The Mysterious Beach Hut

It is the school summer holidays of 2001. Holly. 12. and her sister Beth. 9. are in their Brighton beach hut one day when there is a knock at the door. Marjorie. the little girl they meet. is somehow different..

Osiris: The Osiris Project

Nobody leaves Osiris. Adelaide Rechnov. Wealthy socialite and granddaughter of the Architect. she spends her time in pointless luxury. rebelling against her family in a series of jaded social extravagances and scandals until her twin brother disappears in mysterious circumstances..

Hard Money - Soft Outcomes

This work is about evaluating the risks and rewards of organizational investments in information technology. The focus of the book is on a tension that this evaluation brings: the tension between the hard..

Reading Bridal Magazines from a Critical Discursive Perspective

Bridal magazines have become increasingly popular in Western society. proliferating the idea of a 'princess bride' on her 'big day'. Yet little has been written on how the ever-expanding wedding media and the popular wedding culture constructs gender and affects the ways women live and experience their weddings..

Needlepoint Gifts for All Seasons

From springtime florals to Christmas greetings. delight in this seasonal treasury of needlepoint cards and keepsakes. These 55 projects offer the perfect choice of gifts to stitch for every occasion -- a duck egg cozy..

Walking with Angels

Every faith has its stories of angels - radiant apparitions or invisible guides. messengers that bring the wisdom of heaven into the hearts of men and women. Yet it is not only the great prophets and seers who have had these experiences..

The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery

The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery (#21 in the Happy Hollisters series) GHOST HUNTER WANTED TO RID A HAUNTED HOUSE OF SPOOKS. APPLY MRS. NEELEY. THE ANTIQUE HOUSE. Their curiosity aroused over this unusual advertisement..

The Existing Revolution

Excerpt from The Existing Revolution: Its Causes and Results In these pages will be found much food for thought. Some will be rejected and denounced by almost all. but this proves not such false..

El Amor en los Tiempos del Colera [Spanish]

In their youth. Florentino Ariza and Fermino Daza fall passionately in love. When Fermina eventually chooses to marry a wealthy. well-born doctor. Florentino is devasted. but he is a romantic. As he rises in his business career he whiles away the years in 622 affairs - yet he reserves his heart for Fermina..

Shadows Strike

U.S. law enforcement agent Heather Lane can read minds but not the future. The dream of battle and blood that recurs every night must be a fluke. some obscure terror from her own mind..

El Camino del Tao [Spanish]

Beginning with an eloquent discourse on the Chinese language. renowned advocate of Eastern philosophy Alan Watts goes on to describe the origins and essence of Taoist philosophy. as well as the concepts of "wu wei"a natural or effortless actionand "Te..

The Secret Series Complete Collection

Not only is the name of this series a secret. but the story is. too. For it concerns a secret - a big secret - that has been tormenting people like you for over... oh no. Did I just mention the secret..

On the Go

Playing with PLAY-DOH is a favorite pastime. but who knew that hands-on learning could be so much fun. Join a lovable Dalmatian as he learns all about different vehicles..

Rick Stein Puddings

Puddings is one of three titles from Rick s delightful new series of beautifully designed gift books. Rick has hand picked 12 of his favourite dessert recipes from his entire collection to appear in this charming gift book..

Dust Explosions

Excerpt from Dust Explosions: Theory and Nature of Phenomena. Causes and Methods of Prevention The subject of Dust Explosions has not received serious consideration until recent years..

Prof. Cavanagh's Phrenological Chart

Excerpt from Prof. Cavanagh's Phrenological Chart Attention is directed to the immense mass of astonishing and convincing evidence as presented by Prof. Cavanagh. This wonderful character delineator and discoverer of genius in those so gifted..

The Paleo Diet for Athletes

A breakthrough nutrition strategy for optimum athletic performance. weight loss. and peak health based on the Stone Age diet humans were designed to eat written by the original Paleo Diet innovators..

Architectural Technology gives me great pleasure to support the first ever publication to specifically address the area of research. and in particular its relationship with practice..

Hockey Tough

No hockey player can reach his full potential without mastering the mental side of the sport. "Hockey Tough" provides players and coaches proven methods for mastering the mental side of the game..

Tribal Television

Native Americans have been a constant fixture on television. from the dawn of broadcasting. when the iconic Indian head test pattern was frequently used during station sign-ons and sign-offs..

The Voyage to Your Vision

We all have the capacity to become what we want to be and achieve what we want to contribute to the world. Each one of us is blessed with the unique skills and abilities that are needed to become successful..

Feel Better, Live Longer with Vitamin B-3

This is the first unified theory of nutrient deficiency and dependency. It is Dr Linus Pauling's revolutionary idea in the 1960s: the world is in a B-3 deficiency and dependency pandemic..

Discovering Chess Openings

There's no denying that the opening is one of the most daunting phases of the game for newcomers to chess. There are literally hundreds of different opening lines. many with unusual sounding names..

Gaby, Lost and Found

Wanted: One amazing forever home for one amazing sixth grader.
"My name is Gaby. and I'm looking for a home where I can invite my best friend over and have a warm breakfast a couple of times a week..

Nazi Concentration Camp Commandants 1933-1945

Using many rare and unpublished images this book identifies and delves into the characters of the notorious men who were instrumental in one of the greatest crimes against humanity in World history..

The Enchanted Island, And Other Poems


Birmingham Blitz

It's August. 1939. Genie Watkins. a Birmingham kid. would love to have a proper happy family like her Italian friend. Teresa. But Genie hasn't reckoned with the outbreak of war. her already rocky family being split up and the strangely liberating effect it all has on her mother ..


The nasty bits at your fingertips. Discover the truth behind the pointy hats and black cats. and other idiotic ideas about witchcraft. and brace yourself for foul facts about the evil executions the poor people suffered..

Vietnam above the Treetops

Every bomb that streaked from a jet air strike into Vietnamese jungle canopy was directed there by an Air Force forward air controller (FAC). In 1966. the FACs were taking the highest casualty rates in Vietnam..

The Departed

The Departed is set in South Boston. where the state police force is waging war on organized crime. Young undercover cop Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) is assigned to infiltrate the mob syndicate run by gangland chief Costello (Jack Nicholson)..

Extreme Measures

With Mitch Rapp away on assignment in Pakistan. CIA Director Irene Kennedy turns to his protege. Mike Nash. Nash has served his government honourably for sixteen years..

Mickey Mouse

The first illustrated biography of the cultural life of an enduring global icon. "Mickey Mouse: Emblem of the American Spirit" is the compelling story of how the singular artistic vision of a unique individual took on a life of its own and became an instantly recognizable character known the world over..

Creative Industries

Across post-industrial societies worldwide. the creative industries are increasingly seen as a key economic driver. These industries - including fields as diverse as advertising..

Touch for Health Reference Chart

This large full color chart is for quick reference for the reflex points. meridians. muscle locations (color coded with the testing positions). mid-day midnight graphic..

Se Buena [Spanish]

Absorbente. emocional. adictiva e inolvidablemente magica. CARMEN Un juego literario sobre el deseo y la obsesion. las leyendas y el arte. la realidad y la ficcion..

The Income Approach to Property Valuation

This classic text has been updated to meet the needs of today's students. It has been revised in line with the 2011 seventh edition of the RICS Valuation Standards and covers the latest valuation techniques including the important area of investment appraisals..

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner Series #1)

Perfect for fans of "Divergent" and "The Hunger Games. " this special movie tie-in edition of the "New York Times" bestseller "The Maze Runner" features an eight-page full-color insert with photos from the film..

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Mic - Black

Crusher brings the sound and feeling that you get from sitting front row at a concert. The headphone's design features a slider to control the bass and customize your music. Dual ear cup articulation and premium materials deliver long-lasting comfort..


Here is a lively and educational childrens book about the great (and sometimes surprising) inventions that created our 21st-century world. and the brilliant. and often brave. inventors who dared to think the unthinkable and do the impossible..

Thorfinn and the Awful Invasion (Young Kelpies

Prepare yourself for the wrath of the Norsemen. That is. if you don't mind and it's not too inconvenient...Everyone knows Vikings are ruthless barbarians whose idea of a good time involves pillaging. plundering and feasting..

Studies on the Gospels

Excerpt from Studies on the Gospels Among those who have persevered in the aspiration towards a moral ideal there are but few who have never had any religious preoccupation. who have not. at one time or another..

The Lady in the Painting

A well-known Chinese folktale is retold here within the limits of an elementary 300 character vocabulary. Yale and Pinyin romanization with Traditional characters..

Pets, Pets, Pets!

Welcome to the busy. noisy. snoozy. cuddly. muddly. crazy world of Pets. Pets. Pets. This fantastically lively collection of poems by award-winning author Kathy Henderson explores all the aspects of our relationships with our pets..

Business Studies for AQA

This bestselling resource has been extensively revised. reorganised and updated for the NEW A Level Business Studies specifications that start teaching from September 2008. The 4th edition of these market-leading texts from this respected and trusted team of authors now include the additional expertise of Alain Anderton to give you the best resources for you and your students..

One Minute for Yourself

Life is lived minute by minute. With the practical wisdom that characterizes all of the books in the One Minute series. Dr. Spencer Johnson shows how 60 seconds spent on yourself can lead to a lifetime of fulfillment and success..

Quotable Elizabeth Warren

US Senator Elizabeth Warren has long been an original thinker and a powerful voice for the common man. Having worked her first job at the age of nine and witnessed first-hand the economic struggles of the American middle class..

Deadpool Classic: v. 2

Landau. Luckman. and Lake want Deadpool to rebuild himself as a hero - but he'll be lucky to pull himself together as he is. His healing factor's down. and the only thing that'll juice it up is a dose of the Incredible Hulk's blood - administered by the Weapon X alumnus who helped make Deadpool what he is in the first place..

Planning in the UK

This lively and accessible introduction to planning covers the theory. history and policy debates that make up the subject. Ideally suited to those new to the topic. and with coverage of planning under the coalition government..

Waiting for Nick

Frederica Kimball had been waiting for the day when Nicholas LeBeck would fall as desperately in love with her as she had always been with him. Nick didn't know what had hit him..

Engineering of Sport 6

This proceedings volume of the ISEA 2006 examines sports engineering. an interdisciplinary subject which encompasses and integrates not only sports science and engineering but also biomechanics..

The Opposite of Everyone

"A must-read." New York Times Book Review

A fiercely independent divorce lawyer learns the power of family and connection when she receives a cryptic message from her estranged mother in this bittersweet..

Beginnings: Book 6

The hottest military science fiction series of all time continues with a collection of tales by New York Times bestselling authors Timothy Zahn. Charles E..

Hurricane Tim

The gripping biography of one of New Zealand's most distinguished farmers. entreprenuers and aviation heroes. When Tim Wallis's Spitfire crashed at Wanaka airfield in 1996..

Thomas Bartholin

While the dissection of bodies had already been allowed to form part of an education at European universities during the 1500s. an anatomical theatre was first established at the University of Copenhagen in 1644..

IB History - Route 2

This OSC IB Revision Guide. written by an experienced IB teacher. provides a complete overview of the IB History Route 2 Prescribed Topic The Cold War as well as practical advice on tackling the exam questions- it is useful throughout the course but especially before tests..

The Eureka Years

In Fall. 1949. an extraordinary publication was born - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. In their half dozen years together. editors Anthony Boucher and J..

Worlds of Old Yiddish Literature

This volume opens the world of Old Yiddish to scholars and students of Yiddish and Jewish Studies alike. It is a further step to broaden awareness that Yiddish..


Winner of the James Beard Foundation Award for Cookbook of the Year for the 1991 First Edition "It's the single contemporary reference on the subject that is both comprehensive and comprehensible. I love Jim's recipes (and there are gems all over the place here)..

Advanced Spreadsheet Projects in Excel

This third edition of the best selling text. Spreadsheet Projects in Excel. features a new colour design and updated project advice. The book is aimed at a number of Advanced courses of study within the National Qualifications Framework currently available in schools and colleges..

Let It Snow : Three Holiday Romances

Three interconnected stories from three bestselling authors: John Green ("Paper Towns." "The Fault in our Stars"). Maureen Johnson ("The Name of the Star"). and Lauren Myracle (The Internet Girls series..

Bassoon (Team Woodwind)

"The Team" series is suitable for use with both individuals or as a group tutor encouraging students to try ensemble playing from the very early stages..

Catholics and Contraception

As Americans rethought sex in the twentieth century. the Catholic Church's teachings on the divisive issue of contraception in marriage were in many ways central..

Saucepans and the Single Girl

Artfully straddling the line between outdated and timeless. this new edition of Jinx Morgan and Judy Perry's out-of- print SAUCEPANS AND THE SINGLE GIRL (originally published in 1965) is like a rediscovered Lily Pulitzer dress - that retro gem that you can't believe has been tucked away since the Nixon years..

Stamford Bridge Legends

Stamford Bridge Legends - Chelsea Champions - talks in depth to the players who clinched Chelsea's only ever top flight Championship. back in 1954-55. fifty years ago. Under the guidance of manager Ted Drake..

Hiervandaan [AFR]

Veelbekroonde reisskrywer Dana Snyman vertel die verhaal van sy eie lewensreis. die van sy familie en van sy land. Hy reis agter stories uit die verlede aan..

The Shadow Dragons

The Caretakers and the legendary Don Quixote must save the Archipelago in thefourth book in Owen's Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica. in which thefate of both worlds is at stake. Illustrations..

The Wedgwood Handbook

Excerpt from The Wedgwood Handbook: A Manual for Collectors- Treating of the Marks. Monograms. and Other Tests of the Old Period of Manufacture- Also Including the Catalogues..

Communication for Development and Social Change

This book deals with the processes required to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and effect positive developmental change. It is contextual and based on dialogue. The stakeholders' participation also needs to be promoted..

Katie's New Recipe

For as long as Katie can remember. it's just been her and her mom. But that's about to change. First her mom gets a boyfriend. And then Katie gets an e-mail from her dad..

Doubleabc. Animals Speak Two Languages English and Italian

The DoubleABC is a Bilingual Alphabet in ITALIAN and ENGLISH (for kids aged 2 and over). where you will find the story. translated in both languages. of so many exciting ANIMALS who have imitated the shape of a letters of the alphabet..

The Evolution of Greek Prose Style

The transmission of literature in writing began in the Greek world with poetry- the publication of laws and regulations came later. and prose literature last. about 500 BC..

Naruto Illustration Book

An art book featuring full-color illustrations and comments from Kishimoto from the best-selling Narurto franchise. Also features a pull-out poster and sticker sheet.

Beyond Bigfoot

Deep in the woods of the Appalachian Trail a grisly murder has taken place. Could the legendary creature known as Bigfoot be responsible. British mother Crystal has a dreadful feeling she knows who the killer is..

Teaching at Home

Faced with the apparent inability of her autistic son Billy to learn and socialize with other children at school. Olga Holland decided to teach him at home. Where traditional educational approaches had produced limited results..

Wake Up Time

The main question of this book is: why have the billions of dollars spent on Aboriginal issues not closed the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. and what should be done about this..

The Day the Crayons Quit

Crayons have feelings. too. in this funny back-to-school story illustrated by the creator of "Stuck "and "This Moose Belongs to Me"--now a #1" New York Times "bestseller

Poor Duncan just wantsto color..

The Signet; Or, the Love of Queen Elizabeth

Excerpt from The Signet- Or. the Love of Queen Elizabeth: A Play in Five Acts Queen Elizabeth. of England. ascended the throne in 1558. and in the twenty-fifth year of her age..


The past decade has seen a number of developments that threaten the very fabric of how marketing activities have traditionally been conducted. On one hand..


New York Times bestselling authors Diana Gabaldon. Faye Kellerman. and Eileen Goudge have joined together with nine nationally recognized writers of women's fiction to create this poignant collection of original short fiction and non-fiction memoirs..

The Elgar Companion to Development Studies

"The Elgar Companion to Development Studies" is an innovative and unique reference book that includes original contributions covering development economics as well as development studies broadly defined..


Your favorite characters have been given the POP treatment. Perfect for fans and collectors alike. Figures stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box. Check out the other POP figures from Funko..

The Western Arctic Seas Encyclopedia

This Encyclopedia is designed to accumulate and systematize our knowledge about the unique natural water areas - the Barents. White and Kara seas. their wealth. the events that took place on its waters and shores..

A Game of Thrones

This first volume in the hugely popular and highly acclaimed epic fantasy series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE is unabridged on 28 CDs. Now a major Sky Atlantic TV series from HBO. featuring a stellar cast..

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The final book in the phenomenal Harry Potter series wraps up the adventures of the famous boy wizard and his friends Ron and Hermione. Will Lord Voldemort and his evil followers be defeated..


Mulder. a Dutchman. returns at last to South Africa. his memories scattered by forty years and two strokes. Once he fought to free the country from apartheid- now he finds its people asking whether years of democracy have left them any better off..

Alexander's Nursing Practice

The most comprehensive UK Adult Nursing core text. now in its fourth edition. for the next generation of nurses. This best-selling textbook has been fully revised by a team of experienced nurses for nurses focusing on the issues that are important to them..

Behavior Modification, Exam Copy

Behavior Modification.10/e assumes no specific prior knowledge about psychology or behavior modification on the part of the reader. The authors begin with basic principles and procedures of behavior modification and then provide readers with how-to-skills such as observing and recording..

Tony Baloney

Bestselling author Pam Munoz Ryan and virtuosic new talent Edwin Fotheringham show off their funny sides as they introduce the mischievous. lovable. utterly relatable Tony Baloney.

Tony Baloney is a macaroni penguin..

My Italian Year

Excerpt from My Italian Year: Observations and Reflections in Italy During the Last Year of the War The writer of these observations and reflections. since childhood a lover of Italy. an admirer of the Italian people..

Jewish Mysticism and Magic

Providing a unique anthropological perspective on Jewish mysticism and magic. this book is a study of Jewish rites and rituals and how the analysis of early literature provides the roots for understanding religious practices..