The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

From Dorothy's modest Kansas farm. to the yellow-brick road. from the Wicked Witch of the West to the Emerald City. unforgettable icons abound in L. Frank Baum's classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz..

Mules of Love: Poems

A new collection of poetry from the bestselling author of "The Courage to Heal.".

Servant of the Glory: M

A clear. straight-forward and easily readable account of the the remarkable life of 'Abdu'l-Baha the son of Baha'u'llah. founder of the Baha'i Faith..


A window into a world of extraordinary beauty and mystery. "China: A Celebration in Art and Literature" reveals the glorious 5.000-year-old history of this ancient and fascination culture. In 240 pages and more than 100 full-color images..

Captain Underpants Super Collection

It's the most super collection of Underpants. Join George. Harold and the amazing Captain Underpants on eight incredible adventures that will leave you laughing harder than ever..

Foundations and Applications of Multi-agent Systems

This book presents revised full versions of papers contributed to UK Workshops on Multi-Agent Systems. UKMAS. during 1996 and 2000. From the early days of MAS research. the UK community has been a particularly productive one with numerous key contributions..

I Never Came to You in White

In 1847 Edward Dickinson's daughter Emily was seventeen. a student at Mary Lyon's female seminary (now Mount Holyoke College) in South Hadley. Massachusetts. Thrilled by the challenges of her education..

Young Sherlock Holmes

Fourteen-year-old Sherlock has come up against some challenges in his time. but what confronts him now is completely baffling. His tutor. Crowe. and Crowe's daughter. Ginny. have vanished..

Unlocking the Secrets of White Dwarf Stars

White dwarfs. each containing about as much mass as our Sun but packed into a volume about the size of Earth. are the endpoints of evolution for most stars. Thousands of these faint objects have now been discovered..

Hop, Skip, Jump : 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life

Most of us view work and play as mutually exclusive opposites. but now you can blend them together in your new route to joy-filled success. The 75 techniques in this book will guide you to be more playful and productive as you move through three vital phases of the manifestation process: dreaming (Hop)..

The Guga Hunters

Every year. ten men from Ness. at the northern tip of the Isle of Lewis. sail north-east for some forty miles to a remote rock called Sulasgeir. Their mission is to catch and harvest the guga- the almost fully grown gannet chicks nesting on the two hundred foot high cliffs that circle the tiny island..

Vienna in the Age of Uncertainty

In the fin-de-siecle Vienna of Sigmund Freud. Gustav Klimt. and Ernst Mach. natural science was a vehicle for educating citizens. a source of moral authority for a battered liberalism..

Conversations with Mani Ratnam

His Nayakan is among Times 100 Best Movies Ever- and Roja launched A.R. Rahman. This book. unique for Indian cinema. illuminates the genius of the man behind these and eighteen other masterly films..

I Just Came Here to Dance

Paula Anne Fairbanks understands all about the unexamined life. And she likes hers that way. Until her world gets ripped smooth apart. Running from reality..

Humor Therapy

David Mann found his calling early in life by making others laugh as a class clown. He went on to become a professional humor therapist. He shares the gift of laughter and how it transformed his life in this guide to making people smile..

A Brain Is Born

Witness the dramatic unfolding of the human form in all its potential. Join John E. Upledger. D.O.. O.M.M.. as he takes you from the first union of sperm and egg through the development of the complex circuitry that makes up the human brain..

Peace of Mind

We can't heal with our minds alone. Thinking can be something productive and creative. but without integrating body and mind. much of our thinking is useless and unproductive..

Death of a Salesman

The tragedy of a typical American--a salesman who at the age of sixty-three is faced with what he cannot face- defeat and disillusionment.


Teaching To Change the World

In 1998. the first edition of Teaching To Change The World broke new ground in teacher education by positioning the foundations and practices of American schooling in the context of the struggle for social justice..

Le Nuove Tesi del Cluetrain Manifesto [ITA]

Doc Searls e David Weinberger. autori nel 1999 del Cluetrain Manifesto insieme a Christopher Locke e Rick Levine. danno nuovamente voce al Popolo della Rete. affinche chi abbia smarrito la via dell'Open Internet possa aprire gli occhi sui pericoli che minacciano il futuro del Web e agire di conseguenza..

Memory for Forgetfulness

One of the Arab world's greatest poets uses the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon and the shelling of Beirut as the setting for this sequence of prose poems. Mahmoud Darwish vividly recreates the sights and sounds of a city under terrible siege..

Prometheus Bound and Other Plays

Aeschylus (525-456 BC) brought a new grandeur and epic sweep to the drama of classical Athens. raising it to the status of high art. In "Prometheus Bound"..


This Friday. 16 December 2011. is the 50th anniversary of the launch of Umkhonto weSizwe. Umkhonto weSizwe. the Spear of the nation. popularly known as MK. was the armed wing of the African National Congress..

The Fly Trap

Fredrik Sjoberg's Swedish bestseller about summer. islands and finding happiness in the little things. Every summer there are a number of nights. not many. but a number. when everything is perfect..

Horse-Keeping for Amateurs

Excerpt from Horse-Keeping for Amateurs: A Practical Manual on the of Horses. for the Guidance of Those Who Keep Them for Their Personal Use In the little volume now submitted to the public. I have endeavoured..

In Royal Fashion

In the 1960s and 1970s. Queen Sirikit of Thailand was often voted as one of the most beautiful and best-dressed women in the world. Through her Support Foundation she has helped restore the Thai silk industry to its rightful place in Thailand's commercial success..

11 Explained

The Official 11 Series offers the most authoritative guidance and authentic practice available for the 11 . supporting you and your child in understanding the demands of the real 11 test..

The Dragon of Doom

Young Edward is the assistant to Moongobble the Magician--a good man but a terrible magician. When the Society of Magicians threatens to cast Moongobble out. he and Edward must make a dangerous journey to face the Dragon of Doom..

My Guru and His Disciple

This title features with an introduction by Simon Callow. In 1939. as Europe approaches war. Isherwood. an instinctive pacifist. travels west to California. seeking a new set of beliefs to replace the failed Leftism of the thirties..

The Mentalist's Handbook

There is a world that mirrors our own. Everything in this world is made of substance finer than air. finer than light. finer than thought itself - the aether. In the aether there are inner sensations such as ideas and feelings that are as tangible as anything in the material world..

Crochet Wire

Presents the ultra-elegant necklaces that require a simple spool of 28-gauge metallic wire. a handful of beads. jewelry clasps and findings and a size G or H crochet hook..

The Fearful Gates

"The city of Nioergeard's long years of weathering any sort of siege were well and truly behind it. Whoever wanted to take the city could walk right in -- just as Freya had."A millennium's worth of evil plans are about to bear fruit for the dark wizard Gad..

Food Drying

This book contains all the information you need to learn to safely dry and store food. Food dehydration is a food preservation technique that can be used by farmers. gardeners. hunters and fisherman to extend the harvest and to put away food for long-term storage..

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

As he climbs into the sidecar of Hagrid's motorbike and takes to the skies. leaving Privet Drive for the last time. Harry Potter knows that Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters are not far behind..

Introduction to the History of New Zealand Education

Introduction to the History of New Zealand Education gives an overview of the New Zealand education system from the nineteenth century to the present. It shows that many educational issues of the past are still concerns today..

The House of Cobwebs and Other Stories

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process..

Man Seeks God

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Die Trying

Jack Reacher is an innocent bystander when he witnesses a woman kidnapped off a Chicago street in broad daylight. In the wrong place at the wrong time..

Comprehensive Handbook of Cognitive Therapy

This Handbook covers all the many aspects of cognitive therapy both in its practical application in a clinical setting and in its theoretical aspects. Since the first applications of cognitive therapy over twenty years ago..

The Voice of the Silence by H.P. Blavatsky

The following pages are derived from "The Book of the Golden Precepts." one of the works put into the hands of mystic students in the East. The knowledge of them is obligatory in that school..

Husbands Who Stray

We've heard stories of married men who strayed after some unfortunate events that rocked the marriage. Read on to find out the stories of six men who all have something to say a thing or two about cheating..

Tough Chicks

From the moment Penny. Polly. and Molly hatch from their eggs. the whole farm knows they are truly tough chicks. They wrestle worms. rope roosters. and are often found under the hood of the tractor..

Beauty and the Beast / La Bella y La Bestia

With bright illustrations and a simple text. the books in this series are a perfect way for young Spanish-speakers to enjoy classic tales and learn English at the same time. On each page..


The former owner/proprietor of the beloved appetizing store on Manhattan's Lower East Side tells the delightful. mouthwatering story of an immigrant family's journey from a pushcart in 1907 to "New York's most hallowed shrine to the miracle of caviar..

The Broons Calendar 2017

This bestselling calendar is a must-have for every Broons fan. Colourful. nostalgic and cheerful. the calendar is crammed full of Glebe Street charm from Scotland's longest-established..


McConnell/Brue/Flynn has long set the standard for providing high-quality content to instructors and students all over the world. It has remained the most widely used principles of economics product as a result of persistent innovation..

Why We Broke Up

"I'm telling you why we broke up. Ed. I'm writing it in this letter. the whole truth of why it happened."

Min Green and Ed Slaterton are breaking up. so Min is writing Ed a letter and giving him a box..

Passport to English

This teacher's book is one of a series specifically for use in Cameroon schools. There are accompanying Workbooks and Students' Books..

Eat the Cookie-- Buy the Shoes

Engrained in our culture is the belief that unbending discipline is the only sure way to success. But Joyce Meyer tells us why we need to break our routines now and then and even indulge..

Lock and Key

"Ruby. where is your mother."

Ruby knows that the game is up. For the past few months. she's been on her own in the yellow house. managing somehow. knowing that her mother will probably never return..

General Engineering

An core text for the CGLI Basic Engineering Competences (2010) scheme in Engineering. covering industrial studies. basic engineering processes. material removal..

The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn

Here in one volume are the four collected works of one of America's most beloved and best-selling inspirational authors. In her classic best-seller The Game of Life. Florence Scovel Shinn reveals the timeless message that has helped thousands to solve their problems..

The Lost Album

Basil Hyman. a keen amateur photographer. took hundreds of photographs of everyday life in Britain during the 1950s. "The Lost Album" is a nostalgic look back at this long-gone era..

Bedtime Blessings for Boys

Twenty short devotions each with a prayer and a sweet thought to sleep on. Padded front cover Ages 3-6.

Brothers of the Spear Archives Volume 3

Blood brothers Dan-El and Natongo's quest comes to an end. as Russ Manning and Gaylord DuBois complete their years-long epic. Having grown together into wise leaders. the brothers of the spear fight alongside their brides and their armies to liberate Dan-El's people from the usurper Nagopa once and for all..

I See the Promised Land

I See the Promised Land narrates the life of Martin Luther King. African-American writer and griot. bard and blues singer Arthur Flowers does the telling..

The Diplomatic Background of the War, 1870-1914

Excerpt from The Diplomatic Background of the War. 1870-1914 It is a rather surprising fact that while the outbreak of the war in 1914 has led to the production of more than one skillful analysis of the crisis of that year..

Selo Pri Zagorju [Spanish]

Por favor. tenga en cuenta que el contenido de ste libro consiste de art culos disponibles en Wikipedia u otras fuentes de internet Selo pri Zagorju is a settlement immediately to the east of Zagorje ob Savi in central Slovenia..

Past, Present, and Future

Excerpt from Past. Present. and Future: What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful of Him. Ps- 8. 4 The Past. - What was the origin of the race. What is the nature of man. What lessons may we learn from the history of the centuries agone as recorded in the Scriptures..

Lime Tree Can't Bear Orange

"Men will want you like they want a glass of rum...One man will love you. But you won't love him. You will destroy his life. The one you love will break your heart in two..

Oxford Reading Treetops Graphic Novels

These highly motivating. action-packed visual texts will excite young readers. TreeTops Graphic Novels offer a different kind of reading challenge to engage 7-11 year olds. These historically-themed stories contain links to real events and non-fiction pages to give context and purpose to reading..

New Tune a Day: Flute- Book/CD [Spanish]

(Music Sales America). Since it first appeared in the 1930s. the concise. clear content of the best-selling A Tune a Day series has revolutionized music-making in the classroom and the home..

Sweet Thang

Growing up in Philadelphia in 1975. 14-year-old Charmaine Upshaw is obsessed with justice. Unfortunately. she gets none of it in her life: not from her parents. who make her share a room with her tap-dancing brother Leo- not at school..


When foreign exchange student Olivia Grant is stabbed to death at a party. the accusations fly through Port Gamble faster than Twitter trending. Fingers point at party host Brianna..

Princess Flex Neck Booklight

2 bright LEDs. Clips to anything- books. laptops. desks. and more. Flexible neck points light wherever you need it. Head fits in clip for easy storage and travel. 2 replaceable CR2032 batteries included..

The One

#1 "NEW YORK TIMES "BESTSELLER NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY "POPSUGAR" Look for special features inside. Join the Random House Reader s Circle for author chats and more..

Drive and Curiosity

This is a compelling look at the personality traits and circumstances that drive scientists. All scientists possess curiosity and a certain level of drive to pursue their work. But what impels those few scientists who rise above their peers to achieve breakthrough discoveries..

An Artist's Vision

Eighty-seven-old lifetime artist. Dan Wetta. a career accountant (who lived a distinctly different life through his work) put his dreams and unique vision of the world to canvas and paper throughout his life..

Earth to Sky

Elephants are among the earths most sentient beings. They remember. they experience grief and joy. fear and love. Indeed. as our knowledge of these extraordinary creatures increases..

A Little Journey to the Home of Andrew Taylor Still

Excerpt from A Little Journey to the Home of Andrew Taylor Still Major Andrew Taylor Still. who was surgeon to the troop of which Old John Brown was in command. The first time I heard of Doctor Still was from the lips of Major Pond..

101 Bible stories for toddlers

The early years are the ideal time to introduce children to stories and concepts that will shape their faith for years to come. 101 Bible stories for toddlers is for those treasured moments when a child's heart is touched by the Spirit of God..


So much knowledge of the Spanish language in so few pages at an unbeatable price. These durable coated pages will stand on their own with our built in easel for ease of reading and reference. Hundreds of pages of book facts expertly authored..

The Music Man's Piano Prodigy

In this rhyming tale. the Magic Music Man makes his return when a little girl visits his shop to pick out her instrument. She tries all kinds of instruments before she decides on the piano..

Murder By Manicure

Both Nancy J. Cohen's debut title PERMED TO DEATH. and her follow-up. HAIR RAISER. have wowed fans and critics alike. Now. in this eagerly anticipated third entry in the Bad Hair Day Mystery series..

Flex Mentallo

Collected for the first time. an early classic from the All-Star Superman team. newly re-colored. Once he was Hero of the Beach . . . and of the Doom Patrol..

The Game and the Governess

From Kate Noble. part of the sensational writing team behind The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. comes the first in a sparkling and witty new historical romance series that's part Trading Places..

The Cries of Vampira

The Cries Of Vampira #1 (a 13.000 word Novella which takes place primarily all in one dark night) is a Vampire Romance/Fantasy/Historical Romance Fiction series. Seventeen year old Assassin Vampire Princess Kristin is the next heir to the throne of Vampira..

Traveller's History of Japan

New 4th Edition: "A Traveller's History of Japan" not only offers the reader a chronological outline of the nation's development but also provides an invaluable introduction to its language..

Camp Crazy (Lightning Strikes)

Daks and his mates are back. When the boys go camping in Poo's backyard - the national forest - they stumble across a crazy woman living up the mountain..

The Green Bottle

Ken and his dog Spot are inseparable. of course. the fact that Spot can talk is a great advantage. Particularly when the duo are once more involved in an adventure..

Bride's Little Book of Headaches

Congratulations. You're getting married. That's nice. Flash forward and we feel your pain. The Bride's Little Book of Headaches pokes gentle fun at the crazy and maddening months of wedding planning..


Siblings and all the lateral relationships that follow from them are clearly important and their interaction is widely observed. particularly in creative literature. Yet in the social..

Christian Family and Contemporary Society

This collection of essays integrates a broad spectrum of geographical. denominational. and interdisciplinary perspectives. and analyses the relationship between family and religion in its various contexts..

Tools for Rebuilding

In their barn-burning first book. Rebuilt. Michael White and Tom Corcoran shared their story and vision of building better Catholic parishes. Now in their eagerly anticipated second book..


From the "New York Times"-bestselling author of the beloved Pip and Flinx series comes a major new adventure in the Humanx Commonwealth saga. where explorers on a very bizarre planet face a world-shattering destiny..

Lone Star Nation

In Lone Star Nation. Pulitzer Prize finalist H. W. Brands demythologizes Texas' s journey to statehood and restores the genuinely heroic spirit to a pivotal chapter in American history.
From Stephen Austin..

Trans-Siberian Handbook

Featuring 75 route maps and town plans. this 7th edition is a guide to the world's longest rail journey..

Shadow of the Silk Road

On buses. donkey carts. trains. jeeps and camels. Colin Thubron traces the drifts of the first great trade route out of the heart of China into the mountains of Central Asia..

Over the Mountains

"I'm no good at writing." says Rafe Mair. paraphrasing Robert Benchley. "but by the time I realised that. I was too famous to stop." He didn't begin writing until he was 50..

Mister Kreasey's Demon

Village teacher. Matt Kreasey. is reduced to paranoia by the street-hardened students in his new inner-city London post. His student. Amy. lets him glimpse at love. but could she. too..

The Caves

THE CAVES. the sequel to GRUNT AIR. begins in Washington. where a radio intercept officer decodes a classified message from the head of the North Vietnam office that controls the captured American and Allied Prisoners of War..

The Buttons Family

This title is one in a series of six brilliant new first experiences books about the Buttons family. Cherry has a cold but she doesn't want to go to the doctor..