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Create Prosperity free pdf Creating prosperity begins with the spiritual principles of consciousness. Learn to create true lasting prosperity, health and happiness using these 10 principles. The Law of Attraction is a widely misunderstood concept that focuses on the result of thought and not the cause. The Law of Attraction is the most popular term for using the power of visualization and understanding the connection between our thoughts and our experiences. But is it truly the most accurate interpretation of how we really experience life? We must first understand a little about the mind... Most of psychology and science acknowledge that there is at least a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. Freud speaks of the id, ego and superego but he is primarily referring to the personality. Yogis on the other hand believe that there is a superconscious or universal mind. We all have access to the higher level of mind. In fact, many would go further to suggest that this is the only true mind. This is the "mind" of Spirit or God. The rishis believe that there is only one Creator and this Essence is the only source capable of an original thought and power. So how does this relate to our conscious minds? Well, it suggests that no one has ever had an "original thought." Einstein didn't "think" up the Law of Relativity. It already existed way before- he was able to merely "crack the code" to understand it. Similarly, all ideas of Newton's Laws of Motion, Quantum Physics, Electricity, Magnetism, etc have already all existed since the beginning of creation. We, as man, simply are attempting to understand these laws of nature that are the source of the world around us! So to come full circle, due to the power of "maya," which is the illusion of individuality, we believe ourselves to be separate entities. The fact is that we are, have always been and will always be intrinsically connected not just to the Source but to one another! To go one step further, the soul, which is immaterial, is made in the "image and likeness" of Spirit which is also immaterial. This means that our connection and reality transcends physical creation. We are truly spiritual beings. Scripture says "be still and know that I am God." This "stillness" is more than just keeping the physical body still. Through the practice of yoga, you learn to still the mind and even the respiration, internal organs and ultimately the prana which is the intelligent life force within the physical and astral bodies. Samkhya Yoga discusses the 24 principles of creation. This is a very intricate discussion but what it suggests is that we don't truly ever "attract" anything. We are creators! However, we create on a much more subtle level and through the perception of individuality and the illusion of separateness, our ability to tap into our highest power and source is "filtered" or "diluted" through the ego. Thus, some who are in tune with the universal mind and infinite power within are able to create or manifest ideas, objects, experiences, etc almost instantaneously as in the cases of the miracles performed by Jesus and many other enlightened masters. While the majority of mankind "creates" (or attracts if you prefer) ideas, objects, experiences, etc that we sometimes desire but many times do not "desire" as they don't always suit our pleasures, preferences or wants. The key to becoming a more effective "creator" is to learn to still the mind, tap into your "power source" and learn the connection between manifesting the higher frequency vibrations of thought into the grosser vibrations of matter that we perceive as real "relative" experiences in life. ""Many rivers... One Ocean- many branches... One Tree- many paths... One Destination- many stories... One Truth!"" 1 S.O.U.L. Publishing

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LATEEF TERRELL WARNICK is a Spiritual Author, Certified Life Coach, International Speaker and Founder of 1 S.O.U.L. He has a diverse and extensive background in the study of yoga, ancient texts, religious studies and human psychology. Your reviews are very important to our success. Please take a moment to leave your thoughts, feedback and/or comments for any purchase(s) you make. A portion of your proceeds goes towards our social network

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Author : LaTeef Terrell Warnick
Publisher : 1 Soul Publishing
Data Published : 20 February 2011
ISBN : 0983398143
EAN : 9780983398141
Format Book : PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
Number of Pages : 156 pages
Age + : 15 years
Language : English
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