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Buddy...Growing Hair in the Wrong Places free pdf After "Childhood," the next place to go is adulthood in it's infancy, and how your continued life experience reflects the greater maturity levels that you have available. This becoming more advanced as you go through your adolescence, and finally get on your feet to be responsible for your financial decisions. As with all of the "Touched" series books, except for the children's book, I maintain a strong under current of scriptural events, and prophecies. As a messenger we all keep growing to spiritual maturity. Today is July 7,2015, and the last few weeks have been history in the making. As being timely to social issues, I broke off from just telling sometimes cute stories, to take on the subjects of "gay" marriages being made legal, and addressing the transgender/transsexual issues that are still autobiographical. I am always trying to get into your "head," by giving answers to major social revelations that explain what it is like to be a person who is personally involved when history has been made. As I have personally experienced the lifestyles of those who are gender specific, although uncomfortable writing about it, by telling you what I went through in making a final sexual preference decision. It will help you give more consideration to these issues, by my allowing you to get into my head, and considering sexual issues, from that side that has been summarily dismissed as sinful, and non-productive. While God has not given His Holy Spirit to human understanding to the antichrist, the simple fact is that religious leaders are incompetent. When being asked to provide spiritual support to their claims of moral and ethical corruption being attained by the "gay" movement, in fact God's Word both condemns, and encourages simple solutions so that a gay person, or transsexual, can maintain their hope of everlasting life in a righteous new world, if they follow God's plan to save as many as can be saved forever, by following the suggestions made in this book, and mentioned in several of the other's that are currently up on Amazon/Kindle, Buddyvaiden.com This book is all about today. It is all about NOT giving a blanket condemnation, as it is the perfect subject to teach you how to decide black and white, right from wrong, morally, ethically, and consciously. I have left the "Table of Contents open, so you can see that I will be again giving you personal life experiences that reflect on you and me. Other than quoting those scriptures that have everything to do with life situations, I think that what I have been able to do is settle you down, straight or gay, as to your life and death options. What you do in your life from what you learn here, will determine if you have decided by free will, if you want the best part? of your life to take place here in a "World without Law, or move on to Christ's new kingdom of a thousand years. At this point the Bible, as written to us as imperfect men and woman, that some will never see death at all. Hoping you find this book both entertaining and eventful, forget trying to run away from the things that God has shared with you. God is light, and there will exist no places of darkness where you can hide from His final, and righteous judgment. I still have been prompted to continue writing those mini-series books that need to be filled out. If you are experiencing any present situations that is disrupting your life now, and you want to know which book I suggest you start with, contact me at "buddyvaiden@gmail.com, and I will advise you which book best deals with your present situation. but before you do this, I strongly encourage you to read "Touched...The Road to Maturity" first, as this is your tool box, and skills management, morals, and ethics source. Let's Dance!

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Well, this book is a trip. Book III will finish off this mini-series. The original manuscript for "Buddy" books was written in 2010, and was 235 pages. Now there are almost more pages than I can count. As you can see in "The Table of Contents, I have had to split the book again, because of the history making issues that have occurred in the last 3 weeks. Also, with a soft cover paperback, anything more than 828 pages will split the spline when you are reading it. As you can see on the "Buddyvaiden.com website, none of the other 14 books are close to the 824 pages that this has demanded to keep my line of communication with you open. Very close to infinity, but not quite yet. This book was inspired by current social and societal events, and a book that is now over 2,000 years old, that you will find to be more current and applicable to the human condition. While I still have quite a ways to go as to sharing my personal experiences, I have gone the extra mile to explain different words, phrases, and paragraphs, that other authors just assume that you know about. The best way to read the "Touched" books is to assume that you know absolutely nothing about yourself, and I know absolutely nothing about what I write. This helps me keep on your lifeline, and make decisions as to what do we go to next. I am an author who rights down the new revelations of the progress, or lack of it, in these "end of times!" I am nobody special that I can put my finger on, other than I write about the things other people do not want to get involved in, and that I see things that other people do not see. this told to me one day by a Johnson County TN sheriff. At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about. Now I do. Giving me an extra portion of His Holy spirit, what is more important than my seeing the things that are going to affect all our lives, and all who are dead, Is I have been given understanding as to how Satan is trying to devour all the souls that are on the earth, and being able to tell you what is happening, in a way that you can understand it. If you find yourself in a critical, and pressing situation, and you do not know which book you should go to first, contact me at "buddyvaiden@gmail.com. But before you contact me, read "Touched...The Road to Maturity" first. It provides your tools, your skills, your determinations of black and white, right or wrong, moral and ethics issues, and in fact, already touches on your current concern. My next book?

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Author : MR Frank Buddy Vaiden
Publisher : Createspace
Data Published : 09 July 2015
ISBN : 1514806975
EAN : 9781514806975
Format Book : PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
Number of Pages : 828 pages
Age + : 15 years
Language : English
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