Holy Listening

An exploration of spiritual direction in which the author seeks to demystify the subject by recounting her own experience..

Hemingway's Paris

Walk through the Streets of Paris with Ernest Hemingway. In gorgeous black and white images. Hemingway's Paris depicts a story of remarkable passion--for a city. a woman..

Windows 8.1

With Windows 8. Microsoft completely reimagined the graphical user interface for its operating system. which now runs on both desktop PCs and tablets. Now..

Midnight Alley

When Claire Danvers learned that her college town was run by vampires. she did what any intelligent. self-preserving freshman would do: She applied for a transfer and stocked up on garlic..

A Fork on the Road

A seasoned comedian's love letter to America's food curiosities--
the regional cuisines. the culinary oddities. the weird and the wonderful "Mark DeCarlo is a [modern-day] Groucho Marx." --"PEOPLE" Whether it be fish ice cream..

Harvest the Rain

Our planet's water shortage is a reality for one in five people worldwide. but enough precipitation falls annually to provide ample water for everybody. We simply have to collect. store..

Homeschooling: Early Years

Discover the Rewards of Homeschooling Your Young ChildYoung children are full of curiosity. imagination. and a sense of wonder. They're willing to try new things and possess a natural joy of discovery..

Judas Iscariot

Excerpt from Judas Iscariot: A Miracle Play in Two Acts. With Other Poems It had frequently occurred to me that the story of Judas Iscariot contained elements of a tragedy of a more terrible kind than could be developed from any other event in history- but for the first idea of attempting it..

Mug Cakes

Mug Cakes contains one hundred cake recipes that you can make in a matter of minutes. Instead of reaching for store-bought mix that can take up to an hour to bake. all you need to make instant cake is a tiny bit of batter..

50 Best Crime Novels Bookmark

Magnetic and matt-laminated bookmark. printed on both sides with pictorial listings of arguably the most popular crime novels to read of all time. Can you tick them all of your list.



Do you daydream of a life somewhere warmer with a more relaxed pace. British emigration is at an all time high. Whether for employment. studying. or a change of lifestyle. there is endless possibility for those who are willing to take on the challenge of moving abroad..

Three Scary Stories

Three bizarre stories. each with a twist in the tail. From the weird "Clockwork Dog" with strangely human features. to the "Granny" possessed by a wicked spirit. to the "Little Brother" who concocts a special chemical to make things grow..

Religion for Dummies

This title aims to provide practical. human advice on religion in real-life. with an examination of religion's role in the workplace and in the family - as well as in the major passages through life..

How the West Was Won

"How the West Was Won" contains articles in three main areas of the humanities. It focuses on various aspects of literary imagination. with essays ranging from Petrarch to Voltaire- on the canon..

Principles of Economics

Principles of Economics 5E combines microeconomics and macroeconomics into one volume for students who take a full year's course. The latest edition of this text continues to focus on important concepts and analyses necessary for students in an introductory economics course..


Book 3 of the New World Series "Surviving the attack proved to be more than they could have imagined..." Months after a super-EMP attack devastated the United States..

Cherokee Talisman

They were blood-thirsty savages - superstitious. dirty animals. They were thieves and killers who burned houses to the ground and kidnapped women and children. They were protectors of a Nation - guerrilla fighters serving their country..

America's Assembly Line

The mechanized assembly line was invented in 1913 and has been in continuous operation ever since. It is the most familiar form of mass production. Both praised as a boon to workers and condemned for exploiting them..

Clinical EFT Handbook

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is used by an estimated 10 million people world-wide. Yet a lack of standardisation has led to a field in which dozens of forms of EFT. with varying degrees of fidelity to the original..

Broken Republic: Three Essays

This title features three new essays by India's fiercest. most outspoken and fearless political activist. War has spread from the borders of India to the forests in the very heart of the country..

Dr. Fischer

From caring for a nations health. he built a global pharmaceutical company..

Some Girls Are

Climbing to the top of the social ladder is hard falling from it is even harder. Regina Afton used to be a member of the Fearsome Fivesome. an all-girl clique both feared and revered by the students at Hallowell High..

Operative Manual of Endoscopic Surgery 2

The second volume of Operative Manual of Endoscopic Surgery covers some of the operative endoscopic procedures which have been introduced into clinical practice since the publication of VoI. 1..

Joseph Anton: A Memoir

On February 14. 1989. Valentine's Day. Salman Rushdie was telephoned by a BBC journalist and told that he had been "sentenced to death" by the Ayatollah Khomeini. For the first time he heard the word "fatwa..

Pro InfoPath 2007

"Pro InfoPath 2007" is an excellent book for developers trying to learn the scope and range of application forms that can be built with Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007..

The Essential Ronald Reagan

"The Essential Ronald Reagan" recounts the extraordinary life and career of a great American president from his small-town Midwestern roots through his Hollywood film star days to his presidential role as redeemer of the American dream and victorious leader in the Cold War..

Meet Me at the River

We can t choose who we love but can we choose to let go.

Stepsiblings Tressa and Luke have been close since they were little and when they become teenagers. they slip from being best friends to being something more..

The Durhams of Fairfield

In The Durhams of Fairfield: An African American Geneaology. Robert L. Uzzel traced his wife Debra's roots to the slaves of the family of Robert Winfield Durham..

Where's the Elephant?

Where's the elephant. Where's the parrot. Where's the snake....And where are the trees. What starts as a game of jungle hide-and-seek quickly turns into something more significant in this charming..

Do They Walk on Water?

A crowd gathers. People crane their necks. Cameras flash. The limo door opens. Who is it--Mick Jagger. Oprah. Tiger Woods. No. It's Alan Greenspan--and the crowd still goes wild. Many felt Greenspan walked on water during his lengthy term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve System..

Jules Spinatsch

Here. Swiss artist Jules Spinatsch (born 1964) presents his photo series documenting Alpine ski slopes being prepared at night. Under the glare of cold floodlights..

Treasure Fever

The hilarious wacky new series from Australia's number one bestselling children's author. Andy Griffiths. This is the first in a new four-book series of stand-alone novels all set in an imaginary school where crazy things can happen..

California Wine Country Insight Fleximap

California Wine Country Insight FlexiMap features detailed city. street and road maps clearly marked with all the sites and services of particular interest to travelers. Text and photographs offer a wealth of valuable tourist information including "10 sights you shouldn't miss..

Abracadabra Strings Beginners

A unique teacher's resource to accompany the Abracadabra Strings Beginner pupil's books. Contains vaulable teaching strategies and ideas to be used in ensembles. mixed string groups. whole class teaching and indivdual lessons..


The poems in Sylvia Plath's Ariel. including many of her best-known such as 'Lady Lazarus'. 'Daddy' and 'Fever 103 degrees'. were all written between the publication in 1960 of Plath's first book..

Blogging for Dummies

The best book on blogging. updated and better than ever

The blogosphere keeps changing and evolving. and so does this top blogging guide. A terrific book whether you're just starting out or are already blogging regularly..

Supervision as Transformation

Supervision provides a positive space for compassion. inquiry. reflection. and above all development. The chapters in this book are written from a wide range of perspectives. all of which take a practical approach to supervision and show how transformative it can be when approached in the right way..

365 Trout Flies

The average fly fisher spends just 15.6 days per year on the water. Of course. few of us are fortunate enough to spend every day of every month casting into riffles. pools. and undercut banks in search of those finicky browns..

The Perfect Apron

Includes over 20 detachable. full-size patterns and templates affixed to inside back cover..

My Little Pony

As seen on the hit animated series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".Learn the history of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna by reading the diary they kept when they were younger..

The Quilter's Bible

Every quilter. whether you are new or more experienced. should own this comprehensive guide to all quilting techniques. Packed full of expert advice on all aspects of quilting. patchwork and applique it holds the answer to all your quilting questions..

Autism: What Does It Mean to Me?

This is a book that will never become irrelevant or "outdated." Every child who uses it also becomes its co-author. Each chapter is divided in two parts: the first part - the Workbook - is for the child to complete..

The Ice Palace

This brand new collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald's work brings together a selection of the best of his lesser-known writing. Chosen to illustrate Fitzgerald's complicated relationship with his complex female characters..

The Audubon Birdhouse Book

A visit to almost any home or garden center presents birders with numerous cute and colorful contraptions that are sold as bird homes. But the fact is. many of these products provide anything but a safe refuge for your feathered friends..

Surreal Things

From the sensuality of Dali's Mae West Lips sofa to Schiaparelli's dramatic Tear dress. Surrealism produced some of the most extraordinary objects ever created. Now available in paperback. this book examines the movement's impact on the wider fields of design..

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

A landmark work of American photojournalism "renowned for its fusion of social conscience and artistic radicality" ("New York Times") In the summer of 1936. James Agee and Walker Evans set out on assignment for "Fortune" magazine to explore the daily lives of sharecroppers in the South..

El Ano del Verano Que Nunca Llego [Spanish]

Una tremenda erupcion de un volcan en Indonesia convirtio el verano europeo de 1816 en uno de los mas frios y desapacibles de los que se tenga noticia. Una inmensa nube de azufre. ceniza y cristales en polvo cubrio los cielos del hemisferio norte..

GI High-energy Cookbook

Whether you want to lose weight. increase your energy levels or reduce the risk of getting diabetes or other diseases. GI High-Energy Cookbook explains in clear language why you should be eating a diet based on foods with a low glycaemic index (GI)..

My Kind of Wonderful

"Unexpected and undeniable "Bailey Moore has an agenda: skiing in the Rockies. exploring castles in Europe. ballroom dancing in Argentina. Now that she has a second lease on life..

Animal Multi Tool

This 7-in-1 mini multi-tool will transform into the cutest little helpers. Includes flat head screwdriver. bottle opener. knife. wire stripper. file. phillips head screwdriver..

The Old Shanghai A-Z

A unique and a definitive guide to every street in Shanghai and its former allowing historians. researchers. tourists and the just plain curious to navigate the city in its pre-1949 incarnation..

Singapore Childhood

The political. economic and social changes that have occurred over the past 60 years have shaped and transformed the childhood of children in Singapore..

A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Volume II

"Secret societies have fascinated those on the outside since the beginning of time. and here. in this extraordinary 1921 work. the mysteries and riddles of one of the most famous the Freemasons are exhaustively detailed by a preeminent 19th-century expert in esoterica..


What does it mean to call a place home. Who is allowed to become a member of a community. When can we say that we truly belong. These are some of the questions of place and belonging that renowned cultural critic bell hooks examines in her new book..

Travels in the Scriptorium

An old man awakens. disoriented. in an unfamiliar chamber. With no memory of who he is or how he has arrived there. he pores over the relics on the desk. examining the circumstances of his confinement and searching his own hazy mind for clues..

Twelfth Planet

Over the years. startling evidence has been uncovered. challenging established notions of the origins of life on Earth--evidence that suggests the existence of an advanced group of extraterrestrials who once inhabited our world..

Born in Secret

"I've courted danger all my life." --Walker James. international spy

Walker James felt a rush of adrenaline when he was assigned to infiltrate a terrorist compound and discover the location of a deadly virus..


Shard is a gryfon in exile from the pride of the Silver Isles. After learning of the injustices wrought by the Red King he once served loyally. Shard now seeks to fulfill the promise of the legendary Summer King..

Natural History of Animals

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process..


A cat who thinks he s a duck. He must be Quackers.. This quirky funny book is about standing out. fitting in. and building a life with room for all. Quackers is a duck. Sure. he may have paws and whiskers..

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Love and redemption rule the stage in The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Departing Verona for Milan. Valentine begs Proteus to join him. In love with Julia. Proteus demurs..

First Aid for Dogs

What would you do if your dog were hit by a car. Would you know how to make a splint. In the event of shock. would you be able to give artificial respiration..

Loved You Pink Box Sign

A sweet sign...perfect baby shower gift. Made of painted wood. this box sign measures 10" x 5" and can sit or hang. Primitives by Kathy is a leading producer of high quality decorative box signs..

Greetings from the "Onion" 100 Collectible Post Cards

This title includes 100 rectangular postal cards suitable for the futile act of corresponding with other miserable inhabitants of earth by the editors of "The Onion". This sturdy postcard box features 100 of the publication's best and worst headlines..

A Crack in the Sky

When is a sofa not a sofa. When it is the entry to another world ...Nine-year-old Conor's day doesn't start well. His right arm seems to be missing. Then he appears to have grown horns..

Tom Clancy Commander in Chief - Autographed Copy

The newest electrifying thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series has President Jack Ryan and his allies facing a treacherous foe threatening to unleash chaos around the globe. . . .

When Russian President Valeri Volodin s ambitions are foiled in Dagestan..

Goosebumps Most Wanted #4

The infamous. Most Wanted Goosebumps characters are out on the loose and they're coming after you. Catch them all undead or alive.
Kat is reluctant to visit her Uncle Vic Frankenstein because of all the rumors about him..

Contemporary Directions in Psychopathology

This forward-thinking volume grapples with critical questions surrounding the mechanisms underlying mental disorders and the systems used for classifying them. Edited and written by leading international authorities..

Lady E. S. Drower's Scholarly Correspondence

This is an edition of the scholarly letters of the English Lady E. S. Drower. famous for her novels. travel accounts. and studies in the Middle East. especially on the Mandaeans..

Danny Dreadnought Saves the World

This is a hilarious yet heart-warming story perfect for fun-loving. fearless readers. The Bugulons are the scariest creatures in the entire universe. So when they decide to invade Earth..

Todo El Mundo Tiene Envidia de Mi Mochila Voladora

Precise and wryly hilarious...Gauld's both a literature nerd and a science-fiction nerd whose deadpan mashups belong on the same shelf as R. Sikoryak. Michael Kupperman. and Kate Beaton.NPR. Best Books of 2013..

The French Menu Cookbook

Now in paperback. this landmark. debut cookbook from Richard Olney is brimming with over 150 authentic recipes that capture the flavors and spirit of the French countryside. Originally published in 1970..

How to Package your Handmade Products

From making boxes to die-cutting your logo. How to Package Your Handmade Products is aimed at crafters. providing a comprehensive guide to creative packaging ideas for handmade products helping designer-makers turn a passion into a lucrative business..

The Revenge of Tommy Bones

Two boys are stranded when they miss the last bus. It will be a long cold lonely walk back home to their village - unless they take the short cut past Tommy Bones's pond. But they both know the legend..

Your Right to Know

More than half of America's processed grocery products -- from corn flakes to granola bars to diet drinks -- contain genetically altered ingredients. They are unlabeled and untested. and we are eating them..

Love in a Cold Climate

Nancy Mitford's Love in a Cold Climate is a wickedly funny satire. brilliantly lampooning upper-class society. When Polly. a beautiful aristocrat. declares her love for her married..

The River Cafe Classic Italian Cookbook

'Most of what we have learnt has been from Italians who we've cooked side by side with. With this book. we want you to cook side by side with us' - Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers. Over the last twenty years..

Padre Pio

Padre Pio was a stigmatic. mystic and wonder-worker. and he is arguably Ireland's favourite saint. Compiled by award-winning journalist Colm Keane. this remarkable collection of stories is crammed full of miracles and cures attributed to Padre Pio's intercession..

Who is King in the Land of Kachoo?

This series of comical stories set in the fictional. vast. and wondrous Land of Kachoo has rhyming verse. quirky illustrations. and lovable characters. making Kachoo more than memorable. These enchanting books will charm the child in everyone..

Shark Bytes

The popular image of sharks is of a dorsal fin cleaving the surface as it rushes to its next kill. but this is a limited caricature. There are over 500 species to choose from..

House of Robots

The story of an extraordinary robot that signs up for an ordinary fifth grade class and changes elementary school forever is now in paperback

It's never easy for Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez to fit in..

Life Over Cancer

This authoritative guide combines the best of conventional medicine with the best scientifically supported complementary therapies. enabling patients and their doctors to create individualized..

Up Jim River

There is a river on Dangchao Waypoint. a small world out beyond Die Bold. It is a longish river as such things go. with a multitude of bayous and rapids and waterfalls. and it runs through many a strange and hostile country..


Lacey's world shatters when her dad is killed in a car accident. And secretly. She feels like it's her fault. If she hadn't taken her own sweet time getting ready that morning ..

When the Rain Stops Falling

A heartrending drama about family. betrayal and forgiveness. spanning four generations and two hemispheres. From the writer of the award-winning film "Lantana."It interweaves a series of connected stories as seven people confront the mysteries of their past in order to understand their future..

5SOS Annual

To the very raucous 5SOSfam - wanna find out what the band's been up to over the last year. Jam packed with their own photos. anecdotes of life on- and off- the road. and much more..

Place-and Community-based Education in Schools

Explains the purpose and nature of place- and community-based education and provides multiple examples of its practice. This book contains descriptions of learning experiences set both within and beyond the classroom which will help readers begin the process of advocating for or incorporating local content and experiences into their schools..

Stem Cell Research

This series shows balanced arguments for and against issues affecting our modern world. The books study each argument in detail and explore the history of each topic..

The Wire Primers

Since it was founded in 1982. "The Wire" magazine has covered a vast range of alternative. experimental. underground and non-mainstream music. Now some of that knowledge has been distilled into "The Wire Primers": a comprehensive guide to the core recordings of some of the most visionary and inspiring..


The scattered Tribulation Force is drawn toward the Middle East. as are all the armies of the world. when human history culminates in the battle of the ages. During the last year of the Great Tribulation..

The Ethics of Psychoanalysis

A charismatic and controversial figure. Lacan is one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century and his work has revolutionized linguistics. philosophy..

Shi'ism in South East Asia

This is the first work available in any language to extensively document and critically discuss traditions of 'Alid piety and their modern contestations in the region. The concept of 'Alid piety allows for a reframing of our views on the widespread reverence for 'Ali..