British Movie Entertainments on Vhs and DVD

Unlike their American colleagues. British suppliers were extremely slow to release their country's superb libraries of classic films for movie fans to purchase on either VHS tapes or DVD discs..

Wishing on a Star

You won't find a simpler way to interact meaningfully and enjoyably with someone with memory impairment. Just sit down together. open this colorful and engaging book across both laps..

Deed of Paksenarrion

Ignoring her father's plans for her. Paksenarrion leaves her family and sets off for the army. where her heroic restoration of a lost ruler to his throne will make her a legend..

OtterBox iPhone 6 Case- Glacier

Robust. 3-layer protection withstands drops. bumps and shocks. Built-in screen protector prevents scratches.Port covers keep out dust and debris.Holster-style swiveling belt clip included.


From One End of the Earth to the Other

The emancipation of the Jews of England was largely complete when George III came to the throne in 1760. Free to live how and where they wished. the Jews had been specifically exempted from the provisions of the 1753 Marriage Act which made Christian marriage the only legal option for all others..

Global Governance

In recent years. the role of global institutions such as the United Nations. World Trade Organization. International Monetary Fund and the World Bank has never been more important to the lives of individuals throughout the world..

Odd One Out (Star Girl)

Planet Plantagan's air is being polluted. and the vine aliens are suffering. When the space cadets investigate. they ll get themselves into a one big tangle.".

Principles of Critical Care

Critical care helps people with life-threatening injuries and illnesses. It might treat problems such as complications from surgery. accidents. infections. and severe breathing problems..

Bond 11 : Maths

Bond is the number 1 provider of 11 practice. helping millions of children pass selective entrance exams. Bond Maths Stretch Practice for ages 8-9 years books are designed to challenge the most able children..

Nathaniel Wanley's Wonders of the Little World

This title is a complete history of humankind: of all our various capacities. peculiarities. defects and deformations of body and mind. observed and explained from the perspective of a 17th century Leicester clergyman..

The Second World War (Young Reading

This title offers a clear and informative account of how the Second World War began. the infamous battles and the conclusion and aftermath of the war. It is illustrated with maps. evocative archive photographs and illustrations..

Harold Pinter

Do you want to know why Harold Pinter is a figure of such influence and importance in the theatre. Are you studying his plays and looking for help with interpretation. Or do you teach Pinter and need a reliable guide to the plays..

Are We There Yet?

Two brothers travel through Italy and take a journey of the heart. Sixteen-year-old Elijah is completely mellow and his 23-year-old brother Danny is completely not. and they can barely tolerate one another..

Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics

Unrivalled in the way it makes the teaching of statistics compelling and accessible to even the most anxious of students. the only statistics textbook you and your students will ever need just got better..

Culture, Diaspora, and Modernity in Muslim Writing

Fiction by writers of Muslim background forms one of the most diverse. vibrant and high-profile corpora of work being produced today - from the trail-blazing writing of Salman Rushdie and Hanif Kureishi..

Windows 10 All-In-One for Dummies

The most comprehensive guide to Windows 10

If you're a first-time Windows 10 user looking for an authoritative. accessible guide to the basics of this new operating system..

About Modern Art

About Modern Art is the long-awaited collection of David Sylvester's essays on twentieth-century artists. This is not dry. remote. academic criticism: it has an immediacy and passion which leave one with an inspiring sense of the relevance and importance of art to life..


A powerful story about blindness from an award-winning author.

When Emma Sasha Silver loses her eyesight in a nightmare accident. she must relearn everything from walking across the street to recognizing her own sisters to imagining colors..

Sweet Caress

When Amory Clay was born. in the decade before the Great War. her disappointed father gave her an androgynous name and announced the birth of a son. But this daughter was not one to let others define her- Amory became a woman who accepted no limits to what that could mean..

How to See, How to Draw

To draw accurately. artists must do away with preconceived ideas of what a subject should look like. and study the actual shape. size and position of the subject. This title begins with learning how to observe - to see what's really there..

Beirut, Beirut (English)

November 7. 1980. An Egyptian writer has chosen the wrong time to come to Beirut in search of a publisher for his controversial new book. Men with machine guns are on every street corner. When the writer meets an old friend from his revolutionary student days..

The Seven Realms : The Complete Series

Enter the world of the Seven Realms...

For the first time. all four books of the critically acclaimed and "New York Times "bestselling Seven Realms series are available in one place..

The House of Hidden Mothers

"Moving and incredibly funny at the same time. A great achievement." (Richard E. Grant). "Dazzling. Intense and gritty at times. sparkling and hilarious at others. I found it absorbing. witty. joyous and moving..

Miss Llewellyn-Jones Goes to Town

Miss Llewellyn-Jones takes Teddy shopping - with disastrous results. Teddy takes off on an adventure of his own. and it takes all his ingenuity to find his way home. A delightfully rhythmic text with gorgeous..

Food Quality and Safety Systems

1998 (first edition). 2009 (this reprint). One important element of FAO's work is building the capacity of food control personnel. including government authorities and food industry personnel carrying out food quality and safety assurance programmes..

Shadow's Claim

Trehan Daciano. known as the Prince of Shadows. has spent his life serving his people. striking in the night. quietly executing any threat to their realm. The coldly disciplined swordsman has never desired anything for himself -- until he beholds Bettina..

Even More Nonsense from Michael Rosen

Following on from Michael Rosen's Book of Nonsense. the crazy poet returns with Even More Nonsense. When will he ever stop. A collection of rhymes. poems and wordplay from Michael Rosen. one of the best-known figures in the children's book world..

The Practice of Family Therapy

Create a step-by-step plan for family therapy with THE PRACTICE OF FAMILY THERAPY. This practice-based counseling text provides a framework for how to move through different stages of the therapeutic process drawing upon the strengths of different approaches..

Effective Teamwork

Most organizations see effective teamwork as essential to their success. but find that the reality of working in teams presents many practical difficulties. This text. based on rigorous research evidence..

A Century of Children's Ghost Stories

For this spine-tingling new collection. Philippa Pearce. herself an award-winning children's writer. has brought together 40 ghost stories to captivate children and adults alike. Beginning with M..

Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians

They come to our aid when we least expect it. and they disappear as soon as their work is done. We all regularly receive messages from our guardian angels and spirit guides but usually fail to recognize them..

Not for Parents Asia

Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher* This is not a guidebook. And it's definitely 'not-for-parents'. It is the real inside story about one of the world's most exciting continents - Asia..

Learning Culture and Language Through ICTS

In general. teaching languages can prove difficult to most without suitable teaching materials and instructors. Fortunately. e-learning courses make student learning of both language and culture easier through information communication technologies..

My Naughty Little Sister's Friends

Dorothy Edwards' classic story about one naughty but very entertaining little sister. It's more trouble from my naughty little sister when she goes exploring a chimney and learns how to make sweets..

Christmas Magic

A festive collection of short stories by No. 1 bestseller. Cathy Kelly. the natural heir to Maeve Binchy. A delicious collection of short stories from the warm Irish storyteller. with several special Christmas-themed ones..

Image and Identity

This book is essentially written as a reference point for the general reader interested in or doing research on the history of Pakistani art. It focuses on painting and sculpture as the two mediums of art in the subcontinent..

Truly Madly Guilty

The new novel from Liane Moriarty. the #1 "New York Times" bestselling author of "The Husband s Secret. Big Little Lies. "and" What Alice Forgot." about how sometimes we don t appreciate how extraordinary our ordinary lives are until it s too late..

Enterprise Interoperability

In a fast changing world governed by innovative Enterprise Services and the Future Internet. the issue of Enterprise Interoperability is no longer limited to the interoperation of systems within a single company..

The Mirror of Kong Ho

Ernest Bramah (1868-1942) was an English author of considerable repute in his day. In total Bramah published 21 books and numerous short stories and features. His humorous works were ranked with Jerome K Jerome..

Language, Identity and Study Abroad

A growing number of foreign language students are taking part in study and residence abroad programs but what actually happens when they cross cultures in an unfamiliar land..

One Medicine

There is a saying "he is a person who can charm the birds from the trees." This might well be applied to Kurt Benirschke. Indeed. it describes both his warm personality and his intimate interaction with nature..

First Jigsaws Jonah

Develop storytelling skills with these colorful puzzles that feature illustrations by Chris Embleton-Hall. Each box includes six jigsaw puzzles (four 3-piece and two 6-piece) that can be put together to tell the story or mixed up to make an out of order story..

The Call of the Ice

* Adventure memoir from a renowned winter climber at the top of his game * Moro reflects on some of his most significant climbs * A bestseller in Italy. this is the first English-language edition of Moro's story Simone Moro is a celebrated Italian alpinist who specializes in winter climbing: He holds the record for first winter ascents of 8000-meter peaks--Shisha Pangma..

In His Majesty's Service

The first three books in the award-winning. "New York Times"-bestselling Temeraire series--"His Majesty's Dragon. Throne of Jade." and "Black Powder War"--along with an original Temeraire short story are collected in this omnibus volume..

Cook Chinese with Chef KT

Chef KT ran a private fine dining restaurant. an is often featured in Asian newspapers and magazines. He is now also a familiar voice on radio. sharing innovative recipes and his inspiration behind them on his radio show..

Time's Dark Laughter

"Time's Dark Laughter" finds Joshua and his friends alive. but not well. three years after the calamitous rescue in Book I. Beauty's wife Rose disappears again. this time drawn compulsively to others of her kind--those with connecting ports implanted in their brains by the Queen's minions..

The Obsession

The riveting new novel from the #1 "New York Times" bestselling author of "The Liar."

" She stood in the deep. dark woods. breath shallow and cold prickling over her skin despite the hot. heavy air..

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

This volume completes the acclaimed Clarendon Edition of the Novels of the Brontes. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Anne Bronte's second (and last) novel. was published in June 1848. less than a year before her death..

Frankie's Kangaroo Caper

Frankie and his team love playing football. There's always time for a game. And now that they have their magical football they're playing against teams they never imagined..

The Audacity of Hope

The Audacity of Hope is Barack Obama's call for a new kind of politics--a politics that builds upon those shared understandings that pull us together as Americans. Lucid in his vision of America's place in the world..

Wolf Moon

This is a new brand of Werewolf carves a bloody rampage into this collection of Wolf Moon. How do you hunt a werewolf if a different person becomes the monster with every cycle of the moon..

Out of the Frame : The Struggle for Academic Freedom in Israel

Even before he wrote his bestselling book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. historian Ilan Pappe was a controversial figure in Israel. In Out of the Frame. he gives a full account of his break with conventional Israeli scholarship and its consequences..

One Poem at a Time

Edwin Arlington Robinsona (TM)s Richard Cory
Edwin Arlington Robinsona (TM)s Miniver Cheevy
A.E. Housmana (TM)s I to My Perils
Gerard Manley Hopkinsa (TM) As Kingfishers Catch Fire

Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty

Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty explores the religious freedom implications of defining marriage to include same-sex couples. It represents the only comprehensive..

Rapid Maths

Rapid Maths offers personalised learning support and repeated practise through books and software to help low-attaining children catch up in maths. Founded on proven teaching strategies and written by expert author Rose Griffiths..

The Shelters of Stone

The Shelters of Stone opens as Ayla and Jondalar. along with their animal friends. Wolf. Whinney. and Racer. complete their epic journey across Europe and are greeted by Jondalar's people: the Zelandonii..

Sensitive Matter

Life would not exist without sensitive. or soft. matter. All biological structures depend on it. including red blood globules. lung fluid. and membranes. So do industrial emulsions. gels. plastics. liquid crystals..

Short History of New Zealand

This highly regarded book has been in print since 2004 and has proved popular with tourists. students and ordinary New Zealanders as a lively and reliable short history of New Zealand. It has proved a handy and succinct alternative to bigger books such as Michael King's The Penguin History of New Zealand..

Cycles of Time

From the best-selling author of "The Emperor s New Mind" and "The Road to Reality. " a groundbreaking book that provides new views on three of cosmology s most profound questions: What..

No Time Like the Past

Jodi Taylor's best-selling series The Chronicles of St Mary is back with a bang...St Mary's has been rebuilt and it's business as usual for the History department..

Schnitzel Von Krumm Forget-me-not

Another story about Schnitzel von Krumm. the dog 'with the very low tum'. Schnitzel's family are packing for a holiday but Schnitzel can't help snuffling around bags and getting under feet..

The Disinherited Majority

Thomas Piketty's blockbuster 2014 book. Capital in the 21st Century. may prove to be a game-changer. one of those rare books such as Friedan's The Feminine Mystique. which helped spark a new feminist movement..

Light Your Fire

Science has verified what Ayurveda has known since ancient times. that what we eat and how we eat. affects our health in drastic ways. Apply the principles of this ancient science to ignite your digestion..

The Little Washer of Sorrows

The collection's opening story "Captcha" begins with a perfect wife - mathematical genius and Kokanee beer model Margo - sending her husband Pete off to work before setting about her household chores..

City of Glory

Set against the dramatic backdrop of America's second war for independence. Beverly Swerling's gripping and intricately plotted sequel to the much-loved City of Dreams plunges deep into the crowded streets of old New York..

Classic Sailing Yachts

A well-built sailing vessel is a thing to behold. regarded for centuries - by both sailor and landlubber alike - as a sight so magnificent as to rival the light of the moon or the form of a beautiful woman..

A Study in Charlotte

The first book in a witty. suspenseful new trilogy about a brilliant new crime-solving duo: the teen descendants of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. This clever page-turner will appeal to fans of Maureen Johnson and Ally Carter..

Baby Animals Flap Book (Flap Books) [Board book]

It's springtime and there are lots of baby animals on the farm. Children will love lifting the flaps to discover the animals' hiding places. The text is specially written to encourage interactivity..

APA Style Simplified

This is a compact but comprehensive guide to writing clearly and effectively in APA style. * Demonstrates how to write objective scientific research papers using interesting prose * Incorporates guidelines from the 6th edition of the APA publication manual * Explores how to develop ideas..

Film After Film

In this sly and thought-provoking essay. Village Voice film critic J. Hoberman suggests that it's possible to speak of a distinctive twenty-first century cinema. only a decade into the new millennium..

The Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain

Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer Stauch explores the latest findings that demonstrate how the middle-aged brain is more flexible and capable than previously thought..

Read Write Inc. Phonics

These exciting CD-ROMs offer teachers an alternative and motivating route through the reading and writing activities of Read Write Inc Phonics. The software activities are loyal to the RWI Phonics method so the focus and pace is maintained..

Ashes (Ashes Trilogy)

An electromagnetic pulse flashes across the sky. destroying every electronic device. wiping out every computerized system. and killing billions. Alex hiked into the woods to say good-bye to her dead parents and her personal demons..

The World Engine

A planet-sizedsuper weapon. the World Engine must be stopped before it destroys all in its path.A full Space Marine Chapter is given the seemingly impossible task of destroying it..

India Policy Forum 2008-2009

"India Policy Forum 2008-09" (Volume 5) comprises papers and highlights of the discussions from the fifth India Policy Forum (IPF) conference. held on July 15-16..


It's time we got to know a little more about the Chinese. Did you know they don't eat soup. they drink it. That their surnames come before their first names..

The Ugglys Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van

Dunk your dogs in the tub or sit them down on the toilet for some gross sounds. This is one of the grossest vans in the land. Van includes one Uggly Pet figurine. It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it..

Panic in a Suitcase

A dazzling debut novel about a Russian immigrant family living in Brooklyn and their struggle to learn the new rules of the American Dream. In this account of two decades in the life of an immigrant household..

An Ethnography of the Neolithic

Archaeological research in Sweden and Denmark has uncovered a startling array of evidence over the last 150 years. but until now there has been no comprehensive synthesis and interpretation of the material..

A Visit to Mount Athos

Seventy years ago. when the Second World War came to an end. Mount Athos monks had rescued and sheltered many Allied Troops. who were left behind during the disorderly retreat of their forces in front of the Nazi onslaught..

An Iranian Metamorphosis

L.A. Times Book Prize Finalist (Graphic Novel/Comics) 2014 Cartoonist Studio Prize Shortlist 2014 Can a children's cartoon cause riots. One of Mana Neyestani's cartoons sparked riots..

Pathology PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 13th Edition

PreTest is the closest you can get to seeing the USMLE Step 1 before you take it. 500 USMLE-type questions and answers. "This book is a wonderful resource for second year medical students taking pathology as well as medical students in their clinical years..

Rifted Clouds, or the Life Story of Bella Cooke

Excerpt from Rifted Clouds. or the Life Story of Bella Cooke: A Record of Loving Kindness and Tender Mercies Records of the dealings of God with His people form a large part of the Sacred Volume..

The Golden Rules Of Bridge

In bridge. there are thousands of rules. guidelines. and understandings - but which are golden. Many players enjoy their game without knowing some of the most significant underlying facts about the game..

Princeton Readings in Religion and Violence

This groundbreaking anthology provides the most comprehensive overview for understanding the fascinating relationship between religion and violence - historically. culturally. and in the contemporary world..

Jewish Tales of Mystic Joy

Filling the need for mysticism and spirituality. this is a collection of Jewish stories which draws on a beautiful view of life filled with the potential for bliss..

Sizes (Sticker Fun)

This title comes with over 50 reusable stickers. You can see which things are the same size. compare big and little things. thick and thin things. long and short things. wide and narrow things - and have fun spotting things that are completely the wrong size..

Survival Kit for Overseas Living

This handbook provides readers with straightforward information on the potential perils of moving to a new country. such as culture shock. stereotyping. misperceptions and misunderstandings. and provides the tools needed to overcome these obstacles and prepare for a rewarding experience..

Restauracao Digital : Do Inicio Ao Fim

Digital Restoration: Start to Finish 2nd edition guides you step-by-step through the entire process of restoring old photographs and repairing new ones using Adobe Photoshop. Picture Window. and now Elements..


In this riveting inside account of his life in rock-and-roll band Aerosmith. Joe Perry opens up for the first time to tell the story of his wild. unbridled life as the band's lead guitarist. He delves deep into his volatile..

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

A sequel to "Brown Bear. Brown Bear. What Do You See.". Bill Martin's playful story combining animals. colours and sounds. is beautifully illustrated by Eric Carle. A simple rhythmic text introduces the reader to a menagerie of wild animals from a roaring lion to a fluting flamingo and a trumpeting elephant..

Basketry and Weaving

Excerpt from Basketry and Weaving In the last decade. it has been demonstrated beyond question that industrial art may be introduced into the schools without in the least lessening their efficiency in intellectual training..

Photos - Digital

Our 3-panel (6-page) guide is a must-have for everyone who accumulates images on their digital cameras and then says. Now what do I do Whether a novice at digital photography or a diehard shutterbug. every reader is sure to appreciate the wealth of information and professional tips showcased in our handy..


"Call me Ishmael". So begins Moby-Dick. Herman Melville's epic account of the last voyage of the ill-fated whaling ship Pequod. and its captain's obsessive pursuit of the legendary white whale that maimed him years before..