Mensch Und Gott

Diese Hardcover-Ausgabe ist Teil der TREDITION CLASSICS. Der Verlag tredition aus Hamburg veroffentlicht in der Buchreihe TREDITION CLASSICS Werke aus mehr als zwei Jahrtausenden. Diese waren zu einem Grossteil vergriffen oder nur noch antiquarisch erhaltlich..

The Search for the Twelve Apostles

Simon Peter. Andrew. James the son of Zebedee. John. Philip. Bartholomew. Thomas. Matthew. James the son of Alphaeus. Jude. Simon. Judas. and Matthias-what happened to the men who answered Jesus' call to follow him..

Taking the Lead on Adolescent Literacy

Directly linked with overall student achievement. graduation rates. and success in higher education. literacy is essential for reaching academic goals in a school or county. Adolescent literacy has become the focus of many school improvement efforts to meet the needs of secondary and high school students..

NIV Thinline Zippered Collection Bible

Lightweight. Functional. Ready to travel. Whether you re going to church. heading to work. or touring the globe. the NIV Thinline Bible zippered edition is ready to go with you..

Eleanor Rathbone and the Politics of Conscience

When women demanded the vote in the years before the First World War. they promised to use political rights to remake their country and their world. This is the story of the woman who best fulfilled that pledge..

Beauty Unlimited

Emphasizing the human body in all of its forms. Beauty Unlimited expands the boundaries of what is meant by beauty both geographically and aesthetically. Peg Zeglin Brand and an international group of contributors interrogate the body and the meaning of physical beauty in this multidisciplinary volume..


The material is presented in a newly revised. easier to study format and inlcudes MLA's latest guidelines. Conversations between Dana Gioia and celebrated fiction writer Amy Tan..

Mental Health and Illness

This book is unique in that it specifically addresses the concerns that counsellors and psychotherapists may have about the mental health of their clients..


Excerpt from Taxation: A Problem Questions of state and local taxation- questions of how revenue shall be raised to pay state and municipal expenses. are of great importance. There is a country-wide cry for tax reform but no two persons agree upon what the reforms shall be..

Refashioning Pop Music in Asia

Examining the cultural. political. economic. technological and institutional aspects of popular music throughout Asia. this book is the first comprehensive analysis of Asian popular music and its cultural industries..


Another thrilling courtroom drama from the internationally bestselling author of BALANCE OF POWER When the body of eleven-year-old Thuy Sen is found in San Francisco Bay. the police swiftly charge Rennell and Payton Price with her grisly murder..

STEM Roominate 3-in-1 Helicopter

The Roominate 3-in-1 Helicopter makes flying to another land or cruising under the sea a possibility. By wiring a spinning propeller with the included motor and connecting the design pieces. girls can create their dream helicopter..

Vincent River (Modern Plays)

Davey has seen something he can't forget. Anita has been forced to flee her home. These two have never met. Tonight their paths cross with devastating consequences. Thrilling. heartbreaking and darkly humorous by turns..

Rango: The Novel

This is a junior novelization of "Rango". Paramount's animated family feature film starring Johnny Depp. releasing Spring 2011. It is suitable for children aged up to 6 years old. An unlikely chameleon hero saves the day in this hilarious novelization of "Rango"..

Rimaldas Viksraitis

Slightly insane and wonderfully surreal Martin Parr Rimaldas Viksraitiss images of abandonment in deepest rural Lithuania mix reportage and voyeurism to surreal and disturbing effect..

Wet Silence

"Sweta Vikram captures bold raw passion. poignant reality and crafts a powerful voice for the voiceless." --Kate Campbell Stevenson. Actor


Excerpt from Alaskana: Or Alaska in Descriptive and Legendary Poems After Having made a tour in Alaska and beholding the beauties that are spread through its water-ways..

The Indian Clerk

This critically acclaimed and emotionally charged novel about the strange and ultimately tragic relationship between an esteemed British mathematician and an unknown and unschooled mathematical genius is historical fiction at its best: ambitious..

Toward the Goal

'I learned that it is faith that decides whether something will happen or not.' At the age of eight. Kaka already knew what he wanted in life: to play soccer and only soccer..


When does a few ounces of hair come to feel like the weight of the world. When an employer fires a black woman for wearing a cultural hairstyle that is "unprofessional". and she has to go to court to plead for her job..


This extraordinary memoir begins with Don Walker's early life in rural Australia and ends in the late '80s. In mesmerising prose. Walker evokes childhood and youth. wild times in the '70s. life on the road and in Kings Cross..

The Black Dagger Brotherhood : An Insider's Guide

"New York Times" bestselling author J.R. Ward delivers a behind-the-scenes look at her .to die for.(" Publishers Weekly") Black Dagger Brotherhood series.and a brand-new short story starring Zsadist and Bella..

The Hardness Factor

Have a strong. enhanced sex life in as little as 4 days. This is a revolutionary book which will allow men to be potent. confident and healthy too. The book leads you through a 6 week programme..

Love in the Present Tense

Mitch is a 25-year-old with commitment issues. Leonard is a five-year-old kid with asthma and vision problems. who captivates everyone he meets. Pearl is Leonard's teenage mother. who's trying to hide a violent secret from her past..

Year of the Rooster

Johnny Means used to make a living. Now he has a Life. Sick and tired of the revolving door. the same old jobs. the same feeling of faceless anonymity at work. the mind numbing grind. Johnny is in the mood for mutiny..

Starting Out with C

Tony Gaddis's accessible. step-by-step presentation helps beginning students understand the important details necessary to become skilled programmers at an introductory level..

Tales of the Great Beasts

In the world of Erdas. there's a story of four noble animals who sacrificed everything to protect their homes from the ambitions of a mad king. Briggan the Wolf. Uraza the Leopard. Jhi the Panda and Essix the Falcon..

Veterinary Obstetrics

Excerpt from Veterinary Obstetrics: A Compendium for the Use of Students and Practitioners In offering this little volume to the Veterinary Profession of America. it is not my desire to encourage the student in the neglect of the more voluminous works on Veterinary Obstetrics..

Mexico and Central America

This title is intended for ages 8-12. This multicultural activity book celebrates the myriad cultures of Mexico and Central America and their shared ancient Aztec and Mayan roots..

William Shakespeare's Attack of the Clones

The popular. NYT best-selling Elizabethan/sci-fi mashup series continues. with a Shakespearean take on the second Star Wars prequel. Attack of the Clones. When the best-selling William Shakespeare's Star Wars presented the classic George Lucas film in the form of an Elizabethan drama..

Windows 10 for Dummies

The fast and easy way to get up and running with Windows 10

"Windows 10 For Dummies" covers the latest version of Windows and gets you up and running with the changes and new features you'll find in this updated operating system..

The Big Book of Relationship Quizzes

In the bestselling tradition of The Big Book of Personality Tests and The Big Book of Personality Tests for Women. this entertaining and enlightening collection of 100 'write-in' quizzes is designed to help women find out where they stand with current and potential loved ones and how to make those relationships better..

Space Psychology and Psychiatry

Winner of the 2004 IAA Life Sciences Book Award. this book deals with psychological. psychiatric. and psychosocial issues that affect people who live and work in space..

Secret Garden

Tumble down the rabbit hole and find yourself in an inky black-and-white wonderland. This interactive activity book takes you on a ramble through a secret garden created in beautifully detailed pen-and-ink illustrations - all waiting to be brought to life through colouring..

Random Seas and Design of Maritime Structures

Random waves are the most important constituent of the sea environment. as they make the design of maritime structures quite different from that of structures on land. In this book. the concept of random waves for the design of breakwaters..

I Kill Giants

"I Kill Giants" tells the story of Barbara Thorson. an acerbic fifth-grader so consumed with fantasy that she doesn't just tell people that she kills giants with an ancient Norse warhammer -- she starts to believe it herself..

Looseleaf for Deutsch

Deutsch: Na klar. engages students with its unique integration of authentic materials and targeted listening and speaking activities. contemporary culture and communicative building blocks. providing the tools they need to build a solid foundation in introductory German..

Jesus Was a Feminist

The most up-to-date and comprehensive case for the feminist interpretation of Jesus and Christianity ever published. The fruit of decades of research and commitment..

Yes Please

In a perfect world . . .We'd get to hang out with Amy Poehler. watching dumb movies. listening to music. and swapping tales about our coworkers and difficult childhoods. Because in a perfect world..


Ortho-Bionomy is based on the premise that the body inherently knows how to heal and self-correct. given the opportunity. This user-friendly self-help guide by one of the pioneers of the approach presents positions..


Self-help: To millions of Americans it seems like a godsend. To many others it seems like a joke. But as investigative reporter Steve Salerno reveals in this groundbreaking book. it's neither--in fact it's much worse than a joke..

Nothing Left Over

"The ideas in "Nothing Left Over" are seeds bursting with vitality and her book is a primer in grateful living. As you come to know her in a delightful intimacy..

The Science of Getting Rich

The original guide to creating wealth.

With this seminal book. Wallace Wattles popularized the Law of Attraction. the powerful concept that inspired The Secret. The Science of Getting Rich explains how to attract wealth..

Safe in the Shepherd's Arms

Words of comfort and inspiration from "Psalm 23" provide readers with hope to persevere through life's daily challenges. In today's world it can be difficult to feel safe and secure..

The Children of Mu

The Children of Mu follows the lives of three people- one in the present day. a Chinese archaeologist named May-Ling. one from 2000 years ago. a Philosophical Taoist monk. and a third. Mu. a cavewoman of ancient China..

Chinese Walled Cities 221 BC - AD 1644

It has been said in China that a city without a wall would be as inconceivable as a house without a roof. Even the smallest village invariably had some form of defensive wall. while the Great Wall of China was an attempt to build a barrier along the most vulnerable border of the entire country..

Clinical Trial Simulations

This edition includes both updates and new uses and issues concerning CTS. along with case studies of how clinical trial simulations are being applied in various therapeutic and application areas..

Drybread: A Novel

Rich and subtle. this is a compelling novel from one of New Zealand's finest writers.It is a moving study of love and disappointment. of the harm we do to each other. knowingly and unknowingly..

The Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition

'A landmark. bringing together a lifetime's work on Lewis Carroll by writer and mathematician Martin Gardner. He dazzles on Carroll's puzzles and games of logic and entertains on everything from Alice's influence on the Beat poet Jack Kerouac to how mercury in hat linings turned hatters mad..

Reproducing Athens

"Reproducing Athens" examines the role of romantic comedy. particularly the plays of Menander. in defending democratic culture and transnational polis culture against various threats during the initial and most fraught period of the Hellenistic Era..

Civil Sociality

A volume in Education Policy in Practice: Critical Cultural Studies Series Editors Bradley A. U. Levinson. and Margaret Sutton. Indiana University Sally Anderson's book on sport..

Frozen : A Tale of Two Sisters

Walt Disney Animation Studios presents an epic tale of adventure and comedy with "Frozen." When a prophecy traps a kingdom in eternal winter. Anna. a young dreamer. must team up with Kristoff..

Pencak Silat

This is a complete presentation of the principles and applications of one of the most effective martial arts styles. written by one of the most sought-after Silat masters of all time..

Every Second Something Happens

Poems that tickle all of a young reader's senses. Children create order in their world by relying on their five senses and their experiences. In this engaging anthology..

The Natural History of Fear


The Locket

This is a true story of a Fallen Soldier in Operation Iraqi Freedom in June 2007. Starting as a small country boy. Scott Alan Miller grew to become a soldier with the US Army..

Kiss of a Demon King

For centuries. Rydstrom. fallen king of the Rage Demons. has fought to seize his crown. never relenting. until he is tricked into the lair of a exquisite enchantress. If she can tempt him to her bed..

Cirque Du Freak

With the whole town on their tail. not to mention the vampaneze. Darren. Mr. Crepsley. and Vancha flee. Realizing that they cannot outrun their pursuers. the vampires instead brace themselves for the onslaught and prepare for a deadly battle..

Lego Galaxy

LEGO(r) Galaxy comes with complete instructions as to how to build your favorite spaceship. droid or space statio.


The best writers of our generation retell classic tales.From Sir Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene to E. M. Forster's "The Machine Stops." literature is filled with sexy. deadly. and downright twisted tales..

Origin of Species and the Voyage of the 'Beagle'

[Illustrated jacket] Introduced by Richard Dawkins. Easily the most influential book published in the nineteenth century. Darwin's "The Origin of Species" is also that most unusual phenomenon..

Shift Your Mind

This is Chandler's highly anticipated sequel to his bestselling book Fearless. In its pages he dramatically unveils all the processes and techniques he uses with his clients (and himself) to produce the mind shifts that lead to happiness..

The Serpent King

"The Serpent King" is a book you won t be able to resist or forget. The Southern boy in me savored every syllable and the reader in me fell in love with every page. John Corey Whaley. National Book Award finalist and Printz Award winner

Dill has had to wrestle with vipers his whole life at home..

Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language: Years 3

These Progress Tests. developed by Ruth Miskin. provide engaging resources to consolidate and assess grammar and punctuation. reading comprehension and writing for Years 2 to 6. This handbook is for Years 3

Five Came Back

The extraordinary wartime experience of five of Hollywood's most important directors. all of whom put their stamp on World War II and were changed by it forever Here is the remarkable..


In a theological study of Mozart's music. Kung discusses the composer's Catholic background--something that. surprisingly. has hardly been treated by scholars--and reveals..

Fokker Dr 1 Aces of World War I

Undoubtedly the most famous fighter type to see service on either side during World War I. the Fokker Dr I was a revelation when it entered service on the western front in 1917..


Times change...Romana is approaching her final term of office. and hopes to leave her world in a state of peace and harmony. Narvin is concerned about the implementation of a controversial Precog programme..

The Caspian Gates (Warrior of Rome

And Ephesus. the metropolis of the Eastern Empire. lies in ruins. shattered by a mighty earthquake. Its citizens live in fear as the mob overwhelms the city. baying for blood to avenge the gods who have punished them..

Four Letter Word

An inspired collection of new fiction from some of today's most celebrated writers. exploring the charm. potency and seductive powers of a classic genre . . . the love letter. When did you last receive a love letter..

CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide [With CDROM]

A complete. up-to-date revision of the leading CISSP training resource from the #1 name in IT security certification and training. Shon Harris Fully revised for the latest release of the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam..

Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring is becoming an extremely popular pastime. Coloring books are excellent for those who like to while away the time working with colors and patterns. Baby boomers and seniors find that when hospitalized or feeling stressed coloring books fill in the time in an enjoyable and creative way..

The Reaper

From a place you will not see. comes a sound you will not hear ...Groundbreaking. thrilling and revealing. The Reaper tells the incredible true story of the legendary Nicholas Irving. and his journey from wayward Maryland kid to the 3rd Ranger Battalion's deadliest Master Sniper..


Konstantin Stanislavsky transformed theatre in the West and was indisputably one of the twentieth century's greatest innovators. His life and work mark some of the most significant artistic and political milestones of that tumultuous century..

The Disorderly Knights

The third volume in "The Lymond Chronicles." the highly renowned series of historical novels by Dorothy Dunnett. Disorderly Knights takes place in 1551. when Francis Crawford of Lymond is dispatched to embattled Malta..

Principles and Methods of Social Research

Used to train generations of social scientists. this thoroughly updated classic text covers the latest research techniques and designs. Applauded for its comprehensive coverage. the breadth and depth of content is unparalleled..


Emil. the unwanted child of two young parents. is adopted by Yoel and Leah. a childless couple. Yet. as the years pass. it becomes clear that Emil doesn't bear much resemblance to the parents who've loved and raised him..

The Rand Security Cooperation Prioritization and Propensity Matching Tool

Recent RAND research identified practices and contextual factors associated with greater or lesser degrees of success in security cooperation. A related diagnostic tool maximizes the utility of these analyses and can help defense planners identify potential mismatches between security cooperation funding..

New Zealand Seaweeds

New Zealand Seaweeds is the first photographic identification guide to New Zealand's unique marine algae. by the country's pre-eminent seaweed expert Wendy Nelson..

The Savage God

Using the untimely death of the poet and friend. Sylvia Plath. as a point of departure. Al Alvarez confronts the controversial and often taboo area of human behaviour: suicide..

Advanced Circuit Training

There are around 60.000 qualified gym instructors and personal trainers in the UK alone. with several thousand more qualifying each year. The Register of Exercise Professionals' (REPs) Level 3 qualification is seen as the principal goal for all instructors..

The March of the Twenty-six

Between the years 1804 and 1815. Napoleon created twenty-six Marshals of France. These men. who held the highest positions in the Empire after Napoleon himself. came from very diverse backgrounds and ranged from a smuggler to a Prince..

The Way to Stay in Destiny

From the author of the acclaimed GLORY BE. a novel that celebrates baseball. fast piano. and small-town living in the wake of the Vietnam War.When Theo gets off a bus in Destiny..

Rick Steves' Best of Europe

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when planning a Grand Tour of Europe. In this guide. Rick covers the best of Austria. Belgium..

The Way I Used to Be

In the tradition of "Speak. "this extraordinary debut novel shares the unforgettable story of a young woman as she struggles to find strength in the aftermath of an assault.

Eden was always good at being good..

Pandemic -Contagion Game

You are the disease. There is no cure. For too long has the human race assaulted diseases. For too long has mankind found cure and other means to eradicate them from the planet. Now. the diseases are fighting back and humanity doesn't stand a chance..

Mega Brain

The classic book that revolutionized the "mind tech" industry is finally available in low cost Kindle edition. Scientists have learned more about the brain in the last decade than in all of previous history..

Panic in a Suitcase

A dazzling debut novel about a Russian immigrant family living in Brooklyn and their struggle to learn the new rules of the American Dream. In this account of two decades in the life of an immigrant household..

Call Me Russell

In this candid memoir. Peters chronicles his life from humble beginnings as a bullied kid from an immigrant family to becoming one of the world's most beloved. top-earning comics..

Fantasy Art of Frazetta Calendar

Acknowledged as the Master of Fantasy Art. Frank Frazetta is one of the most influential fantasy and science fiction artists of the 20th century. His paintings of full-figured heroines..