Thirteen Chairs

Jack stands in the dark on the landing of the old house. and looks at his feet - He has been here for minutes. his hand on the door handle. debating whether or not to go in. A high-ceilinged room lit only by candles..

Why?: A Life of the Abandoned

Eighty years ago. in 1935. my grandad was born. I suppose anyone who reaches such a milestone deserves a medal. but in my grandad's case. I think this is particularly so- he deserves a million medals..

American Inventors

From chocolate chip cookies to football. in this book young readers will learn the stories of many great American inventions and their inventors. Children will love learning about their country in these fun fact books about America and the people and places that make it great..

Guardian of Lies (Paul Madriani Novels

A woman is looking for a way to flee a darkened San Diego beach house where she has been held a virtual prisoner by a wealthy man . . . just as a killer enters the mansion on a terrifying mission of blood and carnage..

Laser Welding of Plastics

This is the first detailed description in English of radiation and polymeric material interaction and the influences of thermal and optical material properties. As such. it provides comprehensive information on material and process characteristics as well as applications regarding plastic laser welding..

Little Book of Vintage Horror

These small. but perfectly formed. book collections of kitsch and kooky images come complete with fascinating facts and weird and wonderful tales. These digests of the best from classic "Fifties" comics contain everything from ghastly ghouls and racy romances- through wise-guy gangsters and vampish vixens- right up to battle-scarred heroes and outer space adventures..

Travelling Light

In a remote village in Eastern Europe. around 1900. the young Motl Mendl is entranced by the flickering silent images on his father's cinematograph. Bankrolled by Jacob..

From Project-Based Learning to Artistic Thinking

This book follows the course of a year-long experiment in which the students were tasked with recreating a McDonald's Happy Meal by making all the components - from food to packaging - by hand from local ingredients..

Grizzly Bear Rock

The fifth title in the new "Usborne Very First Reading" series. designed for younger children to introduce them to reading together with their parents. Parents and children take turns to read from the page (the text clearly marked for who should be reading) and as the books progress in the series the adults read less and less and the child more and more..

The Rose of Old St. Louis

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process..

Chez Nous

For courses in Elementary French. Building on the success of earlier editions and anchored in the most current innovations in language instruction. the Fourth Edition of Chez nous offers a richly nuanced focus on the Francophone world through a highly integrative and process-oriented approach to the development of language skills that emphasizes the "Five C's" and is consistent with the National Standards..

It's All About... Super Solar System

Super Solar System tells you everything you want to know about space and our galaxy. Read about our rocky moon and how we travelled there. stunning star constellations and the International Space Station..

The Herbal

The 1633 edition revised and enlarged by Thomas Johnson. Containing almost 2.850 plant descriptions and 2.705 superb illustrations. Gerard's Herbal is a monumental work. the book all modern English herbals are derived from..

Broad Appeal

SAM DAWSON DID NOT LIKE TURNING SIXTY. Body parts started heading south. and in the Down Dog yoga pose she could count the wrinkles around her ankles like the age rings of a tree. Curious to learn whether others her age felt the same..

Fast FreeHand Fills

Do you love zen drawing but end up using the same 20 patterns again and again. The Fast Freehand Fills series can help. Always have a fresh fill on hand with this catalog of basic fills and patterns..

Shabby Chic After All

Desperate to find solace. a meaningful project. and maybe even herself. Julia runs from New York City to a small town in southwest Pennsylvania. Upon her arrival she finds that even though her abilities may be limited..


English for Academic Study: Reading English for academic study: Reading is designed to challenge and stimulate students on pre-sessional and pre-departure courses..

Revisiting Music Theory

"Music Fundamentals and Theory: A Practical Handbook" teaches the basics of music theory plus the vocabulary to use in harmonic and formal analysis. The book begins with no assumption of music reading skills..

CliffsTestPrep Praxis II

Your guide to a higher score on Praxis II.: English Subject Area Assessments (0041. 0042. 0043. 0048. 0049) Why CliffsTestPrep Guides. Go with the name you know and trust Get the information you need--fast..

Rosslyn Chapel and Hinterland

Viewing local Cistercian. Templar and ecclesiastical sites as pertinent to Rosslyn Chapel's location. the Rose Line of Dan Brown's book the "Da Vinci Code" is also mentioned in its original known location..

Ed Fox

Glamour from the ground up. Ed Fox has been called the new Elmer Batters. but he's clearly no imitator. Yes. there's that 'little secret' he shares with the late Mr. Batters. but Fox celebrates the female foot in his own way..

Exam 70-411 Administering Windows Server 2012 Lab Manual

This is the Lab Manual to accompany Exam 70-411 Administering Windows Server 2012. This 70-411 Administering Windows Server 2012 textbook covers the second of three exams required for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows Server 2012 certification..

Dieterich Buxtehude

This book is a new edition of the most comprehensive life-and-works study of the great Baroque-era organist and composer Dieterich Buxtehude (ca. 1637-1707). released to celebrate the tercentenary of the composer's death..

Ugglys Pet Shop Series 1 8-Pack

Kids can now hang out with the gross gang. This 8 pack of putrid pets will add to their smelly tally of Ugglies. When they dare to buy this pack. they are guaranteed at least one hidden poop to add to their collection..

Chasing and Repousse

Chasing and repousse are methods of embellishing metal objects that have been in use for millennia. With the use of punches and hammers. a wide range of items from delicate jewellery..

Yearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2011

The principled discussion of a general topic on fiscal law is relevant to all countries. It deals with global issues on fiscal law. The book is intended for anyone who deals with fiscal law - practitioners..

The Obsession

The riveting new novel from the #1 "New York Times" bestselling author of "The Liar."

Naomi Bowes lost her innocence the night she followed her father into the woods. In freeing the girl trapped in the root cellar..

The Fat Chance Cookbook

The long-awaited cookbook companion to the instant "New York Times" bestseller "Fat Chance" shows you how to beat the odds deliciously Dr. Robert Lustig s message that "a calorie is not a calorie" revolutionized our understanding of weight loss and nutrition..

Top Jobs

What are the best jobs. More importantly. how do you get one. Choosing and starting a career can be a daunting task. especially as 80 graduates are fighting for every graduate role..

Family: Life, Death and Football

No one likes Millwall. They don't care. But what does it really take to be a part of this team. or a supporter. A British Sports Books Awards 2011 nominee..

The Ten Commandments

Across the Western world. the Ten Commandments have become a source of inspiration and controversy. whether in court rulings. in film and literature. or as a religious icon gracing houses of worship of every denomination..

Period Hairstyles for Studio, Stage and Screen

Every period in history has its classic hairstyles: the bob cut for Twenties elegance. the flip hairstyle for the Fifties and the long. centre-parted mane of the Seventies. If you need to create a period hairstyle for a film..

A Year with the Saints

We must begin with a strong and constant resolution to give ourselves wholly to God. professing to Him. in a tender. loving manner. from the bottom of our hearts. that we intend to be His without any reserve..

Exploring Masculinities

While masculinities theory has had much to say on relationships of subordination. few feminist legal scholars have examined the implications of masculinities theory for feminist legal theory..

Butterflies of the South Pacific

The South Pacific is a vast expanse of ocean - over 50 million km - with tiny scattered islands and island groups. From Kiribati. Tuvalu and Fiji in the west. to the far-flung Marquesas and Austral Islands in French Polynesia in the east..

Understanding and Dealing with Stroke

It is estimated that there are up to 30 strokes every minute throughout the world. A stroke can be fatal or disabling. while others are purely temporary with a recovery time of less than 24 hours..

How to Set Up and Run a Fashion Label

It does not matter how talented a designer you are. if you are going to run a successful fashion business you also need to know about everything from marketing and PR..

The Understudy

The Understudy is a scintillating comedy of ambition. celebrity. jealousy and love from the author of the smash hit One Day. For Josh Harper. being in show business means money. fame. a beautiful wife and a lead role on the London stage..

Beginning Reflective Practice

A title within the Nursing and Health Care Practice series. Beginning Reflective Practice provides pre-registration nursing and health care students with all the tools required to fully understand and develop skills for reflective practice..

Step ahead Alphabet Skills (K)

Proven educational methods reinforce what is taught in preschool through the elementary grades. Simple instructions and delightful graphics motivate children to master the skills..

From Seance to Science

This book is intended to round out the picture of American psychology's past. adding the history of psychological practice to the story of psychological science. Written by two well-recognised authorities in the field..

Ourdoor Sports and Games

Excerpt from Ourdoor Sports and Games Suppose you should wake up Christmas morning and find yourself to be the owner of a bicycle. It is a brand-new wheel and everything is in perfect working order. The bearings are well oiled..

Today is Monday

String beans. spaghetti. ZOOOOP. roast beef. fresh fish. chicken and ice cream are the delicious fare during the week in this popular children's song. Until Sunday. Then. all the world's children are invited to come together and share in the meal..

Lodestar (Mal Harris Series)

The half-brother of a Lloyd's underwriter who has gone of the rails determines to rescue him and his investors from disaster. But the dangerous financial risk has been spotted by criminals in the shipping industry who attempt to exploit it for added profit in an already criminal project..

Keep Him My Country

Keep Him My Country is a powerful novel of a young man's experience of the harsh beauty of the outback. growing up and the difficult learning experience that accompanies it..

Polymers and Composites

This book aims to present the progress in the science of polymers and monomer. synthesis. study of properties and application of polymers. polymer mixtures. composites and filled polymers..

Sweet Nothings

Joanie Bigbee. cupcake baker extraordinaire. likes to keep her options open and she s good at it. She's started and sold some 30 businesses in her postage stamp-sized Tennessee town..

The New Pentecostal Message?

The prosperity movement has influenced millions of people in North America. Asia. Europe. South America. and Africa through Pentecostal. Charismatic and nondenominational preachers in some of the largest churches in the world..

Fucking Brilliant Pencils

This fancy-ass set of ten graphite eraser-topped Standard HB/No. 2 pencils features inspirational profanity. calligraphic flourishes. and foil stamping..

Microorganisms in Home and Indoor Work Environments

In 2007. scientists estimated the direct cost of diseases associated with mould and dampness on the US population to be in the range of 4 billion dollars. and the indirect costs of lost work and school days are gauged even higher..

Creative Destruction

Surviving isn't enough. Companies want to excel. and in order to do this they need to continually destroy and rebuild parts of their business. This is creative destruction..

The Soul of Discipline

From the author of "Simplicity Parenting" comes an elegantly simple and inspiring plan to help parents set limits. correct behavior. and influence a child s decision-making by playing three specific roles: the Governor..

No Litmus Test

The courts and. indeed. the law itself are under assault from both right and left. By analyzing the most pressing controversies of our day. "No Litmus Test" defends the possibility of principled legal decision-making against the attacks of both the right and the left..

The Amazing Adventures of Stampylonghead

Follow the adventures of Stampylonghead and his close friends witty Flash the turtle and cake loving Lola the bird as they have to navigate their way around a major challenge of saving their village of Tuk Tuk from the imminent attack of the gnomes..

One with Others

National Book Award "and" National Book Critics Circle Award finalist.

The Land of Long Ago

Kelly and Kai love to play on the gnarled old tree trunk outside their cottage in the woods: sometimes it becomes a horse. sometimes a crocodile and sometimes even a dragon. One day a mischievous gnome makes the tree trunk come to life..

Essentials of Services Marketing

Make it easy for students to understand: Clear. Simple Language and Visual Learning Aids The authors use simple English and short sentences to help students grasp concepts more easily and quickly..

Haircutting for Dummies

Do you want to cut and style your family's hair. but don't know where to begin. This easy-to-follow guide shows you how to get salon- or barbershop-quality results on all types of hair - long..

The Bravest Thing in the World

Excerpt from The Bravest Thing in the World: A Comedy of Childhood in One Act This play in 1915 won the Jayne Prize offered by the Philadelphia Center of The Drama League of America for the best original children's play in a competition conducted by the League..

Supernatural TV Show Pop! Vinyl - Sam Winchester

Hunt down some demons and bad spirits with Sam Winchester of Supernatural as he makes his way into your Pop. Television collection. Featuring the adorable Pop. likeness of actor Jared Padalecki..

Remembering Home

Research has shown that stimulating early memories can have positive effects for persons with dementia or related disorders and can energize the relationships between such persons and their families..

Repairing Pottery and Porcelain

A step-by-step guide to repairing pottery and porcelain. from the simplest plate to the most complex figurine. There is advice on which materials to use. the methods and techniques of joining. and how to disguise the join afterwards..

Scandinavian Women's Law in the 21st Century

In Scandinavia. women's law was established as a distinct legal discipline in university teaching and legal scholarship in the mid 1970'ies. The University of Oslo (Norway) played a particularly pioneering role..

Geek Drama (Geek Girl)

"My name is Harriet Manners. and I am a geek." A brand new World Book Day story from the no. 1 bestselling and award-winning GEEK GIRL series. Harriet Manners knows that the hottest observed place on earth is Furnace Creek in Death Valley..

LeapFrog Explorer Game - Minnie's Bow-tique

It's a busy day at Minnie's Bow-tique?everyone?s getting ready for a super secret surprise party. Join in the fun and help Minnie and Daisy turn ribbon and dazzles into beautiful bows for all of their friends..

English Private Law

Now in its third edition. this work has established itself as a key point of reference on English private law for lawyers in the UK and throughout the world. The book acts as an accessible first point of reference for practitioners approaching a private law issue for the first time..

Secret of the Prince's Tomb

"The Egyptians believe that whoever opens a tomb will be cursed."The hot sun and sand of ancient Egypt await Patrick and Beth in their next Imagination Station adventure..

Enciclopedia Inicial Yo Aprendo [Spanish]

Written in Spanish. The ENCICLOPEDIA INICIAL is a childs first reference guide to learning subjects in school and developing moral standards. School subjects covered in this encyclopedia include: ecology..

Kaplan MCAT Review

Spend less. get more. Our five-in-one boxed set features more content review and questions than any other study package.

More people get into medical school with a Kaplan MCAT course than all major courses combined..

And Then We Held Hands Board Game

A co-operative game about finding balance. the two players must complete objectives and reach the center of the board. The players take turns trying to fulfill the current common emotional objective by discarding emotion cards to move from node to node..

The Mystery of You

'The Mystery of You' is an exciting and thought-provoking look at ourselves and how we live our lives. It contains a rich tapestry of ideas. beliefs and experiences..

Listen to the Rain

Martin and Archambault evoke the beauty and the mystery. the sounds and the silences of rain. Their marvelous ear for the melodies and rhythms of language. combined with Endicott's spare. almost abstract paintings..

Atheist Secularism and its Discontents

Atheist Secularism and Its Discontents takes a comparative approach to understanding religion under communism. arguing that communism was integral to the global experience of secularism..

Learning to Confer

In her book. "Writing Through Childhood." Shelley Harwayne set up a framework to guide teachers in responding to student writing. Now. with this video. watch Shelley conferring with several children about their writing..

Conversational Hungarian

Hungarian is spoken in Hungary and by the Hungarian minorities in 7 neighboring countries. The Hungarian name for the language is Magyar. Pimsleur's Hungarian teaches the "standard" Hungarian..

Belong to Me

Everyone has secrets. Some we keep to protect ourselves. others to protect those we love.

A devoted city dweller. Cornelia Brown surprised herself when she was gripped by the sudden desire to head for an idyllic suburb..

Younger Next Year

Drawing on the latest science of revolutionary biology. YOUNGER NEXT YEAR shows men fifty or older how they can become functionally younger every year for the next five to ten years. and continue to live like energetic fifty-year-olds until well into their eighties..

Numerical Methods and Applications

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Numerical Methods and Applications. NMA 2014. held in Borovets. Bulgaria. in August 2014..

Religion as an Agent of Change

In Religion as an Agent of Change leading historians and Church historians discuss religion as a driving historical force on the basis of three particular cases from the history of Christianity in Western Europe: the Crusades..

When Dragons are Dreaming

Poor little Dragon just can't get to sleep. no matter how hard he tries. Instead. what he'd really like to do is dance through the moonlight and play games in the starlit sky with the fairies ..

Practical Building Conservation

Mortars. Renders and Plasters provides a broad perspective of contemporary conservation theory and practice not otherwise found in one publication. describing the history..

Higher Learning

ALERT: Before you purchase. check with your instructor or review your course syllabus to ensure that youselect the correct ISBN. Several versions of Pearson's MyLab