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The Planetary Matrix free pdf The Planetary Matrix is a book about geomancy that is revolutionary in its concept. To date, many recent books about ley-lines and sacred sites have made allusions to the possibility that they form part of a Planetary network that could date back to Atlantean times. In 2005 I had an intuition that lead me to discover what is was that powered, and gave rise to, ley-lines across the Globe. The existence of five, possibly six, giant psychic crystals embedded within the etheric or spiritual bodies of the Planet whose apexes and edge-lines, when projected up to the surface of the Earth, form the comprehensive primary framework of ley-lines around the Planet. The book explores the nature of these psychic crystals, known to Medieval Alchemy as 'Platonic-solids', and their relationship to the 'five-elements' of nature postulated by Plato (earth, water, air, fire and ether). The book shows how each solid or figure is constructed on the principles of the 'Golden-Ratio', which itself is related to the 'Fibonacci-series' of numbers. Each of the five Platonic solids are explored in turn (cube / earth- icosehedron / water- octahedron / air- tetrahedron / fire- dodecahedron / ether). Using a computer program and trigonometry the optimum size of each solid is calculated so that it will fit into the sphere of the Earth. Each is then positioned so that it will fit exactly into all the others. The complex of edge-lines from all these figures, projected onto the surface of the Earth, then forms the complete primary matrix of energy lines over the surface of the Earth. In orienting the figures within the Earth they are anchored onto important sacred sites on the Earth such as the Great Pyramid of Giza. The book then takes one pentagonal face of the dodecahedron that covers much of Europe. It is found that the dominant sacred site in this face is Chartres Cathedral, which seems to be part of a giant Earth-temple that extends into Southern England. The work of various past researchers into geomancy is then examined in respect of various lines and sites in Southern and Central England and Wales. The book aims to present the reader with a framework and methodology whereby they can carry out their own detailed study of the area where they are living.

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From my grounding with a career as a professional Town Planner I have developed a fascination for maps, geography and topography. From a life-long study of mysticism I have particularly developed a deep interest in Earth-energies, ley-lines and sacred sites. Over recent years I have had articles about ley lines and sacred sites published in magazines and journals such as, The Beacon, Gatekeeper Trust Newsletter and the Journal of the Research into Lost Knowledge Organisation (RILKO). In carrying out extensive research over many years, including studying the works of many authors such as Alfred Watkins, Katherine Maltwood, John Michell and Keith Critchlow, I was impressed by the number of allusions to the possibility of a World-wide network of ley-lines, possibly dating back to the time of Atlantis. Yet to date, no author known to me has indicated what or where this network is, or what powers or energizes it. During 2005 I had an intuitive insight into what it was that was 'powering' our Planet. That there were huge psychic crystals embedded within the etheric or spiritual body of the Planet whose energies radiated upwards from their apices and edge-lines onto the physical surface of the Earth thereby producing the primary ley-line network or matrix of the Earth. These crystals are in the form of the five Platonic solids and represent the five 'elements' known to the ancients. The above concept is revolutionary in the realm of geomancy and takes the subject to a new level. It opens the way for geomantic researchers around the World to make a more meaningful study of their own geographic areas and removes much of the guesswork and flights of fancy that can lead researchers into blind alleys. To date, I have four more books in the realm of New Age Spirituality lined up in various stages of preparation. One such book is the possibility of expanding the section in The Planetary Matrix that deals with Chartres Cathedral and its importance in the sacred destiny of Europe, into a book by itself.

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