More-Than-Human Participatory Research

Socio-environmental crises are currently transforming the conditions for life on this planet. from climate change. to resource depletion. biodiversity loss and long-term pollutants..

X-Men : Gambit: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

Gambit plays his cards right and vaults into his own kinetically-charged solo adventures He's a lover and a thief. but what else does ragin' Cajun Remy LeBeau get up to when he isn't hangin' wit' de X-Men..

The War That Came Early

In this extraordinary World War II alternate history. master storyteller Harry Turtledove begins with a big switch: what if Neville Chamberlain. instead of appeasing Hitler..

Elementary Course of Christian Philosophy

Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts (1) We have not used OCR(Optical Character Recognition). as this leads to bad quality books with introduced typos. (2) In books where there are images such as portraits..

Sensing Cities : Regenerating Public Life in Barcelona and Manchester

As cities globally re-design their urban landscapes. they produce a different urban aesthetic and create new experiential milieus. Urban regeneration processes generate radical physical. social and cultural changes in neighbourhoods that demand new conceptual frameworks to address their impact upon daily urban life..

Candide: Dual Language Edition

Voltaire's brilliant satire. in the original French. with a new and exacting English translation on the opposing page. Through the adventures of Candide. we experience life's most crushing misfortunes..

Hong Kong Taxation

"Hong Kong Taxation: Law and Practice 2005-6" explains in detail the taxes under the Inland Revenue Ordinance--Property Tax. Salaries Tax and Profits Tax. Two chapters covering Stamp Duty and Estate Duty are also included..


Inexorably poisoned against the woman he loves by his trusted friend Iago. Shakespeare's Othello is a timeless tragic figure. This Penguin Shakespeare edition is edited by Kenneth Muir with an introduction by Tom McAlindon..

The Forgotten Seamstress

A stunning book set in the Edwardian era about a seamstress working at Buckingham Palace. Full of drama. betrayal and compelling historical detail - The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow is perfect for fans of Kate Morton and Joanne Harris..

The Spotty Holiday

Billie is going on a plane to visit her grandma. They are going to do so many fun things together. Nothing can go wrong with this holiday....

Developing Science

The books in this series provide activities to support the teaching of science in the Foundation Stage. Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. These activities are designed to develop children's skills in scientific investigation and to encourage them to use those skills in furthering their knowledge and understanding..

How They Got Into Harvard

Proven Admissions Strategies from Successful StudentsIn "How They Got into Harvard. "fifty successful applicants to Harvard University share their tips and tactics for succeeding in the college admissions process..

The Way We Live in the Country

"The Way We Live..." series of books focus on environments and styles of living that are parallel around the world yet somehow stylistically distinct in particular locations. This latest addition to the series celebrates country living..

Laboring on

Facing the polar forces of an epidemic of cesarean sections and epidurals and home-like labor rooms. American birth is in transition. Caught between the most extreme medicalization - best seen in a cesarean section rate of nearly 30 percent - and a rhetoric of women's "choices" and "the natural..

Protein Quality and the Effects of Processing

Updated monograph from a symposium held at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Cereal Chemists in Toronto in Oct. 1986. Focus is on new methods of modifying proteins to improve functionality in foods..

Game Plan Selling

In today's technology-saturated world. information is cheap. The Internet has changed everything for prospects--not to mention for the salespeople who hope to win their business. Prospects no longer need that big sales pitch touting all the features and benefits of a product..

Upton Sinclair, the Lithuanian Jungle

In his legendary novel The Jungle (1905 and 1906). Upton Sinclair included a conspicuous number of Lithuanian words. phrases and surnames. This volume is the first attempt to analyze aspects of Lithuanian linguistic and historical data from The Jungle..

Life Dances

In this engaging collection. seniors from JCC Indianapolis and the Albert and Sara Rueben Senior and Community Resource Center remember small and large moments of their lives that will make you laugh..

All about Coffee - The Original Classic Edition

SEVENTEEN years before this book was finished....the author of this work made his first trip abroad to gather material for a book on coffee. Subsequently he spent a year in travel among the coffee-producing countries..

Between Two Worlds

Over 350.000 intrepid English men. women. and children migrated to America in the seventeenth century. leaving behind their homeland for an uncertain future on distant shores..

A Fragile Stone

Participant Study Guide for Jewish Foundations Of Christianity: Sacrifice. Worship Daylight Series Bible Study. Using the DVD set (which is sold separately). participants travel virtually to the modern-day city of Jerusalem with host Mart De Haan and guests Avner Boskey and Meno Kalisher as they engage in an intriguing discussion that brings clarity to Old Testament rituals and sacrificial customs..

Introduction to Programming Using Python

NOTE: You are purchasing a standalone product- MyProgrammingLab does not come packaged with this content. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MyProgrammingLab search for ISBN-10: 0133050556/ISBN-13: 9780133050554..

Tourism Discourse

Tourism Discourse offers new insights into the role of spoken. written and visual discourse in representating and producing tourism as a global cultural industry. With a view to the interplay between the symbolic and economic orders of global mobility..

Dog Selfies

#Hotdogs Everyone is snapping selfies and dogs are no exception. From the sublime to the ridiculous. this book collects the best photos of mutts who have taken the selfie craze into their own paws..

Selected Writings on Art and Literature

Before publishing the sensuous and scandalous poems of "Les Fleurs du Mal". Charles Baudelaire (1821-67) had already earned respect as a forthright and witty critic of art and literature..

The Blues Bass Handbook

Instead of progressive harmony and fancy licks. blues bass playing is all about creating a great feel and locking it in. This book/CD pack teaches classic blues bass lines..

100 Cross Stitch Card Designs

Cross stitch fantastic greetings cards for friends and family with this huge collection of motifs and designs for every occasion. Whether it's a new baby. wedding anniversary or special birthday..

To See the Saw Movies

This is the first edited collection addressing the Saw franchise. which to date is the highest grossing horror series of all time. The films are often derided by critics as "torture porn." and as just an excuse to show blood and gore..

A Time of Mourning

When a young English girl goes missing from among Florence's hard-drinking. high-living community of foreign art students. ex-policeman. good husband and newly-minted private detective Sandro Cellini is at first unwilling to see any connection with his investigation of the suicide of an elderly Jewish architect..

London at Night

London at Night is a fascinating tour of the city as seen through the lens of award-winning aerial photographer Jason Hawkes. The images. taken from a helicopter. offer a fresh perspective on such familiar landmarks as the London Eye..

Developing Critical Cultural Competence

This book shows you how to provide professional development for teachers that deepens their cultural understanding and includes activities for translating new knowledge into action..

Say Hello to Children All Over the World!

This book introduces children to a wider world understanding by taking them on an exciting trip around the world and providing them with insight into how children in other countries live..

French Berlitz Hide This Phrase Book

This ultra-hip illustrated phrase book is a must-have language tool for the cool traveller. It includes all the words and phrases those-in-the-know will want to say when they travel abroad..


The updated Michelin Must Sees Milan

Scattergories Categories

If you love the game Scattergories. then Scattergories Categories is a must for your game arsenal. Keep the fun coming with this fast thinking categories game for two to four players..

Letters of Emily Dickinson

The same inimitable voice and dazzling insights that make Emily Dickinson's poems immortal can be found in the whimsical. humorous. and often deeply moving letters she wrote to her family and friends throughout her life..

Wireless Phones and Health: Scientific Progress

This edited volume features contributions that were originally presented at a State of the Science Colloquium sponsored by the Wireless Technology Research. LLC (WTR) and the International Committee on Wireless Communication Research..

Five Days at Memorial

"In the tradition of the best writing on human behaviour and moral choices in the face of disaster. physician and reporter Sheri Fink reconstructs five days at New Orleans' Memorial Medical Center during Hurricane Katrina and draws the reader into the lives of those who struggled mightily to survive and to maintain life amidst chaos..

Realism and International Relations

Realism and International Relations provides students with a critical yet sympathetic survey of political realism in international theory. Using six paradigmatic theories - Hans Morgenthau..

The Reverend Guppy's Aquarium

What's in a name. For Philip Dodd. this question led to an international hunt for the best stories of eponymous heroes-- an extraordinarily diverse group of people with just one thing in common: by chance or deliberately..

Love Never Dies

(Vocal Selections). Our folio features 13 vocal selections to Lord Lloyd Webber's follow-up to the global phenomenon The Phantom of the Opera that's set 10 years after the original in Coney Island..


Amid the global uncertainties of our times. failure has become a central subject of investigation in recent art. Celebrating failed promises and myths of the avant-garde. or setting out to realize seemingly impossible tasks..

Basic Steps in Geostatistics

This brief will provide a bridge in succinct form between the geostatistics textbooks and the computer manuals for 'push-button' practice. It is becoming increasingly important for practitioners. especially neophytes..

Snow White

This is a breathtaking. wildly original spin on the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale. boldly reimagined by Camille Rose Garcia.


Materials for Advanced Packaging

Significant progress has been made in advanced packaging in recent years. Several new packaging techniques have been developed and new packaging materials have been introduced. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the recent developments in this industry..

Cien Anos de Soledad

Muchos anos despues. frente al peloton de fusilamiento. el coronel Aureliano Buendia habia de recordar aquella tarde remota en que su padre lo llevo a conocer el hielo .

Con estas palabras empieza una novela ya legendaria en los anales de la literatura universal..

The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds is a science fiction novel by English author H. G. Wells. It first appeared in serialized form in 1897. published simultaneously in Pearson's Magazine in the UK and Cosmopolitan magazine in the US..

Bass Angler's Almanac

With more than 650 tips total. the Almanac is an indispensable reference that will help any bass angler improve his or her fishing success quickly and significantly. An easy-to-read reference and guide..

Big Book of Gross Stuff

"The Big Book of Gross Stuff" is an exciting new title in our big book series from funny man Bart King. The topics covered include: Gross Food- Monsters- Gross Jobs- Animals- Sewers- and..

The Wisdom of Father Brown

This is the second volume of stories featuring the most unlikely detective in literature - now the basis for a major BBC TV adaptation starring Mark Williams. The ingenious amateur detective Father Brown is put to the test again in this second collection of stories..

Problems And Theorems In Plane Trigonometry

This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age. it may contain imperfections such as marks. notations. marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important..

The Counter-terrorism Puzzle

The expansion and escalation of global terrorism has left populations across the world and decision-makers responsible for contending with it unprepared. This book..

The Golden Years : David Bowie

David Bowie: The Golden Years chronicles Bowie s creative life during the 1970s. a decade that defined his career. This deep dive looks at the superstar's life and work in a year by year..

The Wasted Vigil

A Russian woman named Lara arrives in Afghanistan at the house of Marcus Caldwell. an Englishman and widower living in the shadow of the Tora Bora mountains. Marcus' daughter. Zameen. may have known Lara's brother..

The Runaways

This charming. magical story from award-winning author Elizabeth Goudge beautifully depicts early twentieth century English country life while conjuring an air of magical adventure..

The Beginning of the World

Excerpt from The Beginning of the World: Twenty-Five Picture The Designs in this book were made for an illustrated edition of Mr. Mackail's "Biblia Innocentium." which was to have been produced by the Kelmscott Press and to have contained upwards of two hundred pictures..

Christmas in Mustang Creek

No one does the holidays like Linda Lael Miller. whose Christmas novels have warmed the hearts of millions of readers the world over

Charlotte Morgan grew up in Mustang Creek. Wyoming..

Circles (Yonezu Board Book) [Board book]

This perfect concept book teaches not only shapes. but also colors. numbers. and words all in one bright and colorful package Learning shapes has never been as much fun as it is in this clever die-cut board book from master artist Yusuke Yonezu..

Steve Reeves Legends Never Die

The life of Steve Reeves had three major parts: First there was Steve Reeves the ultimate. and in my opinion. incomparable world class bodybuilder. He won all the National and International bodybuilding titles without using steroids..

Applique Your Way

This revolutionary guide puts at stitchers' fingertips everything they need to learn the craft of applique. Kayte Terry. crafter extraordinare. shows how to master decorative stitches..

The Strange Crime of John Boulnois

The colossus of crime leaned over to the little rustic priest with a sort of sudden interest. 'You have heard of it.' he asked. 'Where have you heard of it.' 'Well. I mustn't tell you his name..

Hopes and Screams

Your uhhh-ltimate source for gossip has been taken over by none other than Frankie Stein. The voltageous ghoul wants to make a name for herself by putting together a freaky-fab new issue of the online magazine - the Gory Gazette - and she needs all her best ghoulfriends to pitch in..

Green Manufacturing Processes and Systems

At this moment in time. it is difficult to obtain an exact definition of green manufacturing. Commonly. green manufacturing is related as "a methodology for manufacturing that minimizes waste and pollution"..

How to Learn a Foreign Language

If you are- studying languages. going on holiday. planning to work abroad. intend to live abroad or are getting married to a foreign language speaker then this book if for you..

Pokemon Adventures Diamond

Pokemon Trainers Pearl and Diamond are star struck Their goal. To perfect their Pokemon comedy act. So how do they wind up as bodyguards to a spoiled little rich girl on a quest to reach the peak of Mt..

City Notebook Paris

The first guidebook you write yourself.

Paris the City of Light is a beacon for travelers searching for romance culture cuisine shopping and more. Sitting on the steps of the Sacre Couer or in a cafe on the Seine record your inspirations and impressions in the Moleskine City Notebook Paris..

Credibility Assessment

In 2001. the late Murray Kleiner and an array of experts contributed to the Handbook of Polygraph Testing. published by Elsevier. which examined the fundamental principles behind polygraph tests and reviewed the key tests and methods used at that time..

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

It's the first day of kindergarten. and Miss Bindergarten is preparing for her 26 new students. Meanwhile. students Adam Krupp. Brenda Heath. and Christopher Beaker are all preparing for their first day of school..

Clayton's Quaker Cook-Book

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important. and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact..

On the Abolition of All Polictical

Simone Weil-philosopher. activist. mystic-is one of the most uncompromising of modern spiritual masters. In "On the Abolition of All Political Parties" she challenges the foundation of the modern liberal political order..

Toddy Microfiber Smartcloth - Zin Zin

Nothing says ?I love my e-gadget? quite like a bouquet of fresh blooming zinnias and maybe a big fat juicy kiss. Just don?t kiss the keypad ? ew.

The Toddy Microfiber Smartcloth eliminates dirt..

Springs of Life

"Springs of Life" is a book about water in all its complexities. It is an exhaustive account of water in India. and documents the natural beauty of the water bodies. the ways in which communities live and interact with water..


Book 5 of the After series Anna Todd s Wattpad fanfiction that racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated romance readers across the globe "Before" explores Hardin Scott s life before Tessa..

Physical Therapy Case Files

Sharpen your critical thinking skills and prepare for real-world practice with clinical cases. New in the authoritative Case Files series. Physical Therapy Case Files: Neurological Rehabilitation gives you case studies that illustrate critical concepts you need to build and enhance your skills in physical therapy..

Seven Big Bubbles/Gear/SC

Each story supports instruction in new phonics elements and incorporates elements and high frequency words that have been previously taught..

Human Memory

Human Memory: Structures and Images offers students a comprehensive overview of research in human memory. Providing a theoretical background for the research. author Mary B. Howes uses a clear and accessible format to cover three major areas: mainstream experimental research- naturalistic research- and work in the domains of the amnesias..

In a French Kitchen

"In a French Kitchen "is a delightful celebration of French life and the cooks who turn even the simplest meals into an occasion. Even before Susan Herrmann Loomis wrote her now-classic memoir. "On Rue Tatin..

To Kill a Mockingbird

This beloved. Pulitzer Prize-winning classic is now being published with the original jacket art. printed endpapers. a ribbon marker. and a full cloth slipcase. Lee's timeless masterpiece makes the perfect gift for every generation..

The Sources of Islam

According to Islam. the Koran is the perfect word from the only god-Allah. However. this book shows that the stories and ideas in the Koran could be found in the world around Mohammed. Indeed..

The ESL/ELL Teacher's Book of Lists (J-B Ed

Everything educators need to know to enhance learning for ESL students This unique teacher time-saver includes scores of helpful. practical lists that may be reproduced for classroom use or referred to in the development of instructional materials and lessons..


At the order to fire. they fired. Real bullets. it would seem. The politicians crumpled. twitched. and sagged to the ground. in a manner familiar to devotees of leftwing arthouse movies..

Writing Cures

Writing is our cultural medium and can be used to enhance counselling and psychotherapy - just writing in itself can be therapeutic. The onset of online therapy means that increasing numbers of therapists need to know about this valuable means of communication..

Jargonaut Express

Acquiring a list of useful idioms could take an individual several years to encounter. Countless experiences are consolidated here to make your business speak pop. The Jargonaut Express helps you be there in stride with business professionals who speak a common language..

Make an Arduino-controlled Drawbot : A Machine for Drawing Murals

This book describes how to build and program an Arduino-controlled machine for drawing algorithmic compositions on walls with a marker. The mechanism consists of two stepper motors with spools attached- the motors are attached to either side of the drawing area and a marker is suspended between them attached to fishing line..

The Fabric of Sin

The Master House. close to the Welsh border. is medieval and slowly falling into ruins. Now the house and its surrounding land have been sold to the Duchy of Cornwall. But the Duchy's plans to renovate the house and its outbuildings are frustrated when the specialist builder refuses to work there..


Matthew Shardlake is back in Lamentation. from the number one bestselling author C. J. Sansom. Summer. 1546. King Henry VIII is slowly. painfully dying. His Protestant and Catholic councillors are engaged in a final and decisive power struggle- whoever wins will control the government of Henry's successor..

Six Healing Sounds with Lisa and Ted

Join in with Lisa and Ted as they show you how healing sounds can make you feel bright and happy inside. Six Healing Sounds with Lisa and Ted teaches young children how to transform negative feelings into positive ones by using simple breathing techniques that are based on ancient Chinese Qigong exercises..

Kill Alex Cross

The President's son and daughter are abducted. and Detective Alex Cross is one of the first on the scene. But someone very high-up is using the FBI. Secret Service..

In Her Own Hand Series Boxed Set

For the first time. all three volumes of Jane Austen's brilliant early manuscripts are available in beautiful facsimile editions. Fan fiction from the eighteenth century--Jane Austen's stories are as fresh and fun today as they were when she wrote them..

The Rowman

This succinct guide helps writers to assess. quote. cite. and present information from a variety of types of sources. including electronic and Internet sources. It features samples of writing and style sheets as well as a checklist for quoting and paraphrasing..

The Photography Book

Since it was first developed by Daguerre in the 1840s. photography has followed an interesting and varied course in its progress from a practical means of documentation to an art form with its own icons..

The Mermaid and the Pink Dolphin

Marie the mermaid is bored with life and longs to play with the children on the shore until one day she meets a pink dolphin in the ocean. This single encounter transforms her..