbons that taste just like regular pasta..

Investor's Guide to Charting

"Without question. some people have made astonishing amounts of money from studying share price charts and foretelling whether share prices would rise or fall. It is equally certain that further astonishing amounts of money have been lost in the same exercise..

Showjumpers (Pony Club Rivals)

The stakes are raised in the second book of this glamorous new horse riding series set in the USA - winner takes all as the rivals compete for the showjumping cup..

Redwood Pack Vol 5

Redwood Pack Vol 5 contains the sixth book in the Redwood Pack series and a special novella in print and digital form. Hidden Destiny (Redwood Pack Book 6) North Jamenson has always held his wolf closer to the surface then others..

Buster and the Amazing Daisy

"Buster and the Amazing Daisy" isn't just a humorous and engaging story. It will also give its readers an insight into the hopes and dreams. as well as the fears and frustrations. of many children with autism..

Networking for Veterans

About Networking For Veterans
Today's returning veterans are leaving active-service with vast leadership experiences and valuable technical skills. Yet does this mean they have the kind of networking skills necessary to succeed in today's competitive business environment..

Dead Rich

The Spenders are Britain's Favourite Family - they are glamorous. rich and very. very famous. everything that their celebrity obsessed culture requires them to be. Their charisma and looks ensure that they are constantly feted..

Why America Should Elect Donald Trump in 2016

This item is non-returnable

We all know Trump the bombastic orator. Trump the tactician. Trump the amazing entrepreneur and businessman. and Trump the Machiavellian competitor. but where does he stand in the holy triad of Presidential qualities..

Kierkegaard's Journals and Notebooks

For over a century. the Danish thinker Soren Kierkegaard (1813-55) has been at the center of a number of important discussions. concerning not only philosophy and theology..

Polar Bear Math

Early one morning at the Denver Zoo. a polar bear gives birth to two tiny babies. then abandons them. The zoo staff must raise the babies. but there are many things they don't know. What foods are best..

Ella Bella Ballerina and Cinderella

Ella Bella loves her ballet class. which is conducted by the kindly Madame Rosa at an old theatre that seems touched by magic. One day. when Ella loses one of her slippers..

Random Thoughts

This is my third book and in a lot of ways. the hardest to complete. My first two titles gave me clear direction. but when life takes sudden turns. so did my writing..

The Fires of Heaven

The fifth audio volume of the Wheel of Time series is now available in unabridged format on CD
In this sequel to the phenomenal "New York Times" bestseller "The Shadow Rising." Robert Jordan again plunges us into his extraordinarily rich..

Superintendent's Handbook of Financial Management

This resource covers all aspects of financial management concepts for golf course superintendents and also serves as a guide for studying for the financial management section of the GCSAA certification exam..

The Book of the New Sun

Recently voted the greatest fantasy of all time. after The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun is an extraordinary epic. set a million years in the future..

How to Win the War on Waste in 90 Days

Can you imagine an employee of your company coming up with an idea that has a 38 to 1 ROI. Or better yet. can you imagine all of them doing so. This book lays out the steps that are needed to allow a company to achieve the phenomenal results of the typical War on Waste program..

The Gingerbread House

In a short space of time. several bestial murders occur in central Stockholm. When criminal investigator Conny Sjoberg and the Hammarby police begin to suspect that there's a link between the murders..

Managerial Accounting

As the long-time number 1 best-seller. Garrison has helped guide close to 3 million students through managerial accounting since it was first published. It identifies the three functions managers must perform within their organisations-plan operations..

The Cortisol Connection

The hormone cortisol. activated by the fight-or-flight (stress) response. is emerging as a major culprit in a variety of health problems. "The Cortisol Connection" explores the documented relationship between elevated levels of this hormone..

Ten Things I Hate about Me

There are a lot of things Jamie hates about her life: her dark hair. her dad's Stone Age Charter of Curfew Rights. her real name - Jamilah Towfeek. For the past three years Jamie has hidden her Lebanese background from everyone at school..

Do You Really Want a Hamster?

"Mischievous hamsters (and the narrator) teach a young boy the responsibility--and the joys--of owning a hamster. Includes 'Is this pet right for me.' quiz"--Provided by publisher..

The Three Musicians

The kingdom of Mirador is terrified of a monstrous. fire-spewing beast that lurks just outside the village walls. No one has actually seen the creature except for the king..

A Fish With A Wish

Have you ever made a wish - maybe one. or maybe two. Follow along with little fish on a journey to make his own wish come true...".

My iMovie

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iMovie screenshots that show you exactly what to do. Help when you run into iMovie problems or limitations. Tips and Notes to help you get the most from iMovie..

My Little Pony

Apple Bloom. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are the Cutie Mark Crusaders--they are eager to discover their special talents and earn their Cutie Marks. In this fun. creatively prompted doodle book..

Coming Top: English - Ages 6 - 7

This delightfully illustrated book is designed to teach essential skills. with fun-to-do problems and projects. as well as reward stickers to boost confidence. Form compound words. add commas and speech marks..

Mother of Eden

'We speak of a mother's love. but we forget her power. Power over life. Power to give and to withhold.' Generations after the breakup of the human family of Eden. the Johnfolk emphasise knowledge and innovation..

Hacking the Earthship

Hacking the Earthship: In Search of an Earth-Shelter that Works for EveryBody is a collection of academic and in-the-field research on Earthships combined with practical advice for designing and financing a truly sustainable earth-sheltered home..

The Harp in the South Novels

The gritty realism of family life lived in the poverty-stricken slum of inner Sydney's Surry Hills during the 1940s. Also includes Missus and Poor man's orange..

Big Magic

Readers of all ages and walks of life have drawn inspiration from Elizabeth Gilbert's books for years. Now. this beloved author shares her wisdom and unique understanding of creativity..

The Underland Chronicles : Gregor Boxed Set #1-5

The complete box set of the five books in the New York Times bestselling series The Underland Chronicles with gorgeous new box and cover art coming July 1st.

When Gregor follows his little sister through a grate in the laundry room of their New York apartment building..

Red Queen

Graceling meets The Selection in debut novelist Victoria Aveyard's sweeping tale of seventeen-year-old Mare. a common girl whose once-latent magical power draws her into the dangerous intrigue of the king's palace..

The Age of Social Democracy

This is the history of how two countries on the northern edge of Europe built societies in the twentieth century that became objects of inspiration and envy around the world. Francis Sejersted..

The Legend of Percevan: v. 1

The evil Baron Deadstone has stolen three mystical gemstones that will make him invincible. Only Percevan. brave knight and servant of the king. can stop him. but to do so he will have to travel to the frozen lands across the sea and risk many dangers..


Genetics: From Genes to Genomes is a cutting-edge. introductory genetics text authored by an unparalleled author team. including Nobel Prize winner. Leland Hartwell. The 4th edition continues to build upon the integration of Mendelian and molecular principles..

Tremor of Intent

Denis Hillier is an aging British agent on his last assignment. His old school friend Roper defected to the USSR long ago. to become one of the evil empire's great scientific minds..

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics

Authoritative and reliable. this A-Z provides jargon-free definitions for even the most technical mathematical terms. With over 3.000 entries ranging from Achilles paradox to zero matrix..

Fury of Seduction (Dragonfury)

New to the Nightfury pack. dragon-shifter Mac cannot understand the bond between his brothers-in-arms and their human mates until the moment he spies Tania and the energy bond between them blazes to life..

Take Control of OCD

Take Control of OCD: The Ultimate Guide for Kids With OCD is a unique guide just for kids ages 10-16 with obsessive compulsive disorder to help them take control of their disorder and find success in school and in life..

Whole-Life Value Based Decision Making in Asset Management

Predominantly. whole-life costing is focused on optimising cost. In this book. the authors propose a value-based decision-making technique which will take into consideration the requirements of various stakeholders and provide a systematic way to determine the value generation process..

The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow By Robert W. Chambers This New Edition is the Complete Set of the original 10 Short Stories. The The King in Yellow is a horror anthology written by Robert W. Chambers and first published in 1895..

The True Story of Hansel and Gretel

In the last months of the Nazi occupation of Poland. two children are left by their father and stepmother to find safety in a dense forest. Because their real names will reveal their Jewishness..