Under the Wide and Starry Sky

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER At the age of thirty-five. Fanny van de Grift Osbourne has left her philandering husband in San Francisco to set sail for Belgium to study art. with her three children and nanny in tow..

Land of Fright - Collection II

Land of Fright - Collection II is the second collection of horror short stories in the Land of Fright series of short horror stories. Land of Fright Collection II includes these ten horror short stories: #11 - Special Announcement: A fraud investigator discovers the disturbing truth behind the messages on a community announcement board..

The Upright Thinkers

A few million years ago. our ancestors came down from the trees and began to stand upright. freeing our hands to create tools and our minds to grapple with the world around us. Leonard Mlodinow takes us on a passionate and inspiring tour through the exciting history of human progress and the key events in the development of science..

My Highland Lover

Maeve Greyson unleashes a thrilling tale of magic and desire as a feisty Southern gal falls into the arms of a rough-hewn Highland chieftain. As the proprietor of a homeopathic store in rural Kentucky..

Behavioral Emergencies

A behavioral emergency is defined as a situation in which a client presents as being at imminent risk of behaving in a way that could result in serious harm or death to self or others. Discerning a behavioral emergency requires careful evaluation..

Mary of Nazareth

The ancient world and its politics come to life through the eyes of a young Jewish woman. Mary of Nazareth. in this work based on extensive historical and biblical scholarship..

Merriman's Assessment of the Lower Limb

Merriman's Assessment of the Lower Limb has established itself through two editions as the benchmark text book of lower limb examination and assessment. The third edition preserves the lucidity..

Dark Discoveries - Issue #30

All new Fiction by: Storm Constantine. Scott Edelman. Ray Garton. John Everson. D. Harlan Wilson. Erinn L. Kemper and Cecilia Tan Interviews with: Cecilia Tan..

Bangers to Bacon

There is no doubt about it - New Zealanders love their sausages. whether it's the good old kiwi-style banger from the school sausage sizzle. the gourmet venison sausages from the local butcher..

Harrap's Everyday French and English Dictionary

Get the meaning of everyday French from the leading brand in bilingual dictionaries worldwide Whether it's for travel. work. or study. Harrap's Everyday French and English Dictionary gives you instant access to thousands of essential terms you're likely to encounter on the street or in the media..

Harry's War

`I saw several fellows fall. one fellow coughing up blood and all the time. bullets were hacking about me. I ran for about 70 yards carrying with me all the Lewis gun things I had brought up and dropped breathless into a shell hole headlong onto a German who had been dead for months..

Sewing Happiness

Happiness sells. inspired to succeed at just one thing. the author vowed to sew all of her daughter's clothes (and most of her own) for one year. This is the story of that year and how doing one thing right inspired her to cultivate many happy habits..

Ruthless (Scott

A community on the brink. An abandoned chapel burns. In this part of Manchester. destruction is not unusual. But this time. the body of a man lies inside..

Bringing the House Down

David Profumo was just seven when his father. who had been Secretary of State for War. resigned from the Macmillan government. Despite the furore and humiliation that followed. his parents famously stayed together - and now..

Wiley CPAexcel Exam Review 2015 Study Guide July

"I wanted to say I bought just the four books by Wiley for each CPA section and took all 4 parts of the exam in May. I studied for about half a year. and I PASSED ALL 4 PARTS ON THE FIRST TRY..

Home, Sweet Home, Vol. 1 of 3

Excerpt from Home. Sweet Home. Vol. 1 of 3: A Novel A Large. old-fashioned. rambling white house. with red-tiled roof. standing high up on the side of a steep green hill- a background of dark fir-trees crowning that hill..

The Gangster

Isaac Bell is back in this thrilling new novel from the #1"New York Times" bestselling grand master of adventure Clive Cussler.

It is 1906. and in New York City..

Why I Get Into Trouble

The "I Really Need to Know" series takes a fun look at some of the things we can understand about being God's children. By looking back at Adam and Eve. and their encounter with the snake..

There Ain't No Black in the Union Jack

This classic book is a powerful indictment of contemporary attitudes to race. By accusing British intellectuals and politicians on both sides of the political divide of refusing to take race seriously..

What Is Discourse Analysis?

"What is discourse analysis." is an accessible introduction to an empirical research approach which is widely used in the social sciences and related disciplines.This book explores the idea of how meaning is socially constructed and how 'talk' and text can be interpreted..

Critical ELT in Action

Uniquely bridging theory and practice. this text introduces and overviews the various domains associated with the term critical pedagogy in the field of TESOL/ELT. Critical pedagogy addresses concepts..

Chidi Only Likes Blue

Nneka's little brother Chidi is always saying his favourite colour is blue. Could it be that he just doesn't know any others. Nneka decides to teach him nine colours seen in their village. from pink flowers and the yellow gari they eat to Great-Uncle's red cap and Mother's gold jewellery - a rainbow palette..

Merkabah Rider

THE CONCLUSION OF THE ACCLAIMED WEIRD WESTERN SERIES. For years the Rider. one of the last of an ancient Jewish order of astral travelers. has sought his renegade teacher Adon across the demon haunted American west..

The Mother of Parliaments

Excerpt from The Mother of Parliaments The history of England's Parliament is the history of the English people. To the latter it must consequently prove a source of never-failing interest..

The Cherry Orchard

Mamet discusses the real theme of Chekhov's play and presents his own version of the story in which a Russian aristocratic family is forced to sell its estate to the son of a peasant..

101 Science Games

Supplementary science books not only interest and excite young students. but also stimulate their interest in the subject. This exciting book shows you how to have fun with "101 Science Games"..

Smashing Saxons

Readers can discover all the foul facts about the Smashing Saxons. including who got cow pats as Christmas presents. why wearing a pig on your head is lucky and how to make a dead Saxon happy..

To Complete the Jigsaw

From tragic beginnings at Crimea to the groundbreaking work of the First World War. To Complete the Jigsaw traces the development of British military intelligence and the role it played in supplying vital information to the war effort..

Phenomenological Approaches to Sport

The study of sport is often thought of simply in terms of the sport sciences. This book explains how a phenomenological approach is capable of revealing the nature and meanings of sport in ways that are beyond the reach of the sciences and how the very concepts required by sport science stand in need of philosophical explanation..

Wells Rosemary : Shy Charles (Giant)

Charles is as happy as a clam--and about as talkative as one. But faced with a genuine emergency. this mousiest of mice proves that silent types are sometimes the biggest heroes of them all..

Gray's Anatomy

An unabridged edition of "Gray's Anatomy". the scientific and artistic triumph. Kept in print by its clarity and usefulness. the text features sumptuous illustrations and clear..

Benjamin Franklin [With Book]

Graphic novels arent just for superheroes. Benjamin Franklin has been plucked from history books and his life and accomplishments have been depicted in informative nonfiction graphic novels.

This item is Non-Returnable..

Show Time (Animal Rescue Team

The squirrels at Mt. Mercy College are getting "too" friendly--they're frightening the students. making the nuns jumpy . . . and they're super messy. It's time to call the Animal Rescue Team..

Courtier to Death

Eight years ago Rene Tessier was at the height of his fame. Now the once-celebrated film star frequents less reputable Parisian cafes. That is until young producer Julian Lane plans to star Tessier in his latest production with the promise of millions..

Mansfield Park

Poor Fanny Price. raised by her aunt and uncle and growing up with her four cousins. is always treated as if she doesn't measure up. The only one who seems to appreciate her is her cousin Edmund ..

Frameworks for Learning and Development

Written to support delivery of units in the Diploma of Children's Services. this text explores children's development. and the skills and philosophies needed to design programs for individual children and groups..

Making Birdhouses

Easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams for building dozens of attractive. practical birdhouses - from a one-room house for bluebirds to a forty-two-room structure for purple martins. Also contains a supplement with easy projects for novices..

Whiskey: What to Drink Next

As the popularity of whiskey grows. more and more connoisseurs seek to unlock its mysteries and better understand its myriad styles and tastes. This new whiskey audience. as well as the aficionados..

War Room [Large Print]

Bill Belichick is one of the titans of today's game of football. Now. sports commentator and bestselling author Michael Holley follows three NFL teams--the New England Patriots. Kansas City Chiefs. and Atlanta Falcons--from training camp 2010 through the Super Bowl and into the April draft..

My Own Leaptop

Personalize pretend computer play with My Own Leaptop?. Choose and download songs for a custom playlist. explore 6 learning activity stations and personalize emails for your child to enjoy..

The Liverpool Underworld

In the nineteenth century Liverpool gained an unenviable reputation as the most crime-ridden place in the country. Dock theft. alcohol-related crime. prostitution..

Where Is My Tiara?

Nested within each page of this storybook is another door leading to more of the story and revealing more of Sofia's world

Princess Sofia has a problem--her tiara is missing She can't show up to her father's ball without it But with helpers like Clover..


"Writing: A Guide for College and Beyond" uses written instruction and visual tools to teach students how to read. write. and research effectively for different purposes..

Nothing Greater, Nothing Better

The love of God is arguably the most central doctrine of the Christian faith. and yet. remarkably. the subject of God's love has not received the attention it deserves. In Nothing Greater. Nothing Better an international team of distinguished theologians and biblical scholars admirably fills this need..

Polar First

In May 2007. Jennifer Murray (68) and her co-pilot Colin Bodill (57) set a new world record by becoming the first pilots to fly a round-trip from Pole to Pole - in a Bell 407 helicopter..

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer

"Fresh and funny... St. John has crafter a winner." --Tony Horwitz. author of "Confederates in the Attic" In the life of every sports fan. there comes a moment of reckoning..

Drawn from the Ground

Sand stories from Central Australia are a traditional form of Aboriginal women's verbal art that incorporates speech. song. sign. gesture and drawing. Small leaves and other objects may be used to represent story characters..

Passing the National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT)

This Third Edition provides a comprehensive and fully up to date guide for all those preparing to sit the National Admissions Test for Law. It has been thoroughly revised to take account of the recent changes to the test and to reflect the latest advice and guidance relevant for candidates..

Essential Oils

This book explores the properties. benefits and uses of Essential Oils. The author discusses the sources of Essential Oils and gives insight into the reasons why these oils are fast-acting and the best natural method of quickly alleviating the discomfort associated with certain medical disorders..


CLASSIC MUMMY NOVEL "BEST STORY OF ITS KIND." WROTE LIN CARTER. SHE WAS REBORN AFTER THREE THOUSAND YEARS. First-Ever Reprint of 1940s Golden Age Pulp Magazine Horror Novel. Here is a shuddersome treat for lovers of classic mummy stories and classic mummy movies..

Midnight in Death/Interlude in Death

Revenge. courage and murky pasts collide in these two exclusive J. D. Robb short stories. Midnight in Death Eve's name has made a Christmas list. but it's not for being naughty or nice..

Uncanny X-Men by Kieron Gillen 4

AVX tie-in The X-Men make their stand against the forces of Sinister in the culmination of everything the mad geneticist has planned since UNCANNY #1 Then..

How to Babysit a Grandpa

A "New York Times" bestselling picture book--from the creators of the hilariousHOW TO... series--about a child spending time with his grandpa. Written in a how-to style. the narrator gives important tips for "babysitting" a grandpa..


Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing. Compact Edition is founded on the principles of writing about literature. It is not an afterthought and it is not treated as a separate chapter or appendix- but rather..

Less of A Stranger

This classic by #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts proves that when love is meant to be. nothing can stop it. There's no way Megan Miller is going to fall for David Katcherton - no matter how handsome or intriguing he is..

Never the Twain Shall Meet

Against the background of 1960s London and Australia and the Middle East in the 1980s two friends at university. Maggie and Hugh are drawn to each other from first meeting. Many years later. Maggie's hopes of a more intimate relationship revive..

Myth and Thought Among the Greeks

This is a classic work that rereads questions of "muthos" and "logos" in multifaceted contexts. When Jean-Pierre Vernant first published "Myth and Thought among the Greeks" in 1965..

The Ethics Project in Legal Education

This book discusses the teaching of 'legal ethics'. arguing that the current formal rules governing lawyers are inadequate. as true engagement with ethical issues requires lawyers to exercise judgment..

The Truth of the Matter

Widowed years before by her husband Warren's early death in an icy morning car crash. Agnes Scofield has grown into a woman of fierce and unconquerable independence. It is the 1940s in Washburn..

Sacred Space

Prayer is the raising of our hearts and minds to God. We are able to speak to and listen to God because He teaches us to pray. Prayer is also one way we can recognize and respond to God s presence..

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has mountains. white beaches. plunging waterfalls. tropical islands. and cool green jungles where monkeys will lope right up to within camera range. In this land of breathtaking natural beauty..

Paolina's Innocence

In the summer of 1785. in the city of Venice. a wealthy 60-year-old man was arrested and accused of a scandalous offense: having sexual relations with the 8-year-old daughter of an impoverished laundress..

Corpus Linguistics

Throughout history. linguists and literary scholars have been impelled by curiosity about particular linguistic or literary phenomena to seek to observe them in action in original texts..

Meditations (Dover Thrift S.)

Stirring reflections on the human condition from a warrior and emperor provide a fascinating glimpse into the mind and personality of a highly principled Roman of the 2nd century. Recognizing that suffering is at the core of life..

Collins School - Collins Spanish School Dictionary

A pocket-sized Spanish reference for secondary school students looking for a dictionary that is modern. up-to-date. clear and easy to use. Developed for home study. and to be used in the classroom..

The Governors of New South Wales

This book contains biographical accounts of all 37 Governors of New South Wales from Arthur Phillip in 1788 to Marie Bashir. Highlights of the book include John HunteraaC--a s amazing sea voyages..

Asd Speaking Sounds

ASD Speaking Sounds is a program designed to teach the foundation underlying the production of meaningful speech in children with ASD and other developmental conditions that interfere with speech production..

Legal Drug Omnibus

Kudo Kazehaya's name evokes the wind- given to warn him that one day he. too. might disappear. He almost thought his time had come - until he was rescued by the dark..

Holy Cow

After backpacking her way around India. Sarah Macdonald decides she hates the country with a passion. When a beggar at the airport reads her palm and insists she will one day return - and for love - she screams 'Never..

Aoleon the Martian Girl

Will Aoleon and Gilbert discover the truth at last. It's been one difficult challenge after another. but Aoleon. Gilbert and their friends (Bizwat. Helios. and Zoot) make it to their final destination: the secret Martian base located under the Great Pyramid of Cydonia..

A Return to Love Workshop

On July 1-3. 2011. Marianne Williamson taught a workshop on A Course in Miracles in Los Angeles. California. The topic of the weekend was how miracles shifts in thinking from fear to love make all the difference in how we live and how we feel..

Poems (Classic Reprint)

Excerpt from Poems The supreme problem of every age is that of finding its consummate artistic expression. Before this problem every other remains of secondary importance..

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Card Game

Join the Cat in the Hat in an activity-filled card game and discover all the new things you can do. Flip over three cards to create a new challenge. Can you crab walk to the bedroom with the fish under your chin..

A Survey of English Literature, Vol. 2 of 2

Excerpt from A Survey of English Literature. Vol. 2 of 2: 1780-1830 I. Robert Southey: career- affinities with other poets. Eclogues. ballads. short pieces. II. Southey: plan and ambition of his long poems: Thalaba and its metre- Curse of Kehama- Madoc- Roderick..

Doctor Who Coloring Book

Planets. galaxies. villains. heroes. the Doctor. the TARDIS and the time vortex--all intricately illustrated in this adult coloring book packed with original Doctor Who art. With 96 stunning pages to color..

The Evolution of the Universe or Creation According to Science

The Relation of the Spiritual to the Material Universe- The Laws of Magnetism in Form Relation- The Manifestation of Life in Form Relations- The World of Spirit and Form Life- The Coming of the Entity Into Form Relations- The Entity as the Receiver of Intelligence- The Entity at Transition- The Law of Magnetism and Its Application- The Nature of the Entity- The Entity as a Factor In Evolution of Form- Open Door Into Realms Invisible to Mortals- Electrical Energy in the Mental Realm- Mentality is a Spirit Force to be Considered- Law of the Incarnations- Law of Transmigrations- Law of Spiritual Progression Beyond Planetary Condition- Cosmic Conditions- Science in Spirit as it Correlates with Science in Cosmic Conditions- Phenomenal Evidence- The Song of the Atom- Illustrations..

Good Luck Bear

Bear and Mouse are looking for luck--four-leaf clover luck. Will they find it. The author/illustrator of "Thank You Bear" and "Don't Worry Bear" delivers another wonderful. heartwarming surprise..

Social Care and Housing

Reviewing research on housing and social work and drawing out its implications for policy and practice. this volume emphasizes the relationship between the two services. For example. the amount and condition of housing stock..


An illustrated survey of the architecture and urban development of Ven ice. Goy's work includes sections on some of the best-known buildings. including the Basilica of San Marco..

Doomed to Repeat

"Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it." And so we have. Time and again. mankind has faced down problems. but have often failed to take the hard-earned knowledge into the next battle..

Life Extension Express

Imagine. never dying from old age- limitless (yes. limitless) youth. health and beauty. This user-friendly book explains how and why emerging technologies will let us live endless dynamic lives..

Smart Research Strategies

"Explores ways to find sources when doing research and writing reports and other written materials"--Provided by publisher..

Tapped Out: Rear Naked Chokes, the Octagon, and the Last Emperor

When he was younger. Matthew Polly travelled to the Shaolin Temple in China and spent two years training with the order of monks who had invented the ancient art of kung fu. Fifteen years later. his weakness for Chinese takeout and Jack Daniel's had taken its toll..

Black Widow

Natasha has spent years gathering secrets. and when some of the darkest ones begin mysteriously going public. no one is safe. With her betrayed former confederates at S.H.I.E.L.D. on her heels and a lifetime of training and ingenuity at her disposal..

Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures

This sixth Volume of the International Workshop on Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures is dedicated to the memory of my friend Walter Zeller. Professor of the Universidad C'at6lica df' Valparaiso and Vice-Director of the Workshop..

Cameras in Narnia

An essential guide to the filming in New Zealand of one of the most hotly anticipated movies of all time. The first of the CS Lewis Chronicles of Narnia to be made into a movie is The Lion..

Love and Muddy Puddles

Thirteen year old fashionista Coco Franks has finally made it into the popular group when her dad decides to move the whole family to the country so they can 'bond'. Social death is looming..

Crows Over a Wheatfield

This is the story of Melanie Ratleer. a judge who is approaching the peak of her career with the anguished awareness that she has long since abandoned herself to the comforting impersonality of her work..