The Handbook of Phonetic Sciences

This volume provides a comprehensive and authoritative survey of the key topics of the phonetic sciences. Contributions by many of the leading researchers in the field cover both theoretical and applied areas of speech communication..


The fifth book in the "New York Times "new adult series that began with "Real. "When an angry. heartbroken girl is forced to be near her rocker ex-boyfriend. only time will tell if the fire between them will consume them both..

Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot

The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot deck provides companion cards to the acclaimed book The Sacred Tarot by C.C. Zain. which explores the relationships between the Tarot. the kabbala. astrology..

Walking in Andalucia

"Walking in Andalucia" has become the trusted travelling companion for anyone wanting to discover the most beautiful walks that southern Spain has to offer. For this newly revised seventh edition..

Sapphire Blue

Sixteen-year-old Gwen. the newest and final member of the secret time-traveling Circle of Twelve. searches through history for the other time-travelers..

And Yet ...: Essays

From "one of the most lucid and humane voices of our age" ("Globe and Mail") comes a collection of new essays never before published in book form. Christopher Hitchens was known for his erudition and pitch-perfect..

Literacy World: Satellites: Stage 3

Easy-to-use guided reading cards compliment each book in the Literacy World Satellites series. They include a short summary of the story they accompany and practical teaching suggestions..

Fair Game: v. 2

The eighth book in the bestselling Dan 'Spider' Shepherd series. Kidnapping is one of the cruellest crimes - lives are put at risk for cold. hard cash. But when Somali pirates seize the crew of a yacht off the coast of Africa..

Horse Latitudes

A collection of peom that opens with a sonnet sequence. "Horse Latitudes". written as the United States embarked on its foray into Iraq..

For a Mother's Sins

It is 1870 and railway workers and their families have flocked to the wild and inhospitable moorland known as Batty Green to build a viaduct on the Midland Railway Company's ambitious new Leeds to Carlisle Line..

He Walks Like a Cowboy

A sacred walk down the path of life with a disability- "He Walks Like a Cowboy" takes an in-depth look at one man's journey to accept his limitations. redefine his abilities..

Blizzard of the Blue Moon [With Sticker]

Jack and Annie are off on another Merlin Mission. This time. Merlin has sent them to rescue a beautiful magical creature the unicorn. But when they land in New York City during the Depression of the 1930s..

Sophie and the Pancake Plot

Gidaado the Fourth and his albino camel are working for a famous General in his campaign to win the state elections. General Crepe-Sombo is everyone's hero..

Living in the Moment

Through simple mindfulness meditation. learn to live in the moment and enjoy a life that is more vivid. awake. connected and true. Most of us operate on auto-pilot much of the time..

Me, Myself, and Why

A fascinating survey of the forces that shape who we are and how we act--from the author of "The Calculus Diaries"
Following her previous tours through the worlds of physics ("Black Bodies and Quantum Cats") and calculus ("The Calculus Diaries")..

A Regular Rah! Rah! Boy

Excerpt from A Regular Rah. Rah. Boy: A Comedy in Three Acts (As curtain rises. Leonard Fergurson sits at table writing and whistling very much out of Russell Sidney is studying..

Sofia the First

It's Open House at the Royal Preparatory Academy. and the students are excited to show their work to their families. Amber picks a special painting to show her parents. but James accidentally spills paint all over it..

The Stranger on the Silk Road

Table of Contents/Afterword/Story Consultants Black and White Illustrations/Standards for the English Language Arts Standard 1 Quizzes at www.picturewindowbooks..

David Bowie : A Life in Pictures

David Bowie is the quintessential musical chameleon. shifting from glam rocker and commercial popster to actor and avant-garde composer. Through an exploration of his diverse body of work. Chris Welch reveals that the only constant in Bowie's career are his incredible voice..

Frozen Light-Up Diary

Record your thoughts and secrets in this Frozen Light-Up Diary. Just push the button and watch it in action. Features your favorite Frozen sisters and a whimsical Frozen pattern.


Positive Magic

Addressing the needs of today's readers beginners and adepts alike - this book explores new territory: channelling. spirit contact. dealing with the future as well as the past..

Republic of El Salvador Against the Republic of Nicaragua

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important. and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact. and remains as true to the original work as possible..

Graffiti Coloring Book

The figures that stand beside a graffiti writer's name and attract attention to it are referred to as characters - one of the most popular and easily accessible aspects of graffiti..

Junie B., First Grader Toothless Wonder

Barbara Park s "New York Times" bestselling chapter book series. Junie B. Jones. is a classroom favorite and has been keeping kids laughing and reading for more than twenty years..

Acting White?

What does it mean to "act black" or "act white". Is race merely a matter of phenotype. or does it come from the inflection of a person's speech. the clothes in her closet..

American Incident

"Adorno on the Gold Coast" Who can blame the barometer for being called a gauche gauge which in any case is better than guage. or body thermometer oracle of the oral cavity that cannot stop your torso from wheezing in sync with the refrigerator set one notch below very very cold as the crimson rosella seems to have recovered from its defenestrating flight

J and B Clinical Card

A four-color. 6-panel clinical card measuring 3.75 x 7.5 inches that presents pertinent clinical information about psoriatic arthritis in a quick-reference format..

Celeste Sails to Spain

What does Clive do at the park. How does Rosie celebrate. Where does Celeste go in her dreams. Follow everybody s favourite children as they go out into the world. Children will have fun asking themselves what their favourite activities are while following the adventures of Frank..

Award-winning Quilts 2010

Add a touch of quilting creativity to your home all year round with this stunning full-colour calendar. Enjoy the beauty of amazing quilts all year round..

In the Beginning Was the Pun

"Tatiana Chemis book is consistent in its argumentation and comprehensive in regards to the subject it deals with. It results in an original contribution. as it brings together the different aspects of the "comic experience" Samuel Beckett had..

The Quotable George Bush

"I want you to tell your children that when they hear all the talk and all the speculation and all the thousands of hours of so-called experts babbling away about this. that. or the other. that the true policy of this government is to achieve peace for generations to come..

Heavy Metal Thunder

Revile it if you will. laugh it off but heavy metal's influence and audience just keep on growing. And nowhere is its brash outrageousness better expressed than on its album covers..


Focusing on topics of special concern to students. this series makes complex issues less intimidating and more accessible- each book presents 10 to 14 readings from a variety of perspectives that allow readers to better understand the topic..

Paladin of Souls

Royina Ista was finally released from the curse of madness that kept her imprisoned in her family's castle of Valenda. Yet again the gods have chosen her as their instrument..

Alien Invaders from Beyond the Stars

YOU CHOOSE ...Protector of planet Earth or abduction by extraterrestrials. You see strange lights in the sky. It's a flying saucer. just like in the movies. Inside are lizard aliens disguised as humans..

Report on the American Slav Congress and Associated Organizations

Excerpt from Report on the American Slav Congress and Associated Organizations: June 26. 1949 The American Slav Congress is a Moscow-inspired and directed federation of Communist-dominated organizations seeking by methods of propaganda and pressure to subvert the 10..

Cold Blood

Suspicion and fear surround the mysterious disappearance of a movie star's daughter. The race to claim the reward for finding Anna Louise Caley - dead or alive - spirals into a deadly voodoo trail in the French quarter of New Orleans..

The Adventures of Rainbow Fish

Five Rainbow Fish favorites are now available in one place in this collection that includes Rainbow Fish to the Rescue. Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale. Rainbow Fish and the Sea Monster s Cave..

MVP #2

From the author of the Ballpark Mysteries comes a brand-new sports-themed chapter book series featuring the coolest club around the Most Valuable Players. The MVP club wants to save an old field house close to their school..

Mobile Suit Gundam: the Origin

In a brutal civil war. half of humanity has been wiped out. while Zeon's army of Zaku mobile suits is the ultimate decisive weapon. With the Federation's first Gundam out of action. teen Amuro Ray miraculously stumbles on a second unit - the awesome RX-78 Gubdan..

Club Nova Vol. 4

When it looked like things couldn't get worse. Victoria's life splinters into even more pieces. How far is Peyton Thompson and her team of manipulative minions willing to go to make her life a living hell..

How Many Sleeps

Little girl counts down her sleeps until she visits Grandma's house (telling time. numbers. counting).

Animal Multi Tool

This 7-in-1 mini multi-tool will transform into the cutest little helpers. Includes flat head screwdriver. bottle opener. knife. wire stripper. file. phillips head screwdriver. and punch.


Papa's Latkes

For Selma and her little sister Dora. this is their first Chanukkah without Mama. When Papa comes home with everything they need for latkes. Selma is worried. Mama always made the Chanukkah latkes..

Working 5 to 9

Become your own boss. in your own time. Emma Jones. founder of the home business website Enterprise Nation and author of 'Spare Room Start Up'. delves into the working 5pm to 9pm trend and profiles 60 people who are running successful businesses outside of their normal office hours..

The American Boy

Interweaving real and fictional elements. The American Boy is a major new literary historical crime novel in the tradition of An Instance of the Fingerpost and Possession..


Magic. monsters. and mayhem abound when Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase meet Carter and Sadie Kane for the first time. Weird creatures are appearing in unexpected places..

Place of the Heart

Winner of the VISA Cultural Prize and the Icelandic National Literature Prize. Single mother Harpa has always been a misfit. Her physical description is like no other Icelander: so small she self-deprecatingly refers to herself as a dwarf..

Inside Windows Debugging

Through a combination common debugging and programming techniques. this book shows developers why Windows works the way it does and will show why debuggers are an integral part of the development process..

Theatre Games

How do you actually set up a theatre game. And how do you actually play it. There are many books on the subject that describe theatre games. some even show illustrations. But the only way to really understand how a theatre game works is to see it in action..

The Victorious Opposition (American Empire, Book Three)

Harry Turtledove s acclaimed alternate history series began with a single question: What if the South had won the Civil War. Now. seventy years have passed since the first War Between the States. The North American continent is locked in a battle of politics..

El Corazon de una Bridgerton

After a lifetime of chasing women. he took one look at Francesca Bridgerton and fell in love. Unfortunately for Michael. Francesca's surname was to remain Bridgerton for only a mere thirty-six hours longer..

The Awakening

The AwakeningAndSelected Short StoriesBy Kate ChopinTop 100 Classic Short Stories The Awakening. originally titled A Solitary Soul. is a novel by Kate Chopin. first published in 1899. Set in New Orleans and on the Louisiana Gulf coast at the end of the 19th century..

The Story of My Life (Enriched Classics

ENDURING LITERATURE ILLUMINATED BY PRACTICAL SCHOLARSHIP The extraordinary account of Helen Keller's struggle to overcome the challenges of being deaf and blind--a masterpiece of modern biography. EACH ENRICHED CLASSIC EDITION INCLUDES: - A concise introduction that gives readers important background information - A chronology of the author's life and work - A timeline of significant events that provides the book's historical context - An outline of key themes and plot points to help readers form their own interpretations - Detailed explanatory notes - Critical analysis..

The Wonder of Charlie Anne

In a 1930s Massachusetts farm town torn by the Depression. racial tension. and other hardships. Charlie Anne and her black next-door neighbor Phoebe form a friendship that begins to transform their community..

Family Histories

These are big books to inspire little minds. "Heinemann Library" covers a wide range of text types and subjects for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Our big books are excellent models of non-fiction texts..

Fun Learning Facts about Sharks

Welcome to the Ninja Kids Book Series. Bestselling children's author Tony Michaels presents "Fun Learning Facts About Sharks." This book uses captivating images and expertly written words to teach children about "Sharks..

The Real USA

Is there somewhere you really want to travel to. or just yearn to know better. Do you want all the essential facts about the USA at your fingertips. If you want to know what it's really about (rather than the things your parents think you should see..

A Reunion of Ghosts

The Alter sisters are mordant. wry. and crystalline in wit and vision- it is a tremendous pleasure to rocket through generations of their family histories with them..

Pictura: Dinosaurs (Pictura)

Pictura is a stunning range of black-and-white artworks to collect and colour for all ages. This incredible scene of dinosaurs playing and their prehistoric world features all the favourites including Stegosaurus..

Restless Cities

The metropolis is a site of endless making and unmaking. From the attempt to imagine a city-symphony to the cinematic tradition that runs from Walter Ruttmann to Terence Davies..

The Sh!t No One Tells You

There comes a time in every new mother's life when she finds herself staring at her screaming. smelly "bundle of joy" and wishing someone had told her that her house would reek of vomit..

The House on Brooke Street

On the day before Christmas in 1956. a lonely man in a London flat begins writing down a strange and tantalizing account of how his life was altered by a love affair in a world of deceptive wealth and glamour..


Phytoplasmas are a worldwide issue in plant health. A range of serious diseases are caused by these bacteria in major crops around the globe. Knowledge of the importance of phytoplasmas as plant disease agents has advanced rapidly over the last decade with an increased interest in the impact of these pathogens on important field and horticultural crops as well as ornamental plants..

Transforming Philosophy and Religion

Norman Wirzba. Bruce Ellis Benson. and an international group of philosophers and theologians describe how various expressions of philosophy are transformed by the discipline of love. What is at stake is how philosophy colors and shapes the way we receive and engage each other..

Enchanted Forest : An Inky Quest

Fall under the spell of the #1 New York Times Bestseller

This magical coloring book by Johanna Basford takes colorists through an enchanted forest to discover what lies in the castle..

Islam, Education and Reform in Southern Thailand

"This is a remarkable piece of scholarship that illuminates general and specific tendencies in Islamic education in South Thailand. Armed with an enormous amount of rich empirical detail and an elegant writing style..

Veterinary Nursing Self-Assessment

Now in its third edition. "Veterinary Nursing Self-Assessment Questions and Answers" has been rewritten and updated to reflect the recent changes to the Veterinary Nursing Curriculum and National Occupational Standards..

Tanks in the Great War, 1914-1918 - War College Series

This is a curated and comprehensive collection of the most important works covering matters related to national security. diplomacy. defense. war. strategy. and tactics. The collection spans centuries of thought and experience..

Angels Walking

The new inspirational novel from the New York Times No 1 bestseller. for fans of Mitch Albom and Francine Rivers. One-time national baseball hero Tyler Ames has lost everyone he loves on a quest to make it to the big league..

Jane Austen for Beginners

Jane Austen's novels are classics. They have never been out of print. and have continuously been turned into countless movies and TV series. yet her works still remain largely misunderstood..

Mostly Void, Partially Stars

From the creators of the #1 international podcast Welcome to Night Vale and the authors of the New York Times bestselling novel of the same name. comes a collection of episodes from Season One of their hit podcast..

Getting to Know Web GIS

Getting to Know Web GIS is a workbook with detailed. step-by-step exercises that teaches readers how to share resources online and build web GIS applications easily and quickly. It covers the Esri suite of web GIS technologies..

The Secret History of Wonder Woman

Like every other superhero. Wonder Woman has a secret identity. Unlike every other superhero. <.DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">Hazel Brown

HAZEL BROWN: A VERY SPECIAL VET is a picture and story book for young children. Adults will enjoy reading it to children and older children will enjoy reading it by themselves..

Free Spirit

Reinhold Messner: My Life at the Limit. the newest book by the famed mountaineer. is a conversation between Messner and interviewer Thomas Huetlin. an award-winning German journalist..

All the World's War

Since birth. Miles has lived in an underground bunker whilst a war raged on the surface. Now. as silence falls across the land above and feeling increasingly trapped. he leaves the place that kept him safe and staggers towards the nearest trace of human life..

Surprised by Scripture

A thoughtful and provocative book. in the vein of C. S. Lewis's classic The Weight of Glory. Tom Wright was recently acclaimed by Newsweek as 'the world's leading New Testament scholar'. For all who've read Wright's Scripture and the Authority of God..

The Lords of Light and Shadows

The Lords of Light and Shadows is my second book of poems. It is an easy read. and the poems deal primarily with love. I've also included one poem from my first book "Sand. Sea and Fog" called "Evening Time..

Rocliffe Notes for Screenwriters

Rocliffe Notes for Screenwriters is a compendium for scriptwriters and filmmakers which brings together tips and opinions from over 140 film and TV industry professionals..

Sculpt Your Body with Balls and Bands

The star of television's top exercise program has come out with the first book that combines the exercise ball and resistance band to give readers the safest. most effective method of body shaping..

Disjunctive Poetics

Disjunctive Poetics examines some of the most interesting and experimental contemporary writers whose work forms a counterpoint to the mainstream writing of our time..

Raw Truth, the 2nd Edition

Whether you're just discovering raw foods or already well-versed in kimchee and wheatgrass. this revised edition of "The Raw Truth" combines a wealth of raw foods know-how with a diverse array of delicious recipes..

The Dragon Book

Whether portrayed as fire-breathing reptilian beasts at war with humanity or as noble creatures capable of speech and mystically bonded to the warriors who ride them. dragons have been found in nearly every culture's mythology..


Archaeology is organized around the key questions that archaeologists ask about the past and details the theories and methods used to answer those questions. from technical methods to theoretical approaches..

Galois Theory

Since 1973. Galois Theory has been educating undergraduate students on Galois groups and classical Galois theory. In Galois Theory. Fourth Edition. mathematician and popular science author Ian Stewart updates this well-established textbook for today's algebra students..

The Dyslexia Debate

The Dyslexia Debate examines how we use the term 'dyslexia' and questions its efficacy as a diagnosis. While many believe that a diagnosis of dyslexia will shed light on a reader's struggles and help identify the best form of intervention..

Get into Art

A gorgeous children's activity series that explores a wide range of artists' work while encouraging children to develop their own skills and techniques..

Wild School

The eleventh title in the new "Usborne Very First Reading" series. designed for younger children to introduce them to reading together with their parents. Parents and children take turns to read from the page (the text clearly marked for who should be reading) and as the books progress in the series the adults read less and less and the child more and more..

Toxic Girl

Everyone has secrets. Finally. I had a fresh start. I knew no one. I could be anyone. or so I thought. I wanted to be invisible. to blend into the background. But it turned out keeping my secret wasn't as easy as I thought it would be..