The latest great book from the author of the best-selling 'Eva' and 'Alice

When We Were Fifty

These days we feel almost as young at fifty as we did at thirty - give or take the odd twinge. However. we are also becoming increasingly aware that the cradle is a lot further off than the grave..

Essentials of Lewis's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

This body of work draws on various. sometimes distinctive and sometimes overlapping. historical and professional traditions. including the expanding knowledge about both normative child development and developmental processes as well as about the origins..

National Service and Volunteerism

National service and volunteerism enjoy a rich history in the United States and an emergent future in other parts of the world. However. there remains relatively scant evidence of overall impact of national service programs and volunteer effectiveness..

The Omega Scroll

A captivating and well-researched novel of international intrigue and conspiracy. A highly entertaining audio book providing thrilling action from the opening scene. The Pope's health is failing and the Cardinal Secretary of State..

The Book of Scented Things

Poetry. What if 100 contemporary American poets were sent individually selected vials of perfume. fragrances chosen to reflect the authors' voices. aesthetics. or writerly obsessions. What if each poet wrote something new in response..

Mastering jBPM6

If you are a designer or developer who wants to build and operate business process-centric applications. then this book is for you. Knowledge of the basic concepts of application development in Java will be helpful in following the concepts covered in the book..

Conversations with God for Parents

From the very first months after the first Conversations with God book was published in May 1995. the demand began to appear for tools that would assist parents in teaching the marvellous concepts of this extraordinary dialogue to children..

No Puedo ser un Alcoholico Porque... [Spanish]

Spanish version of the pamphlet that offers clients a close look at common fallacies and misconceptions about alcoholism. giving them the insight they need to see their disease for what it is..

Film 2008-2009

This Second Edition of "Annual Editions: Film 08/09" provides convenient. inexpensive access to current articles selected from the best of the public press..


Sammy Hagar-legendary lead singer of Van Halen. founder of the Cabo Wabo Tequila brand. and one of rock music's most notoriously successful performers-tells his unforgettable story in this one-of-a-kind autobiography of a life at the top of the charts..

Mali Under the Night Sky

"Mali Under the Night Sky." a 2011 Skipping Stones honor book. is the true story of Laotian American artist Malichansouk Kouanchao. whose family was forced by civil war to flee Laos when she was five..

The Mental Health Needs of Young Offenders

The majority of young people in the American juvenile justice system have diagnosable mental illnesses. including substance abuse. mental retardation and learning disorders. However. these often remain undetected and untreated..

The Story of the Last Thought

If someone has dark eyes. you know he's in a bad way. But if a man's eyes shine. you know he has made it through the night. It is as though the bright light of day burns on in his heart..

God Within

Patti Conklin believes that when the universe began. a cacophony of tones. which we now identify as frequency. echoed throughout the universe and they were both chaotic and highly ordered..

Shag's around the World 2004 Calendar

The ultimate gift for today's retro hipsters Following the success of Tiki Drinks and Shag Party. Shag's 1950s-era jet-setters blast off for a trip around the world. In this fun-filled calendar..

Wealth and Power

Through a series of lively and absorbing portraits of iconic modern Chinese leaders and thinkers. two of today's foremost specialists on China provide a panoramic narrative of this country's rise to preeminence that is at once analytical and personal..


When the first specimen of a platypus arrived in England in 1799 it was greeted with astonishment and disbelief. What was this strange creature from the new colony of Australia..


One of "The""New York Times"'s Ten Best Books of the Year Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction An NPR "Great Reads" Book. a "Chicago Tribune" Best Book. a "Washington Post "Notable Book..

Study Bible-NIV

The NIV Study Bible is the #1 bestselling study Bible in the world's most popular modern English Bible translation---the New International Version. This best-loved NIV Study Bible features a stunning four-color interior with full-color photographs..

A Secret Country

This study takes the reader beyond the euphemistic and romantic popular misconceptions of Australia to reveal the often invisible past and the present subterfuge of the country. The author recognizes that since its very beginning the history of white Australia has been shrouded in secrecy and silence..

Pirates Past Noon

Illus. in black-and-white. Jack and Annie are in deep trouble when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to the days of desert islands. secret maps. hidden gold--and ruthless pirates. Will Jack and Annie discover a buried treasure..

Sonoran Desert

This is the fifth title in our highly-praised Our Wild World Ecosystem series. Once again. author/photographer Wayne Lynch takes readers on a personal journey through a treasured North American ecosystem..

Icebreaker (James Bond)

Bond reluctantly finds himself recruited into a dangerous mission involving an equally dangerous and treacherous alliance of agents from the CIA. the KGB. and Israel s Mossad. The team dubbed Icebreaker waste no time double crossing each other..

A Gentleman of France

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process..

Maisy's Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve. hooray. And Maisy has invited everyone to celebrate at her house. Cyril and Tallulah are decorating the tree and Charley is helping with the food..

Weekly Bookkeeping Record Book

Having a weekly bookkeeping record book is the best way to ensure that everything that has happened in your business is recorded. These record books can be used to write down transactions. sales..


Ramayan. a blend of "Lord Of The Rings" and "Star Wars." and one of India's oldest epics. longer than the Odyssey and Iliad combined. is a momentous story from start to finish..

Unrealscript Game Programming All in One

"UnrealScript Game Programming" focuses on providing professionals. students. and hobbyists with a solid grounding in the features and development tasks characteristic of UnrealScript..


Collins Big Cat is a guided reading series for ages 4--7 edited by Cliff Moon. Top children's authors and illustrators have created fiction and non-fiction books that your children will love to read..

Too Soon to Say Goodbye

Art Buchwald was born in Mount Vernon. New York. and raised in Hollis. Queens. After serving as a marine in the Pacific during World War II and attending the University of Southern California..

The Natural Pet Food Cookbook

You Want The Best For Your Pets After the massive commercial pet food recall in 2007. you're probably concerned about why to feed your dog or cat. The Natural Pet Food Cookbook: Healthful Recipes For Dogs And Cats gives you great ways to supplement your pet's primary diet with nutritious meals that you prepare- that way..

The Witch Is Back

Propelled into the past to her old Los Angeles fortunetelling shop. Jolie Wilkins has no idea she possesses extraordinary powers. and she definitely doesn't remember becoming Queen of the Underworld..

Lacan for Beginners

Jacques Lacan is probably the most influential psychoanalyst since Freud. In fact. around half of all psychoanalysts follow the Lacanian school of thought..

Oscar Wilde

Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts (1) We have not used OCR(Optical Character Recognition). as this leads to bad quality books with introduced typos. (2) In books where there are images such as portraits..

Maestro (A

Against the backdrop of Darwin. that small. tropical hothouse of a port. half-outback. half-oriental. lying at the tip of northern Australia. a young and newly arrived southerner encounters the 'maestro'..

QuickBooks 2011

QuickBooks 2011 has impressive features. like financial and tax reporting. invoicing. payroll. time and mileage tracking. and online banking. So how do you avoid spending more time learning the software than using it..

Lives of Indian Officers

Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts (1) We have not used OCR(Optical Character Recognition). as this leads to bad quality books with introduced typos. (2) In books where there are images such as portraits..

Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy traces the history of the global food system and reveals the underlying causes of recent turmoil in food markets. Supplies are running short. prices keep spiking and the media is full of talk of a 'world food crisis'..

Extreme Programming Pocket Guide

Extreme Programming (XP) is a radical new approach to software development that has been accepted quickly because its core practices--the need for constant testing. programming in pairs. inviting customer input..

Learning Teaching

"Learning Teaching" has been one of the most successful guides to English since it was first published in 1994. Its no-nonsense approach has made it a superb teaching textbook for initial training courses..

Keeper of the Dogs, Book I of the Knights Trilogy

Knights Trilogy is meant to depict 13th century life in the Western Marches of Wales at the beginning of the civil war (1263) between Earl Simon de Montfort and King Henry the Third of England..


"Coco" is an exciting. unprecedented guide to the most exceptional talent in the international restaurant world. "Coco" presents 100 of the best emerging chefs from around the world. It is selected by 10 superstar chefs: Ferran Adria (Spain)..

The Asylum Novellas : The Scarlets, the Bone Artists, the Warden

Three chilling novellas set in the world of the New York Times bestselling novel Asylum. which Publishers Weekly called "a strong YA debut." For the first time. these three terrifying stories will appear together with new found photographs perfect for new readers or diehard series fans looking for new clues and insights into the thrilling world of Asylum..

The Wonder Book of Things to Do

How many times have we heard ourselves say that kids these days are missing out on the world. ensconced in television and video games. Give them this book and watch - or join in. - as they learn to improve their tennis serve..

Fox Hunting in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Excerpt from Fox Hunting in Delaware County. Pennsylvania: And Origin and History of the Rose Tree Fox Hunting Club If any there are interested in fox hunting who have the idea that it is a sport of comparatively recent origin in this country..

The Noise of Infinite Longing

A beautifully written memoir about a Puerto Rican family. whose siblings reunite for the first time upon their mother's death. after having scattered to various places and various lives after they reached early adulthood..


Donita K. Paul is a retired teacher and award-winning author of seven novels. including DragonSpell. DragonQuest. DragonKnight. and DragonFire. When not writing. she is often engaged in mentoring writers of all ages..

Black Butler, Volume 12

The decks of the Campania run red with blood when the corpses brought back to a semblance of life by the Aurora Society's "absolute salvation" turn on the ship's passengers in a ghoulish farce. With their investigation waylaid by this primitive struggle for survival..

Sofia the First Sofia's Royal Sticker Collection

Explore the kingdom of Enchancia. join in exciting adventures at Royal Prep. and meet all of Sofia's family and friends in this jam-packed sticker collection With 48 pages of activites and over 1000 reusable stickers..

As Free and as Just as Possible

Grafting the Marxian idea that private property is coercive onto the liberal imperative of individual liberty. this new thesis from one of America's foremost intellectuals conceives a revised definition of justice that recognizes the harm inflicted by capitalism's hidden coercive structures..

Teaching and Learning Patterns in School Mathematics

This book synthesizes research findings on patterns in the last twenty years or so in order to argue for a theory of graded representations in pattern generalization. While research results drawn from investigations conducted with different age-level groups have sufficiently demonstrated varying shifts in structural awareness and competence..

The Wickford Doom

When Harry and his mother inherit a house from a mysterious relative of his father's following his death in the War. they travel across the country to discover the bequeathing was a cruel trick - the house has fallen into the sea..

Racing the Beam

The Atari Video Computer System dominated the home video game market so completely that "Atari" became the generic term for a video game console. The Atari VCS was affordable and offered the flexibility of changeable cartridges..

Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder [Large Print]

The authors explain the benefits of adding laughter and joy to one's relationship with someone who has been diagnosed as bipolar. They assert that laughter can be a tool to prevent a partner's major bipolar disorder symptoms..

Outrageous Humans on Exoplanet

33rd Century Breaking News. Wrathful aliens. distanced at only 23 light years from our planet. How to fraternize with them. Look Inside..

Courting Blakness

A celebration of 'Courting Blakness'. a groundbreaking exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art. In a bold and unprecedented project. acclaimed international artist Fiona Foley curated a cutting-edge installation in the University of Queensland's sandstone Great Court..

Idiot's Guides

This highly visual guide teaches you how to make skincare. makeup. and many more personal-care and beauty products using natural ingredients. For both men and women..

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

A "New York Times" #1 best seller

On the "New York Times "Best Seller List for more than 52 consecutive weeks

Includes an excerpt from the much-anticipated sequel and an interview with author Ransom Riggs


A mysterious island..

Clinical Guide to Cardiology

Clinical Guide to Cardiology is a quick-reference resource. packed full of bullet points. diagrams. tables and algorithms for the key concepts and facts for important presentations and conditions within cardiology..

The Lightning Thief

You've read the book. You've seen the movie. Now submerge yourself in the thrilling. stunning. and action-packed graphic novel.

Mythological monsters and the gods of Mount Olympus seem to be walking out of the pages of twelve-year-old Percy Jackson's textbooks and into his life..

Verses by a Soldier Over There

Excerpt from Verses by a Soldier Over There I don't care w'ere I'm ordered. Or what I'm told ter do. Fer orders is jest orders IV That's why I'm not wive you. But w'en yer 'oppin' over. boys..

Little Dog

A new title in the bestselling finger puppet series. Tiny tots will enjoy searching for and burying a bone with Little Dog. This simple. comforting story features a permanently attached plush finger puppet and peek-a-boo holes in every page..

Best of "Eagles": For Trumpet

All books are compatible with each other and playable in any combination. Includes: Already Gone * The Best of My Love * Desperado * Heartache Tonight * Hotel California * Life In the Fast Lane * Lyin' Eyes * New Kid in Town * One of These Nights * Peaceful Easy Feeling * Take It Easy * Take It to the Limit * Tequila Sunrise * Witchy Woman..

Ancient Aztecs (Ancient World

In the early 16th century. in what is now central Mexico. the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan was home to more than 200.000 people. From the empires earliest roots to its eventual demise. this title details the incredible rise and fall of one of the greatest civilizations in history..

Praktische Liquorzelldiagnostik

Ein einfacher Zugang zur Liquorzelldiagnostik wird anhand eines umfangreichen Farbbildteiles und leicht verstandlicher Erlauterungen sowohl zu den theoretischen und technischen Grundlagen der Liquorzytologie als auch zur Bearbeitung der Proben im Labor ermoglicht..

Multimedia Computing

Aimed at the begineer or non-expert. this is a colour-coded guide to getting the best out of one's multimedia PC and turning it into a home entertainment centre..

Ibn 'Arabi's Mystical Poetics

Muhyi l-Din Ibn 'Arabi (1165-1240) was a hugely influential figure in the development of Sufism. yet although interest in his work continues to grow. his poetry has received very little attention. This book is the first full-length monograph devoted to his Diwan (collected poems)..

Fly Fishing

This title offers expert advice on game fishing. casting techniques. flies and fly tying. with more than 530 photographs and diagrams to show skills and equipment. It includes descriptions of the types of fish you will be fishing for..

United States of Pie

A baker s delight. United States of Pie is an utterly charming and mouthwatering compendium of heirloom American pies regional favorites from East to West and North to South gathered lovingly together by Adrienne Kane..

Caesar the War Dog 5

When Sergeant Ben Fulton's family joins him on a cruise ship holiday. Ben. Josh. Maddie and Nan travel in luxury among the islands of the Caribbean while Caesar is in quarantine. But a gang who have broken out of a Cuban prison have other ideas..

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

This perfectly portable bathroom companion features highlights from the perennially popular collection of humorous stories. interesting facts. jokes. and trivia about film..

South Carolina Bench and Bar

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process..

Radical Cities

In Radical Cities. Justin McGuirk travels across Latin America in search of activist architects. politicians and radical communities who have begun rebuilding and redesigning their environments in radically new ways..


"A true juggernaut . . . pure adrenaline in print . . . with the creation of Robin Monarch. Mark Sullivan has crafted a Jason Bourne for the new millennium." --James RollinsWhile conducting top-secret negotiations aboard a tanker in the South China Sea..

The Midnight Hour

Sexy. dangerous. unforgettable...the Madaris family and their unlikely band of friends captured readers' hearts and souls. Now. in The Midnight Hour. award-winning author Brenda Jackson brings us another compelling novel featuring the Madaris family and friends..


Feeling stressed about your upcoming presentation. Whether you re nervous about how you ll organize your thoughts or how you ll articulate them on the big day. "Presentations" provides the quick guidelines and expert tips you need to: Craft your message Prepare and rehearse effectively Engage your audience Manage Q

The Black List

From Oa very talented authorO (Lee Child) and award winner for "The Bone Chamber" comes the second novel featuring FBI special agent and forensic artist Sydney Fitzpatrick. Original..

Man Ray

Bringing together unique and rarely seen photographs. paintings. sculpture and drawings. this exquisite book tells the story of the tumultuous relationship between the artists Man Ray (1890-1976) and Lee Miller (1907-1977)..

Spectrum Vocabulary, Grade 4

Reinforce your child s fourth-grade language skills with Spectrum Vocabulary. With the progressive lessons in this workbook. your child will learn words through strategies related to word relationships..

Why the Church Needs Bioethics

We live in a world where incredible medical technologies are doable---but does 'can do' mean 'should do'. This book helps readers recognize and constructively engage bioethical issues with the resources of Christian understanding and ministry..

Monopoly and Trade Restraint Cases, Vol. 2

Excerpt from Monopoly and Trade Restraint Cases. Vol. 2: Including Conspiracy. Injunction. Quo Warranto. Pleading and Practice and Evidence At about the same time the foregoing transfer was made by W..

The Complete A-Z of Contract Clauses Pack

The Complete A-Z of Contract Clauses Pack contains the following 2 volumes: Contract and Copyright Drafting Skills: An A-Z Guide to Working with Clauses (9781780438238) and The A-Z of Contract Clauses..

Olivia's Big Day Coloring Book

Join Olivia for a big day at school.Can the ever-confident Olivia stop daydreaming long enough to finish her class work and get to her ballet recital on time. This lively coloring book offers plenty of cut-out activities..

The Pellet Handbook

As concerns about climate change and energy security grow stronger. people have been intensively searching for alternatives to the fossil fuels which we currently rely on to meet our energy needs..

Training Strategies for Dressage Riders

Training Strategies for Dressage Riders is a unique guide to the art and technique of dressage. written by one of the most renowned equestrian trainers in the world today..

Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin Trilogy

New York Times Bestseller Spring 2013 Kids' Indie Next List Sybella's dutyas Death's assassin in 15th-century Franceforces herreturnhome tothe personal hell thatshehad finally escaped.Love andromance. history and magic..

Civilization and Its Discontents

Freud's seminal volume of twentieth-century cultural thought grounded in psychoanalytic theory. now with a new introduction by Christopher Hitchens. Written in the decade before Freud's death..

Eye Spy Colours

Based on the game of I-Spy. this photographic peephole book provides an exciting way for children to learn their colours. Peep through the hole at the mystery shape..

Finding Mr. Brightside

Two funny. smart. but hopelessly lost teens find love at CVS.Abram and Juliette know each other. They ve lived down the street from each other their whole lives..

The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English

Booklist Top of the List Reference Source The heir and successor to Eric Partridge's brilliant magnum opus. The Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English. this two-volume New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English is the definitive record of post WWII slang..

Harper Lee

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Nelle Harper Lee s"To Kill a Mockingbird"was published in 1960 and became an instant bestseller. Two years later it was an Academy Award winning film..

Going Clear

National Book Award Finalist A clear-sighted revelation. a deep penetration into the world of Scientology by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "The Looming Tower. "the now-classic study of al-Qaeda s 9/11 attack..

60 Ways to Feel Amazing

Life is a precious gift. miraculous and amazing but we are not always able to appreciate this miracle fully. When we face obstacles and difficulties our lives can become such a struggle that we lose touch with the amazingness of it all..